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Do you have the skills to make it to the top? Subscribe to our weekly challenges. Try your best to solve the problem, share your solution, and see how others tackled the same problem. We share our answer too.
Weekly Challenge
Do you have the skills to make it to the top? Subscribe to our weekly challenges. Try your best to solve the problem, share your solution, and see how others tackled the same problem. We share our answer too.
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Weekly Challenge Index & Welcome

Director, Customer Enablement
Director, Customer Enablement

Welcome to the Weekly Challenge. Each week we will post a use case where you can put your Alteryx skills to the test. You'll be able to share your answers and collaborate with other challengers to arrive at an answer. Participation will be rewarded - just make sure you are attaching your Alteryx workflows to your responses - so you can add one of these shiny badges to your collection:


Top Challengers (Updated on 2019-07-20):

Want to crack the top 10? Below are our top 10 Challengers in terms of most completed challenges!

Challenger Challenges Completed
@BarnesK 172
@EstherB47 172
@NicoleJohnson 172
@RichoBsJ 172
@danilang 172
@ggruccio 172
@jamielaird 172
@kat 172
@pasccout 172
@patrick_digan 172
@PhilipMannering 171
@LordNeilLord 170
@kelly_gilbert 169
@JS420 167
@jasperlch 167

Interested in keeping track of which challenges you have completed? Download this macrocreated by: @mceleavey.


Challenge Number Challenge Name Level of Difficulty Main Subject
1 Join to Range Intermediate Data Preparation
2 Preparing Delimited Data Beginner Data Parsing
3 Running Averages Intermediate Data Preparation
4 Date Parsing Advanced Data Parsing
5 HR Position Finder Application Intermediate Apps
6 Spatial Route Intermediate Spatial
7 Download Data and Parse JSON Advanced Data Parsing
8 Aggregate Consumer Purchases Beginner Data Analysis
9 Analytics Ranking Beginner Data Analysis
10 Date Time Calculations Intermediate Data Analysis
11 Identify Logical Groups Intermediate Data Analysis
12 Creating an HR Hierarchy Advanced Macros
13 HTML Table Parsing Advanced Data Parsing
14 Warehouse Distribution Intermediate Macros
15 Warehouse Shipped Miles Beginner Spatial
16 Parsing Out the New-line Character Beginner Data Cleansing
17 Month-over-Month Retention Rate Advanced Macros
18 Predicting Baseball Wins Intermediate Predictive
19 Excel Record Locator Beginner Data Cleansing
20 List Parsing Advanced Data Preparation
21 Date Reformatting Beginner Data Cleansing
22 Identify Values to Aggregate Intermediate Data Parsing
23 Parsing CPG Data Advanced Data Parsing
24 ARIMA Time Series Intermediate Predictive
25 Creating Merchant Combos Intermediate Data Analysis
26 Service Technician Travel Distance Beginner Spatial
27 Spatial Telco Coverage Smoothing Intermediate Spatial
28 Formatting Morningstar Data Intermediate Data Cleansing
29 Alteryx '16 Grand Prix (Race1, L1) Intermediate Data Preparation
30 Alteryx '16 Grand Prix (Race 1, L2) Beginner Data Analysis
31 Alteryx '16 Grand Prix (Race 2, L1) Intermediate Data Preparation
32 Alteryx '16 Grand Prix (Race 2, L2) Intermediate Spatial
33 Reshaping Nielsen Data Intermediate Data Preparation
34 Date-Time Formatting Advanced Macros
35 Data Cleansing Practice Beginner Data Cleansing
36 Data Cleansing Extract Authors Intermediate Data Parsing
37 Parsing a Raw XML File Intermediate Data Parsing
38 Data Blending for Batch Output Beginner Data Preparation
39 Trouble Shooting a Broken Macro Intermediate Macros
40 Parsing a HTML File Intermediate Data Parsing
41 Analytics PayPeriodCalc Beginner Data Analysis
42 Inspire Europe '16 Grand Prix (L1) Intermediate Data Analysis
43 Inspire Europe '16 Grand Prix (L2) Intermediate Data Analysis
44 Inspire Europe '16 Grand Prix (L3) Intermediate Data Analysis
45 Parsing Bureau of Labor Data Advanced Data Parsing
46 Formatting a Date from an Integer Beginner Data Preparation
47 Vehicle Identification Number Test Intermediate Data Preparation
48 Calculating Distribution Priority Intermediate Spatial
49 Reformatting Transactional Data Beginner Data Preparation
50 Preparing Survey Data Advanced Data Analysis
51 Spatial County Coverage Intermediate Spatial
52 Solving the Knapsack Problem Advanced Data Analysis
53 Parsing Report Formatted Data Intermediate Data Parsing
54 Data Prep Address Parsing Beginner Data Parsing
55 2013 Alteryx Grand Prix (L1) Intermediate Data Analysis
56 Parsing and Counting Hashtags Intermediate Data Analysis
57 Build a Valentine's Day App Intermediate Apps
58 An Odd String to Date Conversion Beginner Data Preparation
59 Is it an Anagram? Intermediate Data Analysis
60 Fill in the Spatial Object Intermediate Spatial
61 Save the Astronaut Advanced Data Analysis
62 Find the Duplicate Clicks Intermediate Data Analysis
63 Data Preperation Using Pivot Tools Intermediate Data Preparation
64 Catch Me If You Can Intermediate Data Preparation
65 Fulfilling Inventory Orders Beginner Data Analysis
66 My Wine Problem Intermediate Macros
67 Calculate Spatial Angles Intermediate Spatial
68 Elapsed Classroom Times Beginner Data Analysis
69 Web Stock Data Beginner Data Parsing
70 Trade Area Drivetime Radii Beginner Spatial
71 Recreate SQL Joins in Alteryx Intermediate Data Preparation
72 Compare Data Sets (Fields/Columns) Intermediate Data Preparation
73 Plinko Probabilities Advanced Data Analysis
74 Build a Factorial Calculator Beginner Macros
75 Scrabble Word Finder Advanced Data Preparation
76 Strava Export Parse and Report Intermediate Data Parsing
77 Extending Spatial Lines Intermediate SpatialMacros
78 Find the Best Housing Markets Intermediate Data Parsing
79 Find the Closest Prime Number Intermediate Apps
80 Slowly Changing Dimensions Intermediate Data Preparation
81 Multi-Level Bill of Materials Probl... Intermediate Data Analysis
82 Are You in the Path of the Solar Ec... Intermediate Spatial
83 Pop-Tart and Beer Pairings Intermediate Data Preparation
84 Map Hurricane Harvey's Storm Evol... Intermediate Spatial
85 How Did Tara Place in Competition? Intermediate Data Analysis
86 Create a Macro that Generates Past ... Advanced Macros
87 Losing Daylight Beginner Data Analysis
88 Counting Combinations Beginner Data Analysis
89 Analyzing Social Data Beginner Data Analysis
90 Analyzing Social Data (Part 2) Intermediate Data Analysis
91 Getting into the Weeds Advanced Apps
92 The Blob! Beginner Data Parsing
93 Pumpkin Production Beginner Data Analysis
94 Have we reached Peak Pumpkin? Advanced Predictive
95 Draw 1000 Apples in Under 60 Second... Advanced Spatial
96 Who Stole my Latte? Intermediate Data Preparation
97 SANTALYTICS 2017 - Part 1 Intermediate Data Preparation
98 SANTALYTICS 2017 - Part 2 Intermediate Data Analysis
99 SANTALYTICS 2017 - Part 3 Advanced Data Analysis
100 Find Ned! Advanced Spatial
101 The Search for Powder Intermediate Data Analysis
102 Tabulating Flu Data Beginner Data Preparation
103 Just another game? Advanced Predictive
104 Love's not the only thing in the a... Beginner Data Analysis
105 Think Like a CSE. Tools are missin... Intermediate Macros
106 How Long were the Lights On? Beginner Data Analysis
107 Plot Employment Rates by Gender in... Advanced Data Analysis
108 HeLa Cell Multiplication Intermediate Data Analysis
109 Women in Government Around the Wor... Intermediate Data Preparation
110 Think Like a CSE...Reduce the man... Intermediate MacrosApps
111 Make a Weekly Challenge Dream Team... Advanced Data Analysis
112 Organizing Survey Data Intermediate Data Preparation
113 Interpolating Spatial Grid Values Advanced Spatial
114 Think Like a CSE...Remove the extr... Intermediate Data Preparation
115 Let's get crafty! Intermediate Apps
116 A Symphony of Parsing Tools! Advanced Data Parsing
117 Credit/Debit Midpoints Intermediate Data Analysis
118 Think Like a CSE - A not-so-wild-w... Intermediate Data Preparation
119 Inspire Weekly Challenge Intermediate Data Analysis
120 Popular Baby Names Beginner Data Analysis
121 World Cup 2018! Beginner Data Cleansing
122 Think Like a CSE...Ranking Data Intermediate Data Analysis
123 When will Rabbits Rule the World? Intermediate Data Analysis
124 Air Transport Network Analysis Advanced Predictive
125 US Grand Prix Lap 1 - Data Prep Beginner Data Preparation
126 Fill in the [Date] Gaps Intermediate Data Preparation
127 US Grand Prix Lap 2 - Employee Ret... Intermediate Predictive
128 Settle the Score Beginner Data Analysis
129 US Grand Prix Lap 3 - Where to Hos... Intermediate Spatial
130 Is There an Echo in Here? Intermediate Data Parsing
131 Think Like a CSE... The R Error Me... Advanced Predictive
132 When Will Community Hit 1,000,000 ... Intermediate Predictive
133 US Grand Prix Prelims - NASA Locat... Intermediate Spatial
134 US Grand Prix Prelims - Email Date... Intermediate Data Cleansing
135 Locker Problem Intermediate Macros
136 Cleudo! IntermediateAdvanced Data ParsingSpatialData Analysis
137 Find the Closest 'Dry' Point! Beginner Spatial
138 World Series Wins Beginner Data Analysis
139 Spooky API Connection Intermediate Data Analysis
140 Prove the Birthday Paradox! Intermediate Data Analysis
141 Examination Data Simulation Advanced Data Analysis
142 Life Certainties - Workflows, Deat... Beginner Data Preparation
143 Developer Community Anniversary Ed... Advanced Macros
144 Secret Santa Assignments (BAH HUMB... Beginner Data Analysis
145 SANTALYTICS 2018 - Part 1 Beginner Data Analysis
146 SANTALYTICS 2018 - Part 2 Intermediate Data Analysis
147 EMEA Grand Prix Prelims - Time Ser... Intermediate Predictive
148 Rotating Century Puzzle Advanced Data Analysis
149 Market Overlap Intermediate Spatial
150 Have the Stars Aligned?! Intermediate Data Analysis
151 Meta Parsing Intermediate Data Parsing
152 Finding Vehicle Counts Intermediate Data Cleansing
153 And the Oscar goes to... Intermediate Apps
154 Permute the Data Advanced Data Analysis
155 March Cryptanalytics Intermediate Data Analysis
156 What Position Should You Play? Intermediate  
157 An Expert Challenge Advanced Predictive
158 Personality Quiz Intermediate Apps
159 April ENcyptanalytics Advanced Data Preparation
160 Diamonds R Forever Advanced Data Analysis
161 Triangles, Triangles, Triangles Intermediate Spatial
162 Mondays....they're Marvel-ous! Intermediate Data Preparation
163 Caesar Cipher (on the way to Kryp... Intermediate Data Analysis
164 Retail Therapy Beginner Data Analysis
165 KRYPTOS!!! Advanced Data Analysis
166 I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - at Insp... Intermediate Spatial
167 Grand Prix 2019 Beginner Data Preparation
168 Dice Game - Born to Solve Intermediate Data Analysis
169 Women's World Cup Wins Beginner Data Analysis
170 2019 Grand Prix US - Heat 1   Data AnalysisPredictive
171 2019 Grand Prix US - Heat 2   Data AnalysisData Preparation
172 2019 Grand Prix US - Heat 3   Data AnalysisSpatial

This is ridiculously helpful - thank you @JoeM. :-)


Hope it's not too much of a pain to maintain - since it provides such a useful single-stop place to reference these exercises without having to search all the various posts on the board.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Thank you, @JoeM! So helpful!



Alteryx Partner

This is a very helpful list.  Thanks a lot for taking the effort.




I have been unable to open the start files for most challenges since week 61. In my Corporate environment we are on Alteryx 10.5.9, and we have no option to upgrade until our corporate IT department decides it is ready.


Could the challenge start files be posted in a format that can be opened with 10.5?

Director, Customer Enablement
Director, Customer Enablement


I have updated everything since challenge 61 so it can be compatible with your version of Designer. If you ever run into version issues with any workflows on Community - check this article that shows how to make workflows compatible with your version.


Thanks JoeM!


Hey @JoeM - thank you for our weekly dose of brain-candy - gonna tackle #68 now!


How would you feel about gathering the good folks at Alteryx, to come up a weekly challenge that forces us to use some of the tools that are languishing in the toolbox just waiting to be invited to this great party?   Something slightly mean, that makes people have to have a second (and perhaps even a third) coffee before they can get through it?


I'm thinking, for example, of setting a challenge that requires the use of the Calgary tools, or even some of the developer tools (perhaps there's something fiendish that the team could come up with to force the community to engage with all the Blob tools under the developer tab), or if you wanted to be really mean then perhaps the XML extensions to functions?


:-) Thank you again for the work that goes into this Joe - it really is one of the most useful ways for me to learn, and I know that a lot of people feel this way!


Have a good Tuesday




Director, Customer Enablement
Director, Customer Enablement
Director, Customer Enablement
Director, Customer Enablement

Seriously though, I have some sitting around that we could use. However, we have some challenges coming down the pipe from "Big Data" Matt (@MattD) this May , so I can start throwing out some more difficult ones in June!