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Announcement | Welcome to Alteryx Academy! We hope you enjoy the journey. Let us know how we can improve your learning experience by completing this survey.
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Jump into our interactive lessons and start tracking your knowledge of Alteryx! New courses and lessons are being added all the time, so be on the lookout for more content. In these lessons, get yourself up to speed by clicking on what you need to know. Watch videos, do activities, answer questions, and interact.
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Our online, instructor-led training sessions cover a range of topics from getting started with Alteryx to advanced predictive analytics. These training sessions focus on practical use cases geared to illustrate how to use individual tools in Alteryx to construct an analytical solution. Sessions are held weekly - join in and ask questions during the presentation or if you missed it, catch playbacks here!
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Each week we will post a use case where you can put your Alteryx skills to the test. You'll be able to share your answers and collaborate with other challengers to arrive at an answer. Participation will be rewarded!
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Want to prove your proficiency and take one of our exams? Go to our certification page to review our test, read FAQs, and start preparing for the exam.