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Challenge #175: Tire Size Calculator

A solution to last week's challenge can be found here!  


Tires: they smell bad and can be expensive, but we all need them. For being a basic piece of technology, they have a huge impact on arriving safely at your destination. 
For instance, the "contact patch" refers to the amount of a tire contacting the surface of the road. The size of a contact patch has a huge impact on stopping distance, traction, and even fuel economy. It's a similar story with tire height.


When looking for new tires, it can be useful to get information about a tire's width and height. Many sites have "tire calculators" which allow a user to enter a tire's size in a standard format and view more information on that tire. The standard format for tires is tire width in millimeters, a percentage of that width as the sidewall's height, and the radius of the rim in inches (e.g. 285/70/R17 is a 285mm wide tire, with a sidewall size of 199.5mm (285*.7), and fits on a 17" rim).


For this week's challenge, create a chained app to allow users to enter tire size information and view the additional information on file. Update the next field after the user makes a selection so that only existing options are available.





Your app interface should look similar to this: 

app_interface.PNGCreate a three-step app to find tires based on width, sidewall height, and rim radius.






My solution, no text but the questions in order, great way to learn how to get app running apps

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Challenge Completed

Step1.JPGStep 2.JPGStep 3.JPG


My solution! Went with an intro question as well so that I didn't have to have manual inputs in my first drop down (used the first app to create the grouped values for the second chained app to use in the dropdowns). 






Solution to challenge #175. 




My submission:


I had to rework my submission so that it filtered down the choices.

I used the select/Record ID/Transpose route in order to use convert the remaining choices to headers by adding the record ID.

-If anyone else knows of a better way, please let me know with a @Reesetrain 



Alteryx Partner

First chained app challenge?


Hi @Reesetrain, another way to do that is to chain apps, it may be a bit longer to design, but not that hard!


Another nice challenge.

Used this template for all 3 apps - 

I included the Dynamic Rename as I wasn't happy with the underscores instead of decimal points in the tyre widths (I'm just picky).