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Welcome & Guidelines

Find tips to make the most of your User Group experience.


Alteryx User Group | Welcome & Guidelines

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Get together with people just like you to network, share ideas, and plan the total domination of your industry. 

Alteryx User Groups are independent volunteer organizations created for users, run by users. Attendees have an opportunity to meet locally or virtually to bring together a broad range of backgrounds where they are able to share ideas, experiences, and best practices.

Product questions should be directed to the appropriate areas on the Community.

The following Alteryx User Group guidelines are here to help you understand what it means to be a member of a Alteryx User Group.

  1. You are invited. - Join as many Alteryx User Group pages as you wish. All meeting invitations will be posted to the relevant page by the User Group leaders.
  2. Get involved. - Alteryx User Groups are 100% supported and run by Alteryx Users like you. Interested in helping to coordinate meetings? Let us know and we'll share with you how to become a User Group Leader.
  3. Be relevant. - Product questions should be directed to the appropriate areas on the Community. Job listings are allowed on User Group pages as long as they are Alteryx related and relevant to the region it is posted in.
  4. Share knowledge. - Participate in the Alteryx User Group to connect with your peers. Share new findings, best practices, problems you've faced and use cases. If you would like to present at a future User Group meeting, please start a new thread with your topic and a Leader will get in touch with you. Or fill out the User Group Interest form and a member of the User Groups team will get in touch.
  5. Be curious. - Post on your User Group page if you are struggling with something in Alteryx. The Leaders are always eager to bring relevant topics to meetings.
  6. Stay updated. - Missed out on a meeting? Need the notes from last week? Don't worry, you are covered! All meeting content will be posted to the User Group page as well as the Meeting Round Up index.

Alteryx Partner Guidelines
For our partners we have a few guidelines for participating with a User Group. See attached.

If you have questions that cannot be discussed in the Alteryx User Group page, email

Inappropriate content
If you notice users breaching guidelines, feel free to give them guidance. If you see specific cases of abuse, rudeness or other violations, please flag them to the attention of the community team by choosing "Notify Moderator" from the message's Options menu and let us know why you feel the content is inappropriate.




Could anyone advise how to join this group?


Hi @jyotijyoti ! Great question, all you need to do is check out the User Groups landing page and select a group that best applies to you. You can join an unlimited amount of groups. 


Once you determine which group works best, you can hit the "Join" button. Once you join a group, you'll start receiving Community notifications. These notifications regard upcoming meetings, announcements, and general group communications. You'll not only have the ability to receive communication, but you'll be able to post and collaborate with your peers. 


I hope this helps! Please DM me if you have any other questions.