ACE Program

Meet our global ACEs and see how you can become one!
Have you ever walked a colleague through a workflow to solve a problem they had? Described how Alteryx has changed the way you work with data? If so, we tip our hats off to you. You, who empower and motivate others to seek beyond the status quo. You, who are recognized as a thought leader. You, who innovate the answer to every question, and educate others as much as learn from those before and after you. At Alteryx, we acknowledge the value in highlighting some of our strongest advocates, and thus have created the Alteryx ACE Program. 
As a technology company, our mission is to build insanely great software. Our passion is to inspire you, our users, to solve complex problems, derive deeper insights and ask questions you once thought were unanswerable. Nothing is more rewarding than when you are creating (or introducing) new solutions with Alteryx, sharing your learnings with others and collaborating with Alteryx users around the world!
With passion and determination, Alteryx users who are advocates continue to rise by demonstrating their mastery of Alteryx as well as their willingness to share their knowledge with the community. They are committed to constructively helping Alteryx improve our product offering for the community. They are tough critics who advocate for Alteryx. See how Alteryx ACEs play a role in your experience within the analytics community. The ACE program highlights a few of the most influential, supportive experts of Alteryx Analytics and recognizes them for the meaningful impact they are making, not just inside of their organizations — but across the analytics community.
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Four ACES representing Alteryx Worldwide comment on the Alteryx ACE Program and share their opinions about what it means to be an Alteryx ACE.

Meet the Alteryx ACEs

                  Adams - VP

Sean Adams
Executive Director Analytics, Asset & Wealth Management

Sean solves the impossible with Alteryx.

Michael Barone Paychex

Michael Barone
Data Scientist, Data Science & Predictive Analytics

Michael helps Paychex transform data into actionable knowledge.


Esther Bezborodko
Senior IT Trainer

Esther believes analytics is an equalizer. She doesn’t just solve the challenges, she enables colleagues to solve their data challenges too. She hopes to bring data science awareness to local teenagers and inspire the next generation of analysts.

                  Black General

Ken Black
Senior Analytics Researcher

Ken supports data-driven decisions at his company.

                  Brun Inviso ApS

Daniel Brun
Alteryx Consultant

Daniel Brun works on creating value at Inviso ApS.

Patrick Digan - Actuary - MedPro Group Delhaize

Patrick Digan

Patrick Digan uses Alteryx to fuel new business growth, drive consistent pricing/risk-evaluation, and unify internal operations.

Thales Donizeti Data Meaning

Thales Donizeti
Implementation Services Associate

Thales enjoys spreading the thrill of solving in Brazil and providing valuable contributions to customers, from integrating data sources to building predictive models.

James Dunkerley - Technical Architect - Scott Logic Delhaize

James Dunkerley
Technical Architect

James loves finding a new challenges at Scott Logic.

Dawn Duong -
                  Senior Director - Alvarez & Marsal Alvarez & Marsal

Dawn Duong
Senior Director

Dawn enjoys finding answers to the why, what and how questions that help her figure out the value drivers, business insights and risk areas of companies that she does due diligence on. Alteryx saves her from drowning in Excel files that do not talk to each other and the endless Ctrl-C Ctrl-V to join disparate files. Dawn actively shares her Alteryx learning path and discoveries with her team and enable her team to raise the level of their games, too.

Alejandro Ferrandis Del Valle BNP Paribas

Alejandro Ferrandis Del Valle
BI Admin & Data Scientist

Alejandro performs big data analytics in Madrid and has a passion for developing predictive tools.

                  Frisch Marquee Crew

Mark Frisch
CEO & Founder

Mark is the data analyst and the executive decision maker at Marquee Crew.

                  Gordon JLL

Fiona Gordon
BI Strategist Director

Fiona is passionate about exploring data for trends and outliers, once believing she could not do her job successfully without code, until she found Alteryx.

Chris Goodman PWC

Chris Goodman
Senior Manager, Data Analytics and Innovation

Chris brings his passion for data analytics to help solve problems himself and to help enable others. He really enjoys using Alteryx to automate tasks and enable things which were previously considered too timely/hard to do.

                  Gruccio Signet Jewelers

Gary Gruccio
Director of Enterprise and Market Analytics

With Alteryx, Gary Gruccio empowers and enables teams across his organization with significant gains in time-savings and productivity.

Alberto Guisande Decision Science

Alberto Guisande
Services Director

Alberto is dedicated to driving deeper insights at Decision Science.

Heather Harris ProKarma

Heather Harris
Practice Director, Intelligence & Analytics

She writes playbooks, solves analytical problems, wins contests, speaks on Wall Street, builds training programs: there isn’t much that Heather Harris can’t do.

                  Haylund Tesselation

Nick Haylund

Nick grew from an analyst drowning in spreadsheets and SQL to thriving as a creator, advocate, and champion of self-service analytics.

John Hollingsworth Clear Channel Outdoor

John Hollingsworth
GIS Manager

John uses Alteryx in almost every facet of his job at Clear Channel Outdoor.

Samantha Jayne Hughes Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd

Samantha Jayne Hughes
Analytical Systems Developer

Samantha teaches Alteryx at Sainsbury’s and cites her biggest reward as saving her team hundreds of hours and witnessing the “aha!” moment with Alteryx.

Nicole Johnson T-Mobile US

Nicole Johnson
Senior Consultant

Nicole Johnson believes that sometimes, the 10 wrong turns you take to get to your answer actually give you more skills in the long-run than if you’d gotten there on your first try!

                  Kim - Senior Alteryx Developer - Adventist DataMeaning

Andrew Kim
Senior Alteryx Developer

Andrew analyzes data, leads the Orlando Alteryx User Group, and finds time to volunteer with Alteryx for Good.


Arthur Ladwein
Data Consultant

Arthur loves to think of new ways to use Alteryx and sharing it with clients + colleagues. He enjoys challenging himself to learning something new every day.


Daniel Languedoc
Senior System Analyst

Daniel has empowered his team to spend more time analyzing data and less time maintaining it with Alteryx.

Chris Lewis Wholefoods

Chris Lewis
Sr. Data Analyst/Alteryx Team Lead

Chris has a passion for enabling others to have fun with data and show them how Alteryx makes that fun easier. He has spent his career using data to solve challenges in the Retail and Restaurant industries. He wants to create seamless ways for people to interact with data by taking complex problems from his co-workers and providing simple solutions.

                  Lipski Javelin Group

Joe Lipski
Associate Director

Joe locates deeper business insight at Javelin Group.

                  Loong Datacom

Adrian Loong
Practice Manager - Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Adrian Loong is Practice Manager at Datacom.

                  Love The
                  Information Lab

Chris Love
Alteryx & Tableau Consultant

Chris makes data make sense at The Information Lab.

                  Mack Cigna & Co

Jason Mack
CCB Marketing Analytics

Jason leads an analytics team to faster insights with Alteryx.

                  Mako Collabera Action

Joe Mako
Director of Visual Analytics

Joe brings data to life at Collabera. Joe also work at Action Analytics as a consultant.

Philip Mannering Aim Point Digital

Philip Mannering
Senior Analytics Consultant

Philip does analytics for fun and does automation so that there's more time to do analytics. Life's too short not to focus on the interesting stuff…

Treyson Marks

Treyson Marks
Analytics Engineer

Treyson Marks took control of his career with Alteryx.

Patrick McAuliffe Meijer

Patrick McAuliffe
Drug Diversion Analyst

With the use of Alteryx, Patrick has been able to more quickly detect and resolve issues of theft, fraud, and other means of drug diversion.

                  Moss The InfoLAb

Ben Moss
Consulting Analyst

Ben drives his clients to achieve their analytical goals by providing the platform and freedom to move at the speed of thought.

Yugandhar Muley

Yugandhar Muley
VP of Global Data School

Yug is passionate about giving back to local communities in India with his analytic skills and delivers huge impacts for charities with Alteryx For Good.

Nezrin Noushad - BI Specialist

Nezrin Noushad
BI Specialist

Nezrin believes in the power of sharing and feels accountable in contributing to the analytics community by spreading awareness and creating training opportunities. She is currently a member of the Asia Innovation Lab in her firm and responsible for bringing in efficiencies through automating manual process for her wider team.

                  Olbert Asda

Rafal Olbert
Data Scientist

Rafal helps ASDA revolutionize collaboration by extending the knowledge and understanding of data - within wider teams though self-served ways of working, as well as supported with tools and algorithms for critical and complex use cases at the data science end of spectrum.

                  Ozawa Classmethod

Yuya Ozawa
Big Data Analyst

Big Data Analyst by day, and blogger by night. Yuya Ozawa gets thrilling satisfaction from disseminating his Alteryx knowledge to the masses in Japan.

Abhilash Ramanathan USEReady

Abhilash Ramanathan
Engagement Manager

Abhilash approaches a data problem the way an engineer approaches a faulty machine - breaking it apart, analyzing the glitches, designing fixes, and putting it all back together, to create a more effective, efficient, and innovative solution. And Alteryx is his most reliable toolbox for problem-solving!

Deanna Sanchez ProKarma

Deanna Sanchez
Alteryx Practice Manager

Deanna Sanchez doesn’t just do one thing well—she has mastered how to do all the things, and perfect them time and time again.

                  Barnes MedPro Group

Kenda Sanderson
Actuarial Analyst

Kenda is eager to share her journey with a global community, bringing together analysts with different backgrounds and skill sets.

Jonathan Sherman The Information Lab

Jonathan Sherman
Consulting Analyst

Jonathan loves using Alteryx in order to give people time back in their roles, leaving more opportunity to focus on what they do best.

Roland Schubert

Roland Schubert
Analytics Consultant

Alteryx has reduced hours of strenuous, boring, error-prone, and extremely time consuming manual work for Roland's clients and thereby given the opportunity to do more data analysis.

                  Serpis Teknion Data Solutions

Joseph Serpis

Joe helps customers all over the world to turn raw data into tangible business value.

Charlie Squyers

Charlie Squyers
Lead Analytics Developer

According to Charlie, if you have data, you need Alteryx. He's used Alteryx for years, and has loved every day of it. Though he says he's only scratched the surface of possibilities, Charlie is excited for what's ahead!

Jarrod Thuener Kristalytics

Jarrod Thuener
Chief Analytics Officer

Jarrod uses Alteryx for "almost everything" at Kristalytics

Michael Treadwell Interworks

Michael Treadwell
Analytics Consultant

Michael works with clients to deliver Alteryx training, implementation, and workflow development.

                Thuener Javelin

Andy Uttley
Consulting Manager

Growing up, a calculator gave Andy quick answers to simple questions – he wouldn’t turn up to school without it; in a world rich with data, Alteryx is his new calculator helping him answer complex questions quickly, and he wouldn’t turn up to work without it!

Fernando Vizcaino ITG-Analytics

Fernando Vizcaino
Analytics Coordinator

Fernando is removing the word 'unsolvable' from Brazilian dictionaries.


Emeritus ACEs

Carlos Adams - Data Scientist - Aon Centre for Innovation
                  and Analytics Paychex

Carlos Amaral
Data Scientist

Carlos uses Alteryx to create machine learning models, regression analysis and continuously analyze data, without having to write a single line of code.

                  Attard - Digital Analyst - Essentra SCAN
                  Health Plan

Gavin Attard
Digital Analytics Manager

Gavin likes to solve problems and create.

Cathy Bridges SCAN
                  Health Plan

Cathy Bridges
Tableau Developer, BI Realization Department

Cathy helps internal customers and partners make better decisions and prepare for market trends.

Paul Catterson - Business Analyst - State Street State Street

Paul Catterson
Business Analyst

Paul Catterson is a strong contributor to the online Alteryx Community. He seeks to bring users from novices to Alteryx experts.

                  Compton Boeing

Dan Compton
Integration Analyst

Dan has helped Alteryx take off at Boeing.

                  Gray Delhaize

Mandy Gray
Manager of GeoAnalytics

Mandy helps to set the retail grocery site location strategy at Delhaize America.

                  Huang - Sr. Development Engineer, Product Improvement -
                  Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz

Alex Huang
Sr. Development Engineer, Product Improvement

When his project involves data, Alex turns to Alteryx!

                  Mihai - Digital Analytics Manager - adidas Group adidas

Irina Mihai
Digital Analytics Manager

When projects include analytics, Irina calls upon Alteryx workflows.

                  Moncla B.I. Spatial

Andy Moncla
Chief Operating Officer

Andy is one of the longest tenured users of Alteryx, and is constantly finding new uses for it at B. I. Spatial.

                  Montpool Environics Analytics

Tom Montpool
VP, Quality Assurance

Tom drives big business insights at Environics Analytics.

                  Morgan Charles Schwab

Jack Morgan
Business Intelligence Manager

Jack is on the lookout for those 'impossible' tasks that he solves for with Alteryx.

Michael Renwick Schroders Investment Management

Michael Renwick
Analyst Developer

Michael develops a 360° view of clients for Schroders Investment Management.

John Schneider Sentry Insurance

John Schneider
Data Architect

John uses Alteryx to facilitate the growth of self-service analytics at Sentry.

Brandon Sharbo Clayton Fixed Income Services

Brandon Sharbo
Sr. Business Intelligence Data Analyst

Process automation and application development using Alteryx Gallery makes me a hero with my team.

                  Sturgeon Schnedder Electric

Tom Sturgeon
Director, Business Analytics

Tom answers the next big questions at Schneider Electric.

Jesse Clark - Application Developer - Fallon Health Fallon Health

Jesse Clark
Application Developer

Known as the first person to obtain the Alteryx Expert Certification, Jesse’s superpower isn’t that he can solve the impossible, but that he assists others in doing the same.


  • You must be employed by an Alteryx customer or partner.
  • Contribute Alteryx product ideas and use-cases, write blogs/knowledge-base articles, help your peers find solutions on the Alteryx Community, be an influencer on social channels, etc.
  • Spread the love for Alteryx by participating in offline activities which may include leading an Alteryx User Group, speaking at Alteryx-sponsored events, volunteering with Alteryx for Good, or presenting at Inspire.


  • Selection as an ACE is an annual appointment. ACEs are periodically reviewed against our criteria
  • All ACEs are governed by the NDA/confidentiality clauses within the signed Alteryx contract
  • Discount on Inspire registration and training
  • Access to ACE Lounge
  • VIP seating and events at Inspire
  • Early access to Beta program and invitation to provide feedback
  • Quarterly feedback session with Alteryx Product Management on Alteryx product Roadmap and contribution of ideas
  • Quarterly ACE Broomfield Technology Center visit for behind-the-scenes look and feedback with Alteryx team
  • Invitations to online and in-person ACE gatherings
  • Exclusive ACE swag
  • And more!

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