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Do you have the skills to make it to the top? Subscribe to our weekly challenges. Try your best to solve the problem, share your solution, and see how others tackled the same problem. We share our answer too.
Weekly Challenge
Do you have the skills to make it to the top? Subscribe to our weekly challenges. Try your best to solve the problem, share your solution, and see how others tackled the same problem. We share our answer too.
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Challenge #166: I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - at Inspire

Director, Customer Enablement
Director, Customer Enablement

OK, OK, maybe it's just short of 500 miles (448 to be exact), but it shouldn't stop you from listening to the Proclaimers while solving this week's challenge!


This week we have an awesome submission from @kelly_gilbert! In the words of Kelly:


Leading up to Alteryx Inspire 2019, a few of my colleagues and I are doing a walking challenge. We are (virtually) walking 448 miles along the Natchez Trace Parkway ( from Natchez, MS, to Nashville, TN. The goal is to walk, run, bike, etc. ~3 miles per day (starting in January) to make it to Nashville in time for Inspire! I wanted to show our progress by displaying our current positions along the route.


Goal: create a map that contains
1) A line showing the route
2) Points identifying the start and end of the route
3) Points showing the current location of each participant. The participant's location is the node that is closest to (but not farther than) the number of miles they have completed.

* natchez_trace_coordinates.yxdb contains the lat/lon of points along the route
* Participant List contains information about the participants
* Activity Log contains the daily miles for each participant


Node coordinate data © OpenStreetMap contributors (, and route generated using OSRM ( Both data sources are made available under the Open Database License: Any rights in individual contents of the database are licensed under the Database Contents License:


Hi! Here my solution :)





My solution! 


WeeklyChallenge166.JPGHad fun figuring out how to deal with multiple participants being at the same node at the same time, since Participant 1 and Participant 7 appear to be battling it out at the finish line...WeeklyChallenge166Map.JPGTook me a while to remember where to find where to update icons in the Map reporting tool... but once I found it, I was pleasantly reminded of the great built in options for customizing maps!

I have a bit further to walk to get to Nashville from the Seattle area... about 2,400 miles on foot, which Google maps (quite unrealistically) estimates will take me approximately 780 hours to traverse... so that means I should have started walking about 20 days ago. Or at my preferred walking speed, more like 20 weeks ago. Oops.


Guess I'll fly there after all. :)






Whenever I hear this song, I can't help but think of How I Met Your Mother!
giphy (1).gif

Fun challenge! I'm getting all of the correct miles to date for each participant but can't get the node to match the given output. I can't seem to find where my logic would be wrong, though..
Looking forward to seeing other solutions to check if I'm just missing something





My solution is below. I can see that my participants' positions are a little bit off based on the expected output, and I'm fairly certain it has something to do with the way I calculated distance along the path. I'm just getting my start with spatial tools so this was a great challenge! I'm sure my workflow could use a lot of work, so I'm excited to see what everyone else builds!


KA-166.PNG166 map.PNG

My Solution Attached!


Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 1.51.05 PM.png
Never done a lot of work with the Map Render tool, good stuff!
Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 1.44.10 PM.png


I love how easy spatial problems are to solve in Alteryx!

Challenge 166.PNG

My first weekly challenge!

Couldn't figure out how to set the font, and look forward to seeing how it's done!


If you're going to have a map and data output, gotta use Visualytics!


Workflow 166.GIF


Results 166.GIF