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Challenge #66: My Wine Problem


Last week's challenge is posted HERE!


OK, I have a problem... for you to solve!


We are selling bottles of wine - each of which has a unique ID since it's a limited vintage.

Customers can request their wine bottles be delivered in various different sizes of delivery box.

Customers order wine in ranges - from ID 1 to 25 for example.


Challenge: Build a macro that takes in order ranges, allows the user to input the box size, and outputs the order broken into the requested box sizes.


There are 3 sample outputs displayed to test the different box sizes:
- Box size of 6
- Box size of 12
- Box size of 96

The macro must check for, or prevent 3 specific error conditions:
- a null value for either the from or to value on an order range
- non-numeric values in the from & to values
- situations where the from ID is greater than the to ID


BONUS - Instead of using an interface tool to allow the user to set 6/12/96 box sizes, build a batch macro that will package all three scenarios at once!
DOUBLE BONUS - Complete this challenge whilst listening to some UB40

  • Intermediate
  • Macros

The solution output for #3 has box size of 96 not 120?  triple bonus to do both :>


Thanks for pointing that out @alex! I updated the exercise and the post to reflect 96. However, the beauty of this macro could be that you could test all packaging conditions :) Triple bonus?! I'm feeling generous - why not?


My solution. I use the same macro to output all three scenarios.


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Definitely no bonuses for me as it took me ages and I appended all 4 box sizes instead of using a batch macro.



Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 20.56.57.png



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Alteryx Certified Partner



I created a standard macro that calculates all 3 options at once.  No batch required.




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Chaos reigns within. Repent, reflect and reboot. Order shall return.
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I'm not shooting for bonus points this time round ;)



I believe I have catered for 2 of the three error conditions but I am a bit confused as to what is expected in the case of 'non-numeric values in the from & to values', but you can take a look at my macro too see how I have dealt with this.


My solution! And my kind of problem!! :) (Admission: I finished this one with a glass of red, red wine right next to me. Cheers!)


Tested for 6/12/96/120 bottles of wine, just for kicks. Although let's be honest, 120 bottles is probably the only one that's necessary... :)

Figuring out the macro portions was the hardest part for me since i haven't had much exposure so far. Originally I tried to have a dynamic selection of box size as well, but I need to do a little more macro-playing before I go that route it appears, so we're sticking with basic inputs for this one. Included the app file I used to test my theories. 

I might revisit this one though. I'm not convinced my conditions are working 100%. And I am convinced the box selection could be dynamic. 

App for testing the macro with new values.

Nice challenge! Wasnt as bad as I originally thought it would be but I definitely use too many tools. Personally I liked the idea of three separate outputs so I added a standard macro outside my batch to give S, M, L outputs. Cant upload packaged workflows for whatever reason so only screen shots this time :).


Screenshot (320).pngScreenshot (319).png



Wow @NicoleJohnson! Now there has to be some sort of bonus for that! ;)