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Challenge #139: Spooky API Connection

Director, Customer Enablement
Director, Customer Enablement

Last week's solution can be found here


Who's ready for halloween?

Ok, maybe the API isn't inherently spooky - it's one of the simpler ones out there! What is 'spooky' about it is understanding candy consumption of children this week!


For any parents out there, you might be wondering what the nutrition stats look like when your child dumps all his/her goodies out the pillow case and marks short work of the sweets. More often than not, the small distributed candies do not have nutritional facts to review. Alteryx to the rescue! Using USDA API, try to calculate how many calories we've collected in out bag.


1) Sign up for the USDA NDB API (sub 30 sec)
2) Read up on the documentaion
3) Using the Bag Data (Candy x Qty), lookup the NBD IDs and create ONE and only ONE request (use basic response type).


Hints for solution:
1) We only filtered 'nutrient.x.measures' out and just kept
2) Kcal is a calorie

@JoeM My solution assumes that Atomic Fireballs = Atmoic Fireballs. I've never tried the latter.
At 2,500 calories a day, it looks like I could be sustained for almost 2 weeks.


Spent too long parsing the json data out.


I get the same answer as @patrick_digan if I amend the spelling to Atomic Fireballs.


My answer doesn't match the given solution but I get the same as Patrick_Digin.




I also made the assumption that Atmoic Fireballs were the same as Atomic Fireballs 







I feel like I may have some extra steps but I came up with the same answer.

Director, Customer Enablement
Director, Customer Enablement

The fat-fingered data entry accounts for our dependencies! Thanks @patrick_digan for always keeping me on the straight and narrow!  The start file has been updated.






I got a slightly different calorie count as I took into account the pieces that made up the 100g of candy, instead of assuming that the given quantity was in increments of 100g.
Really cool idea for a challenge!

Challenge #139.PNG



Solution attached


My solution assumes that Atmoic Fireballs =!  Atomic Fireballs