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Weekly Challenge Index & Welcome

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Welcome to the Weekly Challenge. Each week we will post a use case where you can put your Alteryx skills to the test. You'll be able to share your answers and collaborate with other challengers to arrive at an answer. Participation will be rewarded - just make sure you are attaching your Alteryx workflows to your responses!

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Top Challengers (2021-07-29):

RankChallengerChallenges Completed
1 @AkimasaKajitani, @Kenda, @PhilipMannering, @RolandSchubert, @TonyA, @ggruccio, @patrick_digan278
2 @AngelosPachis, @OllieClarke, @mbogusz277
3 @dsmdavid276
4 @rmassambane273
5 @RichoBsJ272
6 @kelly_gilbert267
7 @JosephSerpis, @SeanAdams260
8 @NicoleJohnson256
9 @Jean-Balteryx255
10 @JennyMartin, @JoshuaGostick, @T_Willins, @atcodedog05254

Top Solvers in the Last 30 Days:

RankChallengerChallenges Completed
1 @Elias_Nordlinder136
2 @cwkoops47
3 @ExploreMore46
4 @JackBurnham40
5 @Jonny, @carmenrapariz33
6 @ncrlelia32
7 @IraWatt28
8 @aravind_sk25
9 @jcasto22
10 @JasonHu, @dfurlow, @sbarton21

#Challenge NameLevel of DifficultyMain Subject
1Join to RangeIntermediateData Preparation
2Preparing Delimited DataBeginnerData Parsing
3Running AveragesIntermediateData Preparation
4Date ParsingAdvancedData Parsing
5HR Position Finder ApplicationIntermediateApps
6Spatial RouteIntermediateSpatial
7Download Data and Parse JSONAdvancedData Parsing
8Aggregate Consumer PurchasesBeginnerData Analysis
9Analytics RankingBeginnerData Analysis
10Date Time CalculationsIntermediateData Analysis
11Identify Logical GroupsIntermediateData Analysis
12Creating an HR HierarchyAdvancedMacros
13HTML Table ParsingAdvancedData Parsing
14Warehouse DistributionIntermediateMacros
15Warehouse Shipped MilesBeginnerSpatial
16Parsing Out the New-line CharacterBeginnerData Cleansing
17Month-over-Month Retention RateAdvancedMacros
18Predicting Baseball WinsIntermediatePredictive
19Excel Record LocatorBeginnerData Cleansing
20List ParsingAdvancedData Preparation
21Date ReformattingBeginnerData Cleansing
22Identify Values to AggregateIntermediateData Parsing
23Parsing CPG DataAdvancedData Parsing
24ARIMA Time SeriesIntermediatePredictive
25Creating Merchant CombosIntermediateData Analysis
26Service Technician Travel DistanceBeginnerSpatial
27Spatial Telco Coverage SmoothingIntermediateSpatial
28Formatting Financial DataIntermediateData Cleansing
29Alteryx '16 Grand Prix (Race1, L1)IntermediateData Preparation
30Alteryx '16 Grand Prix (Race 1, L2)BeginnerData Analysis
31Alteryx '16 Grand Prix (Race 2, L1)IntermediateData Preparation
32Alteryx '16 Grand Prix (Race 2, L2)IntermediateSpatial
33Reshaping Nielsen DataIntermediateData Preparation
34Date-Time FormattingAdvancedMacros
35Data Cleansing PracticeBeginnerData Cleansing
36Data Cleansing Extract AuthorsIntermediateData Parsing
37Parsing a Raw XML FileIntermediateData Parsing
38Data Blending for Batch OutputBeginnerData Preparation
39Trouble Shooting a Broken MacroIntermediateMacros
40Parsing a HTML FileIntermediateData Parsing
41Analytics PayPeriodCalcBeginnerData Analysis
42Inspire Europe '16 Grand Prix (L1)IntermediateData Analysis
43Inspire Europe '16 Grand Prix (L2)IntermediateData Analysis
44Inspire Europe '16 Grand Prix (L3)IntermediateData Analysis
45Parsing Bureau of Labor DataAdvancedData Parsing
46Formatting a Date from an IntegerBeginnerData Preparation
47Vehicle Identification Number TestIntermediateData Preparation
48Calculating Distribution PriorityIntermediateSpatial
49Reformatting Transactional DataBeginnerData Preparation
50Preparing Survey DataAdvancedData Analysis
51Spatial County CoverageIntermediateSpatial
52Solving the Knapsack ProblemAdvancedData Analysis
53Parsing Report Formatted DataIntermediateData Parsing
54Data Prep Address ParsingBeginnerData Parsing
552013 Alteryx Grand Prix (L1)IntermediateData Analysis
56Parsing and Counting HashtagsIntermediateData Analysis
57Build a Valentine's Day AppIntermediateApps
58An Odd String to Date ConversionBeginnerData Preparation
59Is it an Anagram?IntermediateData Analysis
60Fill in the Spatial ObjectIntermediateSpatial
61Save the AstronautAdvancedData Analysis
62Find the Duplicate ClicksIntermediateData Analysis
63Data Preperation Using Pivot ToolsIntermediateData Preparation
64Catch Me If You CanIntermediateData Preparation
65Fulfilling Inventory OrdersBeginnerData Analysis
66My Wine ProblemIntermediateMacros
67Calculate Spatial AnglesIntermediateSpatial
68Elapsed Classroom TimesBeginnerData Analysis
69Web Stock DataBeginnerData Parsing
70Trade Area Drivetime RadiiBeginnerSpatial
71Recreate SQL Joins in AlteryxIntermediateData Preparation
72Compare Data Sets (Fields/Columns)IntermediateData Preparation
73Plinko ProbabilitiesAdvancedData Analysis
74Build a Factorial CalculatorBeginnerMacros
75Scrabble Word FinderAdvancedData Preparation
76Strava Export Parse and ReportIntermediateData Parsing
77Extending Spatial LinesIntermediateSpatial,Macros
78Find the Best Housing MarketsIntermediateData Parsing
79Find the Closest Prime NumberIntermediateApps
80Slowly Changing DimensionsIntermediateData Preparation
81Multi-Level Bill of Materials ProblemIntermediateData Analysis
82Are You in the Path of the Solar Eclipse?IntermediateSpatial
83Pop-Tart and Beer PairingsIntermediateData Preparation
84Map Hurricane Harvey's Storm EvolutionIntermediateSpatial
85How Did Tara Place in Competition?IntermediateData Analysis
86Create a Macro that Generates Past DatesAdvancedMacros
87Losing DaylightBeginnerData Analysis
88Counting CombinationsBeginnerData Analysis
89Analyzing Social DataBeginnerData Analysis
90Analyzing Social Data (Part 2)IntermediateData Analysis
91Getting into the WeedsAdvancedApps
92The Blob!BeginnerData Parsing
93Pumpkin ProductionBeginnerData Analysis
94Have we reached Peak Pumpkin?AdvancedPredictive
95Draw 1000 Apples in Under 60 SecondsAdvancedSpatial
96Who Stole my Latte?IntermediateData Preparation
97SANTALYTICS 2017 - Part 1IntermediateData Preparation
98SANTALYTICS 2017 - Part 2IntermediateData Analysis
99SANTALYTICS 2017 - Part 3AdvancedData Analysis
100Find Ned!AdvancedSpatial
101The Search for PowderIntermediateData Analysis
102Tabulating Flu DataBeginnerData Preparation
103Just another game?AdvancedPredictive
104Love's not the only thing in the air!BeginnerData Analysis
105Think Like a CSE… Tools are missing!IntermediateMacros
106How Long were the Lights On?BeginnerData Analysis
107Plot Employment Rates by Gender in the USAdvancedData Analysis
108HeLa Cell MultiplicationIntermediateData Analysis
109Women in Government Around the WorldIntermediateData Preparation
110Think Like a CSE...Reduce the manual inputs!IntermediateApps,Macros
111Make a Weekly Challenge Dream Team!AdvancedData Analysis
112Organizing Survey DataIntermediateData Preparation
113Interpolating Spatial Grid ValuesAdvancedSpatial
114Think Like a CSE...Remove the extra delimiter from the JSON outputIntermediateData Preparation
115Let's get crafty!IntermediateApps
116A Symphony of Parsing Tools!AdvancedData Parsing
117Credit/Debit MidpointsIntermediateData Analysis
118Think Like a CSE - A not-so-wild-wildcard input!IntermediateData Preparation
119Inspire Weekly ChallengeIntermediateData Analysis
120Popular Baby NamesBeginnerData Analysis
121World Cup 2018!BeginnerData Cleansing
122Think Like a CSE...Ranking DataIntermediateData Analysis
123When will Rabbits Rule the World?IntermediateData Analysis
124Air Transport Network AnalysisAdvancedPredictive
125US Grand Prix Lap 1 - Data PrepBeginnerData Preparation
126Fill in the [Date] GapsIntermediateData Preparation
127US Grand Prix Lap 2 - Employee RetentionIntermediatePredictive
128Settle the ScoreBeginnerData Analysis
129US Grand Prix Lap 3 - Where to Host an EventIntermediateSpatial
130Is There an Echo in Here?IntermediateData Parsing
131Think Like a CSE... The R Error Message: cannot allocate vector of size...AdvancedPredictive
132When Will Community Hit 1,000,000 Posts?IntermediatePredictive
133US Grand Prix Prelims - NASA Location AnalysisIntermediateSpatial
134US Grand Prix Prelims - Email DatesIntermediateData Cleansing
135Locker ProblemIntermediateMacros
136Cleudo!AdvancedData Analysis
137Find the Closest 'Dry' Point!BeginnerSpatial
138World Series WinsBeginnerData Analysis
139Spooky API ConnectionIntermediateData Analysis
140Prove the Birthday Paradox!IntermediateData Analysis
141Examination Data SimulationAdvancedData Analysis
142Life Certainties - Workflows, Death, and TaxesBeginnerData Preparation
143Developer Community Anniversary EditionAdvancedMacros
144Secret Santa Assignments (BAH HUMBUG!)BeginnerData Analysis
145SANTALYTICS 2018 - Part 1BeginnerData Analysis
146SANTALYTICS 2018 - Part 2IntermediateData Analysis
147EMEA Grand Prix Prelims - Time SeriesIntermediatePredictive
148Rotating Century PuzzleAdvancedData Analysis
149Market OverlapIntermediateSpatial
150Have the Stars Aligned?!IntermediateData Analysis
151Meta ParsingIntermediateData Parsing
152Finding Vehicle CountsIntermediateData Cleansing
153And the Oscar goes to...IntermediateApps
154Permute the DataAdvancedData Analysis
155March CryptanalyticsIntermediateData Analysis
156What Position Should You Play?IntermediateData Parsing
157An Expert ChallengeAdvancedPredictive
158Personality QuizIntermediateApps
159April ENcyptanalyticsAdvancedData Preparation
160Diamonds R ForeverAdvancedData Analysis
161Triangles, Triangles, TrianglesIntermediateSpatial
162Mondays....they're Marvel-ous!IntermediateData Preparation
163Caesar Cipher (on the way to Kryptos)IntermediateData Analysis
164Retail TherapyBeginnerData Analysis
165KRYPTOS!!!AdvancedData Analysis
166I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - at InspireIntermediateSpatial
167Grand Prix 2019BeginnerData Preparation
168Dice Game - Born to SolveIntermediateData Analysis
169Women's World Cup WinsBeginnerData Analysis
1702019 Grand Prix US - Heat 1IntermediatePredictive
1712019 Grand Prix US - Heat 2IntermediateData Analysis
1722019 Grand Prix US - Heat 3IntermediateSpatial
173Tour de France - Crow EditionBeginnerSpatial
174Appyhay Ondaymay!IntermediateData Preparation
175Tire Size CalculatorAdvancedApps
176Math Class DrillIntermediateData Analysis
177Ham HamletAdvancedData Analysis
178Chuck Like a WoodchuckBeginnerData Analysis
179Calculating Order StatusIntermediateData Analysis
180Thousand File ChallengeAdvancedMacros
181Ingredients of an Old SouthernIntermediateData Parsing
182Word SleuthingBeginnerData Parsing
183Roman Numeral MathAdvancedData Analysis
184Closest Pubs to Tobacco DockIntermediateSpatial,Data Analysis
185Amplify your Learning with Weekly Challenges!IntermediateData Analysis
186Drilling down into Data AnalysisIntermediateData Analysis
187Generate Prime NumbersIntermediateData Analysis
188Difficult, but not im-parse-ableAdvancedData Parsing
189Billboard Top 100BeginnerData Preparation
190Supply Chain Management ChallengeIntermediateData Analysis
191BINGO!Advanced,Beginner,IntermediateData Preparation
192Crane LeasingIntermediateData Analysis
193Unofficial HolidaysBeginnerData Preparation
194SANTALYTICS 2019BeginnerData Analysis
195XML ParsingAdvancedData Parsing
196Determine Profit MarginIntermediateData Preparation
197Customer Density ReportingIntermediateData Analysis
198Beverage InventoryIntermediateData Preparation
199Let's all go to the movies!IntermediateSpatial
200Sudoku SolverAdvanced,Beginner,IntermediateData Analysis
201Wage Ain't Nothin' but a NumberIntermediateData Analysis
202Love PoetryIntermediateApps
203Everyone loves a toll boothIntermediateData Analysis
204Updating BrazilIntermediateSpatial
205TaynalysisBeginnerData Preparation
206Hotel ReservationsBeginnerData Preparation
207Parsing Video Game DataIntermediateData Parsing
208COVIZ-19AdvancedData Analysis
209Parsing Insurance ClaimsAdvancedData Parsing
210Better Late Than NeverIntermediateData Parsing
211Generating Email AddressesBeginnerData Preparation
212Draft MastersBeginnerData Preparation
213Optimized Flower ArrangementsIntermediatePredictive
214US Military and High PointsIntermediateData Analysis
215Gotta Catch 'em All!IntermediateApps
216The Big FiveIntermediateData Analysis
217A Fast Blast From The PastIntermediateData Analysis
218Car Sales ReportingIntermediateData Analysis
219Who Runs The World? GirlsBeginnerData Preparation
220Hedge DetectionAdvancedSpatial
221Avocado ConsumptionIntermediateData Analysis
222Where There's a Whale There's a WayBeginnerData Analysis
223Going NuclearIntermediateData Analysis
224Mushroom for ImprovementIntermediateData Preparation
225How Long Has It Been?IntermediateApps
227/*comments*/IntermediateData Preparation
228Know Your BoundariesAdvancedSpatial
229Trend AnalysisIntermediateData Analysis
230Take a Look, It's in a Book!IntermediateData Preparation
231What a Combo!IntermediateData Analysis
232That's Sew 2020BeginnerData Analysis
233The Truth Is Out ThereIntermediateData Analysis
234Spell It Out For Me - Part 1IntermediateData Preparation
235Spell It Out For Me - Part 2IntermediateData Preparation
236I Thought It Was Channel Surfing?IntermediateSpatial
238Ideal Gases Don't ExistIntermediateApps
239SEND + MORE = MONEYIntermediateData Analysis
240Every Vote Counts!IntermediateMacros
241Friday the 13thBeginnerData Preparation
242Meet Me HalfwayIntermediateSpatial
243Odd Man OutBeginnerData Preparation
244Cats and DogsIntermediateData Analysis
245Zip It Real GoodIntermediateData Preparation
246Rectangle TangleIntermediateMacros
247Pairing PartnersIntermediateData Preparation
248HolidatesBeginnerData Analysis
249HighlightsBeginnerData Analysis
250Give Me A SignAdvancedApps
252Working Days RemainingIntermediateMacros
253Delivery DatesBeginnerData Analysis
254DATA-DRIVEN COCKTAIL RECIPE - PART 1IntermediatePredictive
255DATA-DRIVEN COCKTAIL RECIPE - Part 2IntermediatePredictive
256Working Fore The WeekendBeginnerData Analysis
258Relatively OldBeginnerData Preparation
259DisenvowelBeginnerData Preparation
260Fuel Me Once...BeginnerData Analysis
261Car Service RemindersIntermediateData Preparation
262With-invoiceAdvancedData Parsing
263Supernatural 7-SphereBeginnerApps
264Sliding TotalsIntermediateData Analysis
265Keep In TouchAdvancedSpatial
266Mother's Day BouquetIntermediateMacros
267To Quote The AlphabetIntermediateData Analysis
268Definitely Not Made UpIntermediateData Preparation
269Population DenCitiesIntermediateSpatial
270Pony PermutationsBeginnerData Analysis
271Dynamic Double DipBeginnerData Preparation
272Configure It OutBeginnerData Preparation
273Filling In The BlanksBeginnerData Preparation
274ConcattributesBeginnerData Preparation
275Greatest Common DenominatorAdvancedData Analysis
276Getting Star-tedBeginnerSpatial
2772016 Summer OlympicsIntermediateData Analysis
278Women Athletes and The OlympicsIntermediateData Analysis
17 - Castor
17 - Castor

This is ridiculously helpful - thank you @JoeM. 🙂


Hope it's not too much of a pain to maintain - since it provides such a useful single-stop place to reference these exercises without having to search all the various posts on the board.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Thank you, @JoeM! So helpful!



5 - Atom

This is a very helpful list.  Thanks a lot for taking the effort.



8 - Asteroid

I have been unable to open the start files for most challenges since week 61. In my Corporate environment we are on Alteryx 10.5.9, and we have no option to upgrade until our corporate IT department decides it is ready.


Could the challenge start files be posted in a format that can be opened with 10.5?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)


I have updated everything since challenge 61 so it can be compatible with your version of Designer. If you ever run into version issues with any workflows on Community - check this article that shows how to make workflows compatible with your version.

8 - Asteroid

Thanks JoeM!

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hey @JoeM - thank you for our weekly dose of brain-candy - gonna tackle #68 now!


How would you feel about gathering the good folks at Alteryx, to come up a weekly challenge that forces us to use some of the tools that are languishing in the toolbox just waiting to be invited to this great party?   Something slightly mean, that makes people have to have a second (and perhaps even a third) coffee before they can get through it?


I'm thinking, for example, of setting a challenge that requires the use of the Calgary tools, or even some of the developer tools (perhaps there's something fiendish that the team could come up with to force the community to engage with all the Blob tools under the developer tab), or if you wanted to be really mean then perhaps the XML extensions to functions?


🙂 Thank you again for the work that goes into this Joe - it really is one of the most useful ways for me to learn, and I know that a lot of people feel this way!


Have a good Tuesday




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Seriously though, I have some sitting around that we could use. However, we have some challenges coming down the pipe from "Big Data" Matt (@MattD) this May , so I can start throwing out some more difficult ones in June!