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A nice to have is a connector for Microsoft Flow to trigger workflows.  With Microsoft Flow, users can automate processes, or set conditions that can trigger services across many different providers.  


Having the ability to use a Microsoft Flow can enable alteryx users to run workflows and feed in data that could be used by Microsoft Flow to feed into other processes. 


This would be a game changer for many users.



We have several clients that operate in a Multi-Forest environment due to mergers and acquisitions.  Currently with Alteryx Server the only option we can offer them is to use Built-In authentication.  A lot of corporate and particularly finance institutions prefer a single sign on approach and utilise Windows authentication to do this.


Would it be possible to add support for Multi-Forest organisations into Server to support organisations going through mergers and acquisitions?


This would really benefit us in selling Server in to organisations with complex structures and reduce friction in publishing or preparing workflows.

Alteryx Designer is an amazing data tool but it’s partner, "the Scheduler" needs some much needed upgrades. The Scheduler interface that pops up from Alteryx Designer does need a complete make over. I’m not going to address this but rather focus on the functionality that if delivered makes the Scheduler much more useful. 


Today I’m reading our Mongo db scheduler data using an Alteryx workflow and Tableau to show what’s happening on the Scheduler. This dashboard is what we refer to frequently to see the health of our companies data pipeline.  I’ll share both files soon. 


Here are the top 5 features for the Scheduler.


  1. Workflow priority ranking. When two or more workflows are scheduled to run at the same time, ‘priority’ sets the order of execution. Priority is set at the time of scheduling the workflow. Values range from 1 to 100. If a priority is not set the default is 50. The ‘priority’ field can be read from Mongo db. 


Why: At midnight we set off several workflows. We want to centrally manage which runs first based on a common ‘priority’ field. 


  1. Restrict which controller and workers a specific workflow can run on. Default is to run on all servers. At the time of scheduling a workflow can designated to restrict which server to execute on. This creates a field called ‘restrict’ which server it cannot execute on. 


Why: Some workflows only run on the main controller due to file system references. Also a worker can be tuned for CPU or Disk I/O and workflows that can benefit from this tuning.  Selecting a disk I/O intensive workflow to run on a server tuned for Disk I/O would speed up our workflows. 


  1. Set sequence of successfully completed workflows. 

FYI: We used the Runner tool for a short time to resolve this issue but learned quickly that the Runner tool is like a bull in a china shop and brought our server down. The runner tool as it is today is not an option for production work.


Why: This would allow you to run several workflows one after another. For example the first would read from a data source, the second would do calculations on the data and the third workflow would publish the data. All workflows are given a ‘workflow-number’ which can be seen in the scheduler list and read from Mongo db. 


  1. If a workflow fails you can set the number of attempts to run successfully. Report attempts greater than 1 in a new field called ‘attempts’ that can be read from the Mongo db. 


Why: Some workflows fail and if attempted to run again may work. This includes issues with locked files and workflows dependent on processes outside of Alteryx. 


  1. If a workflow runs more than X minutes the scheduler kills the workflow and reports a workflow error with a unique code called ‘execution-limit’.  This code can be read in the mongo db. The defaut is 90 minutes and can be set to any number of minutes. Each workflow can have it’s own limit. 


Why: Some workflows start to hog resources and need to be killed. If a new workflow is added this is a good way to protect the overall scheduled workflows. 

The shared data connections from the Gallery have been very helpful in centralizing data connection information between desktop users and their workflows when saved to the Gallery. The In-DB tools currently cannot take advantage of the Gallery Data Connections and require a completely separate setup that is both confusing and adds additional connection management work for creation/password changes. 


It would be a great enhancement to Alteryx if all connections for the different types of tools could be centrally managed from the shared Data Connections manager found in the Gallery.


Best regards,


Many people maintain valuable information in Excel files, and many organizations, like ours, also use SharePoint to store and share structured and unstructured information. We see most user-generated and maintained data in Excel files in SharePoint document libraries, and one of the great benefits of Alteryx is the ability to join that Excel data with other data sources.  Unfortunately, the v11.0 Scheduler cannot resolve the UNC-style ( \\server@SSL\DavWWWRoot\site-name\document-library\filename ) addresses, so workflows that access this valuable SharePoint Excel data must be run manually. The SharePoint List Input tool can read the list-style metadata for Document Library files, but does not access the file content.

The Scheduler should be enhanced so that scheduled workflows can read Excel data stored in SharePoint Document Libraries. 


I need to monitor which applications are shared with who on regular basis. We follow the 19.2 subscription model to share applications. 

Can you extend server usage reports to include such data?



Piotr Zawistowski

I would like to collaborate with my team, but also maintain my own personal private studio.


Is that on the road map?





The idea here is that it would be very beneficial to allow general users to publish .YXZP packages to their server gallery (and/or the pubic gallery!!!).  Currently, this can only be accomplished by a server administrator through the 'Admin' page on the server.  It is also a completely different process than that of publishing Apps, Workflows, Macros etc., which can be done easily from the desktop designer.


For instance,  I have developed an Adobe Analytics - Connector Toolkit, which is a .yxzp package, and is located HERE (check it out!).  However, I do not have the ability to upload it to because I am obviously not an admin on the public gallery.


The neat thing about publishing packages to the server is that they appear just like Applications in the gallery.  Descriptions can be added and you can even disable the default 'Run' button and provide a 'Download' or 'Save' button instead.


Hopefully, this is a feature that may be available in a future server release!




Taylor Cox


P.S. - the Adobe Analytics - Connector Toolkit is also attached below.



We get a lot of comparisons with DataStage ETL and what Alteryx can do. DataStage has the capability to partition queries and run on multiple worker nodes to allow the execution to be more efficient and faster than if it ran on one worker. We want similar capability on Alteryx as our case study shows right now that Alteryx is 10X slower than a query ran on DataStage through the GRID.

As a system admin, I need a simple, reliable way to back up the Alteryx Server without shutting it down first. A hot-backup (and restore) utility that includes a consistent copy of MongoDB plus any other server config files would allow me to do this.

Hi all,


i hopped onto Azure tonight to see if I could create an Alteryx server to start learning Alteryx server as a skill.    I was expecting the cost to be somewhere in the range of Microsoft SQL server on Azure, or Microsoft Power BI (a few dollars, but not more than $20 per month for limited usage).    I was fairly shocked by the price on offer (8k - 10k per month), with no option to price this by usage.


Could we work together to create options for people to stand up their own small Alteryx server like this for the purposes of learning - right now there is no way to learn Alteryx server unless you are actually an admin of a live server, which makes it impossible for people to learn this at home to build their skills (and impedes Alteryx building a base of skilled users in the market).


Happy to work with the team to help make this a reality.




Please consider adding this feature to the Alteryx PRIVATE Galleries.  This is a feature of the Alteryx Gallery and would be useful for our clients too.




Allow the artisan to turn off the ability of a member to download app results.  Some of the information is highly confidential, and we don't want them to be able to easily print out a list of this information and have that list "floating around".  Or take sensitive client data with them to another job if they leave us and use that to profit their new employer.

When replacing an app in the gallery, it appears that you always see the original upload date (which is good to have), and then simply a version number.  It would be great if you could add an additoinal field that shows the most recent replace date.  That way you would know that "SampleApp v4" is the 4th replacment, and that 4th replacement happened on date mm/dd/yyyy.  Also, while it's replacing, there is no indication that it is doing the replace.  An hour glass or some indicator telling you to sit tight would be nice.

Right now we can set the limit of processes a worker can run and each worker will ping the controller when a slot is available so that it can assign a new process. However, this is not efficient and you can truly load balance because you don't know how busy that worker acutally is...


We need a way that might be simliar to how we do on DataStage GRID environment where the LSF platform balances that workload across the entire GRID.



To create an IoT district for the Alteryx Gallery...



Many vendors are now focusing on the IoT wave,

having some examples on IoT use cases would be a nice resource for many...


  • Please star the idea if you like it,
  • Comments are more than welcome



For a multi tenant Gallery environment it would be great if one could define a dedicated stylesheet / "them" per tenant. Currently, the Gallery allows for only one theme as to be defined in the general admin section of the gallery.

When setting custom "Theme" settings for a private gallery, the filter icon seems to be missing. Other similar UI elements are color themable such as the search icon:




Via the setting here:




But the filter icon doesn't have a section to set its color to something besides the stock teal:




Can we please have this icon be color themable? My customized theme has all of the teal removed, except for this icon.





Why not?


  1. How about having Alteryx Designer with Scheduler (may be hard to do on Server OS)
  2. Alteryx Server/Gallery Setup for exercising Admin capabilities..
  3. Having a Demo Alteryx Connect session capable to interact with multiple online users/testers
  4. Alteryx Promote on CloudShare to try and test quick deployment before buying?

Alteryx designer has a 3 hour demo session on CloudShare but no Server, no Connect, no Promote!


 Looking forward to try and test before you buy? Than give me a "like" please...



In the View Schedules screen, currently one must select the Controller at the beginning of each session before being able to see any workflows, schedules, queue or results. This is especially annoying when a company only has one controller and yet must select it each time. However, I would guess that even when an organization has multiple Controllers, each individual user is likely to spend most of their time in one.


It would help both of these situations if the most recently used controller is automatically selected when launching Alteryx Designer.

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