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We have installed Server on Azure VM and have looked into options such as a replica AD Domain Controller in the Azure environment for authentication, however, we would like to have Server authenticated using Azure AD.  

We have several clients that operate in a Multi-Forest environment due to mergers and acquisitions.  Currently with Alteryx Server the only option we can offer them is to use Built-In authentication.  A lot of corporate and particularly finance institutions prefer a single sign on approach and utilise Windows authentication to do this.


Would it be possible to add support for Multi-Forest organisations into Server to support organisations going through mergers and acquisitions?


This would really benefit us in selling Server in to organisations with complex structures and reduce friction in publishing or preparing workflows.

Please Enable OAuth 2.0/OpenID Support for Alteryx Server  & Connect. Currently, it supports only AD , SAML . 


Current SAML has limitations, Unable to import Security groups from LDAP/AD if SAML is enabled.  



Currently, even if Alteryx Server is installed in E drive, RuntimeSettings.xml is generated in C¥programdata¥alteryx. Users cannot replace RuntimeSettings.xml to other folders.


It would be nice if a feature that users can specify place to save RuntimeSettings.xml.


Or, it would be nice if this specification  is put in the documentation.

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Having the option to disable schedules within the Designer application would be advantageous for we support staff.  Especially when multiple service restarts or server reboots are required.  When we perform migrations or restores or even upgrades or when conducting server maintenance actions.   As we know starting of the Alteryx service immediately queues up workflows to be run based against there schedule times.   When maintenance is being performed we do not want workflows to run, and/or having to wait for completions or have the user to rerun the workflow.   The option to temporarily disable schedules globally with a click of a button is far better then changing the parameters of the schedule or even deleting it.   To go a step further = an internal mongodb administration command to disable/enable schedules would also be helpful at the database level 




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Gallery Devs - 


When I click 'Add Tags' to an application in Gallery, the tag listing comes up chronologically by time time created, as opposed to alphabetically.  It looks ridiculous to see this:










This is the easiest fix ever. 

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I work at a large organization where Security and Privacy are of utmost importance. The ideology that we need to follow is Least Privilege and Need to Know.


We (Curators) do not want all the Artisans to publish workflows to Home Page, either knowingly or unknowingly. We however do want to allow a few power users to publish their work in Home Page, but currently the Gallery does not provide the ability to pick and choose who can share workflows publicly. We are educating users to not share any contents publicly, but as we scale up, it will be difficult to manage and govern this.


I'm suggesting to implement a global Yes/No feature that will Enable/Disable Artisans to publish contents in Home Page (just like the way we have for Jobs/Scheduling feature). Further, in Users section, Edit User setting needs to have a Yes/No button that will allow Curators to let certain Artisans place workflows in My Company's Gallery.


Organizations that never want any workflow to be shared publicly can disable this feature using global Yes/No button. Organizations (like the one I work at) that want to enable this only for certain Artisans, can set the Global Yes/No to No, and then in Users tab, they can pick and choose the Users that need this functionality (which will override the global default). Finally Organizations that do not really care about this functionality can just set the global setting to Yes.


Hoping other organizations find value in this functionality as well. Thanks.

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Hi there,


As a beginner in Alteryx with experience in other analytics software, I noticed that there may be a very simple thing that I think could be adjusted which I feel could improve the experience of a beginner in Alteryx. Also happy to know if this is already possible.


When I was doing a introduction training, I noticed that a lot of the questions were regarding not being able to see the right output, regardless of the usage of the right tools & settings. Luckily, we were provided with a good trainer that immediately saw that there was a very simple reason for this: the 'output' button (sometimes called differently, for instance in a select it is called 'true' or 'false') was not selected. Instead people were looking at the input or something else. I can even imagine that some more advanced users have spend a few minutes wondering what was wrong until they realised they weren't looking at the output.


It seems to me to be a bit random when output or input gets selected, and as someone with experience in (preventing) addiction in the gaming industry, I know that the first experience is crucial for someone to get 'hooked' :-), and this small inconsistency seems to break the flow a bit. Could you make the default setting such that a tool shows the output rather than the input by default? A possible addition would be an option that switches a tool back to input every time a button gets deselected. From a programmers/data science perspective, that would also make a lot of sense.




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When installing and configuring Alteryx, the wizard allows the administrator to select the Gallery authentication to be used among:



Integrated Windows authentication

Integrated Windows authentication with Kerberos

SAML authentication


The note states:

Once an authentication type has been selected, it should not be changed. Changing it may cause technical problems.




The gallery manual states "Once an authentication type has been selected it should not be changed or Gallery functionality may be compromised.


If you are reading this idea suggestion, I hope it is not too late for you. Why allow the user to change the authentication method once the install is completed? What are the options to solve this?


One option would be to grey-out the "Authentication Type" section in the  "Gallery Authentication" screen, so the user is not able to change authentication methods once after the first configuration is set. This would still allow the user to change SAML settings.


Another option, if somehow there is a reason why a user would want to change authentication types even though it is not supported, what about changing the layout to make it more difficult to change the authentication type.


What are your other suggested changes?


This is not relevant if this idea is implemented


However, I would imagine that a UI change would be a lot easier to implement that supporting overhauling the user management in the MongoDB.




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As part of the Persistence Expiration processes, within Designer we have the ability to set a retention threshold of the results tab.   i.e. 30 days.

After enabling this - all completed results are purged  but all the "error" results remain.  And this depending on the original count can run into the thousands, such as in my environment.   Id like to see the "Error" results become part of the clean up processing because of the following reasons:

1.  We do not have dedicated admins that have time to manually or by group delete these error result items.

2.  Most if not all - errors are resolved immediately.   if there were to be kept as a reference, a screen shot of the results are normally taken and filed away.


Support says this is intentional for resolution tracking purposes - but to counter - as I stated in item 2 - most errors are immediately looked at and worked on. So there is no reason to keep errored results. Especially when they are time-stamped dates greater than the expiration values selected.


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We Should be able to use the Published macro  in the server/ Gallery in any Designer workflow and Re-use it Multiple Times in Different Workflows.

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I am running version x of Alteryx locally and my server is running x-2. If I publish a workflow with error reporting via email, the server is not able to recognize that my workflow has error logging because it automatically kicks a version error. The events portion of the XML should be read regardless of the server version and trigger an error when this happens.

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