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Hi all,


In an enterprise environment - DB connections need to be set up from the server and pushed down to your users; and they need to be managed across the various servers in your software lifecycle.


In other words - you may have a sandpit / dev server env; a UAT env; a pre-prod; and a prod env - and each of these need to have the same DCM credential IDs so that users can access these.     

(before you say "you can do this from the desktop) - that is true, however that's not a workable solution in an enterprise env because that means that users can change the password from their desktop into a prod env which is a breach of IT General Controls)


The solution here is to break DCM out in to a separate service - where

- all your servers (dev; UAT; Pre-Prod; Prod) can all point to one instance of DCM

- users can maintain their own connections and credentials

        - Each needs to have up to 2 owners so that you can deal with people moving jobs / leaving the firm

- users can also entitle these connections and credentials to their team members so that when the team member logs in, it shows a popup saying "you've just been given access to new credentials / connections"

- A particular connection may have multiple different variants - depending on the environment.

        - HR Data may point to a UAT version of HR data if you're on the UAT server; and to Prod if you're on the Prod server

        - if a connection is environment specific - then it also needs to have segregated credentials (since the login to your UAT HR Data may not be the same as prod).


Thank you all



cc: @wesley-siu @_PavelP 




There are some tools that helps to monitor what happens on a website. Some are even open source (like matomo and open web analytics). Why not including one of those tools on Alteryx Server ?

There are of course a lot of feature but I like this one, an heatmap to show where a user click



Best regards,


The workflow result window shows the Name/workflow, AMP, Priority, Assigned worker, Run as, Completed at, Runlenght, and Runtyp of the workflow. The following feature would also be useful on the page.

1. Showing the creation date of the workflow without taking queue time into consideration
2. The option to change the time zone would make it easier to analyze the logs
3. Detailed insight about the particular workflow results, such as average execution time, failure count, and success count with date filtering. 

Special characters cannot be accommodated when searching usernames or workflows in the Gallery and Admin UI pages.

I would like to see some functionality in the Alteryx Gallery in which you can select multiple schedule workflows to disable/enable. Currently as an admin if I have many schedules I need to enable/disable I need to go into each schedule manually to disable or enable. This is okay for one or two, but I have about 20-30, it is very time consuming. I would like to see maybe some checkbox functionality next to the workflow to select and then an option to either disable all selected or enable all selected.


Hello Community!


I really enjoy the concept of the Data Connection Manager, but we have controls in place that don't allow our users to share database connections with each other - the official data source owner needs to approve. We have been able to do this with the typical Data Connections through Active Directory groups that we load into Gallery custom groups. 


It would be nice to be able to allow users to create their own data connections to be shared but we would like to add a couple of governance features:

  • When an Artisan wants to publish a data connection to Gallery, they publish it to a shared space (could be within collections). For example, they could share to the HR Data Connection space. 
  • That shared space is governed by custom groups in Gallery, similar to assets in a collection for workflows (who can access, who can add, who can modify, who can remove, who is the owner)
  • Ideally, we would also like to have more of a submission process - someone can submit a data connection, and then a data owner can "accept" the data connection. The data owner would then check to see if they are connecting properly before it is added to the shared space. 

I have inherited admin duties, and have been running to many problems. Some of which will escalate when the subscriptions go away. 

The pages desperately need to be updated for a more streamlined admin experience.

Couple examples I came up with below. 


Naming Convention

  • Allow workflow renaming without the replace function.
  • Force a unique plan name across all private studios. instead of being unique on just ID.

API Access

  • Allow any user who can access the module from Collections to be able to trigger it from the API using their own API key.
  • Store results of "API" triggered workflows on the page.
  • Groups:
  • Identify Users without a group
  • Identify users in more than one group
  • Add multiple users at one time (Muticheck box) with filters.

User Page

  • Add/remove Users to Groups
  • View, add, and remove Collections from Their User Page

Collection Page

  • Add Collection from the Admin collection Page

Designer "save" window.

  • Give the ability on Save As & Save for the user to automatically share the plan with their collection(s).
  • Default all "Workflow" assets to be unchecked by default, rather than relying on users to click "workflow options"," manage workflow assets", and then uncheck everything.

Workflow Page

  • Change Owner (Can be limited to admin only)
  • Add directly to collection from this page.
  • Do not reset the "private data exemption" to default every time an updated version is updated.
  • Allow admin users to see logs of all users who run the plan (Also add this to the admin page while you are at it)


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