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As Alteryx Admin, we want to understand what our users are doing in their workflows as much as possible to ensure best user experience. In order to do this we would like to scan through User workflow XML in order to breakdown everything going on. We understand that their are many posts on workflows already doing a lot of this but:


Our Ask:  is to release XML DTD or similar documentation that can help us breakdown workflows at individual tool levels (as well as differences between tool versions)


This would allow us to further build out solutions to admin visibility of user workflows.



We have been building a solution for a client that involved chaining apps. When we uploaded the workflow to the server, we got the below error: Workflow exceeded maximum runtime of 30 seconds and was cancelled. We were able to rectify this by having the client implement the change here. While I understand the need for the limit, is there any plan to have this fix be more obvious to the average user to implement or avoid needing to reimplement following a server upgrade?




The Swagger page looks completely different to Alteryx Server, and essentially looks like a suspicious webpage to users clicking on. It would be preferable if this was uplifted to be Alteryx branded.


There is a typo under the Help area for the Default Gallery Administrator (System Settings). It should be a backslash, not forward slash there. Correct is: domain\username




2021.4 Server comes with a ton of new great features. 

The one that shouldn't be implemented is moving away from Alteryx initial intentions of being a place of data artisans, and turning the Gallery into a Spreadsheet.


A homepage should feel like home. It should have the flexibility to customize it for each Organization to move workflows, pictures, and notes around to guide the user to the application they need to run their workflow. 

Most people using the HomePage Gallery aren't major developers, but new users or even non-analysts who want to run an app to get the report they need. 


Please don't go backward by taking away flexibility, readability, and increasing difficulty to understand and get to an app. 

But give more freedom to Alteryx Admins to customize and make the user experience even better. 



Lean more into these ideas where we can showcase and feature apps and show descriptions of tools




Just like your homepage we should be able to show videos and use negative spacing to help guide users, and be able to scroll down the page




Instead, you took away all spaces and tried to turn everything into raw data. There were spaces and extra lines on the app, but it's all stripped away on the Gallery in 2021.4





Again, lean into your roots of canvases where each artisan can design and put tools and items that make sense to them and their Organization. 
Please add features... don't take them away




As a large company we have many controls we have to adhere to. One of those being Python libraries we are allowed to use internally. We are requesting that Alteryx document all Python libraries within the tool as well as if they are fundamental to running Alteryx Server (Or Designer as most time these are same) and even what functionality they may play in the tool. This way, we would be able to remove these unallowed libraries from our Server if needed or at least know functionality and if it is needed.

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