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Please support GZIP files in input tool in Server. This is related to https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Alteryx-Product-Ideas/Support-for-GZIP-gz-compressed-files-in-input..., but logged in a separate Idea because the staff indicated in the thread that they are planning support for GZIP in Designer only in 2018.2. We need it in Server as well.

  • Data Connection Manager

Today in managing Alteryx server, we manually configure new connections using the front end.  However, this has some potential drawbacks as it makes it hard to easily track change history, or make bulk updates to multiple strings, and it also leaves room for user error on configuration.


In this case I'm pretty specifically looking to modify aliases on the server itself.  I'm not particularly concerned with distribution to a wider audience, and the usernames/passwords associated in this case should not be available for use locally by users.  As a part of this, I am trying to identify a method to reduce or eliminate the need for anyone (including the data connection manager) to need to know the password for the specified accounts.  As some of these accounts may be used by multiple systems, it would be significantly simpler to integrate this maintenance into existing automated processes, rather than have a manual step to update the Alteryx connection values on the Gallery.


This is specifically a challenge today with regards to specific usernames or passwords which need to be stored.  Alteryx saves these values using machine-level encryption, but that is difficult to generate automatically.  Having a supported method that would easily allow creation of this file with password-level information would greatly improve maintenance of the Alteryx Server, particularly from an IT automation perspective.



This issue relates to an inability to input data from a database where access to only certain columns is permitted. This is due to PII data being present in the data.


I am trying to pull data from one table at a time using the standard ‘Input Data’ tool. 

As I do not have table level access I am explicitly specifying the column names and not using a wildcard. Please see the example below, query highlighted in yellow and the returned error in red. You will see the error message returned from Alteryx suggests a * wildcard has been used despite specifying the exact fields to pull.


Several of the Ford GDIA team and Ford HPC team have reviewed this with me and cannot assist. The HPC team believe it is a bug in Alteryx which has been reported by other users internally, that is ‘Select *’ commands being sent from Alteryx despite specific columns being outlined in the query to the data lake. As we only have access to specific fields within Ranger (due to PII data) the select * fails and returns an error.


I can confirm my ODBC connections are all set correctly as I can pull from certain tables where I have full table level access but not others. Access rights are all in place as I can use the same query on Ambari without issue.


Thank you for any assistance you can provide,

Michael Higgins


Example Query


Select STATION_ID, STATION_DESC from dsc60082_qlscm_tz_db.qlsc_station limit 10


Info: Input Data (3): ODBC Driver version: 03.80

Error: Input Data (3): Error SQLPrepare: [Hortonworks][Hardy] (97) Error occurred while trying to get table schema from server. Error: [Hortonworks][Hardy] (80) Syntax or semantic analysis error thrown in server while executing query. Error message from server: Error while compiling statement: FAILED: HiveAccessControlException Permission denied: user [mhiggi37] does not have [SELECT] privilege on [dsc60082_qlscm_tz_db/qlsc_station/*]




Hi Michael,

I believe it would require turning off the queries we currently run to retrieve metadata and retrieving metadata only for the columns selected in the query.

Please submit to our Idea Center for consideration.  Thanks!

Angela Ogle | Customer Support Engineer

When I added data connection on Alteryx Server, there are many unsorted databases. If it is sorted, it is easy to find.


  • Data Connection Manager



I think there should be option to test save data connection during setup and after. Perfectly, if there was possibility to schedule connectivity check, however, just adding option to test it manually will be the step forward.






Currently, Alteryx server doesn't read multiple files compressed in the zip folder.  Here is more information: How to open multiple xml files using Analytical App workflow saved in Alteryx Server


I think this feature is useful for many people.





  • Data Connection Manager

*This is an idea from @riverotoledo_21 from the Portuguese Community*


  • How to bring user’s variables/information that we want to use within the workflow that will be published in the Analytic App in the Gallery (For example, I believe that all “non-sensitive” information from MongoDB related to the Gallery actual session should become variables)

As a Curator, I need Artisans to be able to create & maintain their own Gallery connections (rather than only Curators)

- My Artisans use their own credentials in their connections

- Their credentials are subject to a periodic reset policy, so they need a self-service capability to update their connection credentials (and sharing settings)


  • Data Connection Manager

Currently if there is a password change, I have to download my workflows, update the password in the Tableau connector, and reupload the files. 


This would enable groups with a single sign on to ensure scheduled workflows are not interrupted. 

We are constantly moving workflows from our Dev environment up to Prod and then back down again to improve them.  Even though we only used Gallery shared data connections, and both environments have the same name for each connection; the connections still break when opening the workflow in the other environment.  This is because designer actually uses an ID code behind the string name instead of the name.  And, even though connections exist by the same name in each environment, the code behind them is different.


I would like a way to be able to specify the data connection code so that I can make the code the same in both environments.

Hi All,


The limit of data connections in Alteryx Gallery is 100 only.

Is it possible to increase the limit ? 


Best Regards,



Hi Alteryx,


When a staff leave the company, his/her AD account will be removed from the AD directory,

However, the user record is still exists in the Alteryx gallery. For example, still existing in the user list of data connection and the permission tab.


Can Alteryx provide the following features ?


1. Identify the user that do not exist in the AD directory anymore.

2. one button to remove all of the setting related to that user in the gallery.  


Best Regards,





Current Data Connections options are limited to db connections: MSSQL, Oracle and Others.


In my opinion, it should be expanded by at least:

- FTP/SFTP addresses

- URLs to webservices or resources

- Cloud resources like AWS S3


The server should manage resources as much as possible




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