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Is there a way to check the version of the CASS data packs or other data packs on a server without logging into the server? It would be nice to have the option to check current data packs from the gallery within your profile. Today we can check the Client and Server version when logged in as a user. 

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When we download from the gallery, please return both the altered gallery code and the original unaltered code so user can choose the base to build next version on.


Most everyone learns the hard way that saving to the gallery alters their code in ways that it may no longer work as it did before when running on desktop. After figuring out what has happened and laboriously un-doing the alterations that happen when saving to the gallery, we develop schemes to keep separate desktop versions of gallery apps in sync. These schemes should not be necessary. 


Sorry if this idea has already been addressed, but I would love an enhancement that would allow users to upload multiple files to the Gallery to be processed and ran by a published app. 


Currently, the only way to accomplish this is by adding multiple File Browse tools to the published app. But if you have a workflow that needs to upload more than a couple files, this becomes a problem. 


Similar to other code/software repository, it would be nice to have the ability to add a message to the reason why a workflow is updated/modified for users of a collection with access can easily review and revert back to older versions quickly.


Fix typo in introduction to user guide



It used to be possible to create a robust user profile within the gallery, with many additional user details fields available. However all have been taken away leaving only a name and email address as a user profile.


Please bring back those user details as having additional information about the user always beneficial. If internal to the company, sometimes I need to know what department they are from or what office. And if external to the company, I need to know what organization they are from.


Having no additional user information can cause a lot of confusion, especially if any two users share a name since I don't know if it's the same user with a new email, or a different user completely.