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We have installed Server on Azure VM and have looked into options such as a replica AD Domain Controller in the Azure environment for authentication, however, we would like to have Server authenticated using Azure AD.  

As the Server Admin I'd like to have the ability to view ALL "Workflow Results" for all Subscriptions.This will give the highest level admin the ability to monitor all schedules (on the entire server instance) and monitor if they are unable to complete successfully (example- unable to allocate memory) and any other errors are occurring. 


Knowing this information will help the server administrator understand if there are issues with the server itself (e.g. if we need more workers or to simply adjust actual server system settings..etc..)





This post illustrates the current state of how the Gallery and Scheduler interact with time zones as of V11.7. The behavior it showed in that test is unintuitive and may lead to issues with setting schedules correctly. One possible correction would be to unify all times on the server to server time, but I think we can do better.


What I suggest instead is to add time zone as an option on the scheduler. This way users that set schedules don't ever have to wonder at what time the workflow is actually going to run. That information can also be passed through to results such that users that want to make sure a schedule is working as planned don't have to back track and figure out if 5pm means 5pm their time or server time. Finally, it would allow a more intuitive way for an employee in Denver, CO schedule a workflow such that his or her boss in Irvine, CA receives the resulting report exactly when needed/expected.

If you run an Alteryx app on your desktop or hard drive, a help button will appear in the bottom right. This button defaults to sending you to, but you can adjust it to send you to any location by adjusting the app in the interface designer. This means that you could use the help button to send users to a location detailing how to actually use the app built. The issue comes that when you upload an Alteryx app to the Alteryx Gallery, the "help" button disappears. I propose that the help button be made available in the Alteryx gallery for apps so that designers can use it to direct users to locations detailing how to use the apps.

Please Enable OAuth 2.0/OpenID Support for Alteryx Server  & Connect. Currently, it supports only AD , SAML . 


Current SAML has limitations, Unable to import Security groups from LDAP/AD if SAML is enabled.  



Currently there are certain locations on server that are paginating content results:


  • /gallery/#!apps/studio
  • /gallery/admin/#!apps
  • /gallery/admin/#!subscriptions
  • /gallery/admin/#!users

Each of these pages require users to either know exactly what they want to find by using keyword filtering or know exactly what page they want to go to and use the bottom arrows/page numbers to navigate to that page. Ditching pagination for something more intuitive helps users that may not be as acclimated with the depth of content when there are a lot of results, and also saves users multiple click interactions to find what they want.


There are tons of solutions for this, but infinite scroll is the most user-friendly & least taxing server & client side. has code & examples, and jquery seems to be the most widely used implementation.



I would love the ability to select multiple workflows at once to disable/edit/move workflows to a different studio or disable the schedule all at once (so like a check box to select them)- instead of having to manually select each one and move them and have to go back and forth.

This would also help during update time- as the longest part of the updates is waiting for the service to stop.  If i could select all/multiple schedules to disable at once- then the service would be able to stop when I chose (instead of waiting for scheduled workflows to run)





As we continue to build Alteryx Workflows for the business, there is a continued need for an organizational structure for saving and storing Alteryx Workflows within the Alteryx Gallery. Organizing the workflow repository through a "folder hierarchy" will allow users to quickly navigate and find the appropriate workflow. Currently, the workflows are listed in alphabetical order and requires the user to remember the Alteryx Workflow name and click to the proper page. 


Any enhancements to the Alteryx Gallery organization structure would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you, 




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Gallery Devs - 


When I click 'Add Tags' to an application in Gallery, the tag listing comes up chronologically by time time created, as opposed to alphabetically.  It looks ridiculous to see this:










This is the easiest fix ever. 

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When user execute workflow from library, it is better to show workflow with execution status at each step.

It will help for business to identify the failed tool instead of validating entire workflow.


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While working with Alteryx Server, I noticed that there is no way for an Premium Artisan to organize the workflow results. With processes that are running hourly, each day, the workflow results gets very cluttered with the same things, and it takes some time to clean up. It would be nice to add a search bar that would filter out workflow results dependent on what you are entering in the textbar. Below is a very lo fi mock up. The spot where I entered "dispositionReport" at the top is the text bar that filters the workflow results below it. The red lines are simulating the removal of said records. Then offer a select all option to then delete all of the workflow results records. 



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In the Alteryx SharePoint list tool, Alteryx fails to authenticate using to connect to SharePoint list that is protected by ADFS. There Sharepoint sites outside of our company's firewall that use ADFS for authentication.  We would like to connect to those sites via the Sharepoint List tool.

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Enhance the USER tab in Gallery for showing the active user status, last login time


Easy to filter out the active user

Allow Admin to kill user session 

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One of our biggest areas of confusion for new users of our Gallery is the Download button. They often click it thinking that will give them their information right away. It would be great if the person didn't see that or the scheduler option if they were not an Artisan, since they can't use the workflow anyway. It would be even better if selecting the workflow took them straight into the question portion.

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