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notification if there is a failure in workflow result in alteryx gallery



We have more than 100 workflows scheduled in different intervals for a day. Inorder to monitor this we have to manually check in the workflow results if the workflow ran successfully or not. 


Say a workflow is scheduled every 30mins then we have to check this 48times in a day manually in the Gallery results if it ran successfully or not.

Similarly we will have N number of workflows scheduled with different intervals.


We feel its too time consuming to manually verify this.

It will be good if there is a notification when there is a failure in the run, so we can check it only then rather than checking it every 30mins.

Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager

@Shru ,


There are two ways to go about this. One, is that your workflows can have email alerts using the Events tab in the Workflow Configuration window. This allows you to setup emails if the workflow fails.


You also have the ability to set server error logs on the server. There you can have the server output the workflows that error and the errors they contain.




Hi DanM,


Thanks for the reply, first option seems unlikely to achieve cos most of the workflows are in prod and will not be so feasible to add this email alters in every workflow.


Second options seems good. Can you provide the steps to set server error logs on the server.




Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager

@Shru ,


Actually I forgot. There is an even easier way. We have the Alteryx Server Usage app. You can find this on the downloads page where you can get the installers for new versions of alteryx. There are two tools in the app. The first tool you will need to enter your server information into the tool. Server name, password etc. You will then want to choose the Tableau option in that tool. Run the workflow and you will see that the data contains a status field that will show if a workflow completed successfully. You can then either use the Tableau output if you like or create a custom one of your own.





Still, would be great if we can configure this on Alteryx Server to send a notification when a failure occurs. Wouldn't it be so nice to be able to configure this for each workflow, collection or all of them at once?