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Recently after adding 100+ Tags for usage by our end users as they apply to existing or new workflows, we quickly realized that no user was allowed to add more than 5 Tags per workflow.  When attempting to do so, the user will either receive the following error, or they will save their workflow, reopen only to find out that only 5 Tags were saved to it.


After reaching out to the Alteryx Support team our rep mentioned the feature update would need some traction in the 'Ideas' board on this site therefore; I'm posting this suggestion with the hopes that other out their in the Alteryx universe have the same issue and would like to see the update(s) needed ASAP to update or correct the Alteryx system settings to allow a user to apply an unlimited number of Tags to any workflow.  If a specific number is needed (meaning 'unlimited' can't be accomplished), please increase the number from 5 to 100.


If anyone would like to discuss future, please respond via this post and I'll be sure to get back with you.


Sincere thanks,


Johnny Shepphard

Alteryx Admin/Data Analyst





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