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Currently the default 'Rows Per Page' is set to 10 when within various pages on the Gallery. 


As we add more and more Apps to our Gallery it would help to be able to increase the default so it is higher than 10.


This will help ensure users do not forget about or miss tools that are available to them which are hidden on other pages. Additionally, they will not need to remember what page to jump to if the App does not pull through to the first 10 rows, or prevent the need for them having to increase the number of 'Rows Per Page' themselves.

Hi all,


I would like to suggest the idea to make the ability to add a graphic to an Interface on the server as well. 

Currently, the function only seems to work on Desktop, but having it work on the Gallery as well would be very nice.

Especially if we could have the image be horizontally oriented as well as vertically, depending on our other interface tools. 


Would love to hear any other related comments or ideas!

The workflow result window shows the Name/workflow, AMP, Priority, Assigned worker, Run as, Completed at, Runlenght, and Runtyp of the workflow. The following feature would also be useful on the page.

1. Showing the creation date of the workflow without taking queue time into consideration
2. The option to change the time zone would make it easier to analyze the logs
3. Detailed insight about the particular workflow results, such as average execution time, failure count, and success count with date filtering. 

One of the frustrations we have faced in using Alteryx Gallery is the question "How do we set up many users with their respective collections easily?".

If we take for an example, the scenario where a company has 300 potential users of the gallery, who are all going to login and generate a report based on their department.
In order for them not to be able to generate the reports on other departments, the report generation workflows are put into collections. The current solution to this (atleast on SAML Authentication), is for a user to sign up, and then a Curator to assign them to their given collection. This is fine for small scale solutions, but the purpose of server is allowing for large scale deployment and automation of tasks, and this is far from ideal for a larger company.

If the server is setup on Windows Authentication, the users are able to be categorised within the Windows Active Directory, and then these groups (which may pre-exist) are able to be added to the gallery straight from the AD (see here), however this is not a feature within SAML Authentication.

From my knowledge, SAML Authentication should easily allow for this functionality, and it works very similar to Windows Active Directory. I mentioned this on a call with a Customer Support Engineer, and he explained that this wasn't part of his known roadmap for the Alteryx Gallery. 

I do believe this to be an extension of a current post on the Alteryx forum, however, this details opening the API to allow for this on an API level, however I would also suggest for this to be integrated within Alteryx Gallery, as not all users are experienced with using, or building tools around, the API.

Special characters cannot be accommodated when searching usernames or workflows in the Gallery and Admin UI pages.


At my organization, we have many workflows on our server that take data from one database and store it on another. We would love the ability for an alert system that warns us when a job fails so that we can solve it immediately and not risk the chance of not noticing until a few weeks or months later.


We previously had 2020.4 and had the Shared with Me tab on the Gallery Workflow Results.  Now that is missing on 2022.3 that we are on now.  This made it easy to see all scheduled flows that were shared with you that you did not schedule.  It help those that monitor flows and their progress during the day.  It is cumbersome to go to collections and look for them.  As well as not fun to add the schedules to each collections as you have to search for them instead of just picking from the list.



My customer want to set a certification process for the workflow or application published on gallery, on the same model than Tableau has for datasource :


Best regards,



2021.4 Server comes with a ton of new great features. 

The one that shouldn't be implemented is moving away from Alteryx initial intentions of being a place of data artisans, and turning the Gallery into a Spreadsheet.


A homepage should feel like home. It should have the flexibility to customize it for each Organization to move workflows, pictures, and notes around to guide the user to the application they need to run their workflow. 

Most people using the HomePage Gallery aren't major developers, but new users or even non-analysts who want to run an app to get the report they need. 


Please don't go backward by taking away flexibility, readability, and increasing difficulty to understand and get to an app. 

But give more freedom to Alteryx Admins to customize and make the user experience even better. 



Lean more into these ideas where we can showcase and feature apps and show descriptions of tools




Just like your homepage we should be able to show videos and use negative spacing to help guide users, and be able to scroll down the page




Instead, you took away all spaces and tried to turn everything into raw data. There were spaces and extra lines on the app, but it's all stripped away on the Gallery in 2021.4





Again, lean into your roots of canvases where each artisan can design and put tools and items that make sense to them and their Organization. 
Please add features... don't take them away




Hi Team,


Currently we are using python for calling Alteryx Gallery API. We have configured gallery API access according to Alteryx document to use the OAuth 1.0a  with oauth_signature_method="HMAC-SHA1".  However, other teams have concern on HMAC-SHA1 because it’s 64 encoding only and consider not security assurance. I suggest Alteryx team to use encryption with higher encoding like SHA256.


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