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Need granular control of Gallery defaults

As a Server 2018.4 admin, I need granular control of Server/Gallery defaults including:

1.) Pre-allocate AD users and groups (under Permissions) to specific Studios

2.) Control defaults for scheduling/priority/worker settings on Users

3.) Control defaults for workflow download/no-download at Gallery or Studio level

4.) Control defaults for notifications. Currently I have to check each notification template individually to disable it. Change template tile colors (or whatever) to provide visual queue as to which are enabled or disabled.


Above all, the tiled approach to displaying users, groups, studios simply isn't scalable. A simple data grid type display will allow higher information density allowing settings like: sharing, download ability, scheduling, credential type settings (studio default, artisan specified, runtime entered etc) to be easily reviewed. Basic server governance relies on easy visibility (reporting) of settings to ensure consistency...




This is really old, so I'm not sure folks are still looking for these features, but let me just say:

- Ability to control user groups to match AD groups probably satisfies the first request above. We'll have that with the new V3 API that's coming out soon.

- Control over downloads or not can be supported with some API calls in a simple script

 - As far as the UI, I totally agree that the tiles don't scale. In our new UI views it's all tables and grids.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Not Planned

If anyone has further thoughts or comments on John's post, please let us know! We appreciate users for submitting their ideas and contributing the Community as a whole.