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Given the security requirements of our company collections need to be created centrally, which is fine for sub-organizations that only require one collection. However, the large sub-orgs require more than 1 collection, ideally we would create the top-level collection and give the sub-org the access to create their own sub-collection within that collection, but not the ability to create collections at the top-level.

I have Designer Apps that work really well using the Browse tool to provide the outputs to display and download in the Apps.

This does not work when I push the Apps to Server.

I find this very restricting and would like to suggest that the Browse Tool be enable to generate its outputs in Server Apps.

I would like the Browser outputs to be enabled for download into Excel, PDF, etc as well so the Server Apps behave in a similar way to the same Apps in Designer.



For professional alteryx admins - it is important to know if a particular asset has been updated (so that we can bring the updated version into our env), with some idea of release notes so that we can understand if the update breaks backward compatibiity and what has been changed.


Additionally - it would be very helpful for admins to be able to be notified of new assets created by particular authors whom I trust.

We have several workflows that call other workflows (i.e. via the Conditional Runner macro) but are running into some versioning challenges since we moved to storing all of our workflows in our gallery.  When I publish a workflow that references another workflow, I can bundle it up with the workflow when I save it, but then Alteryx places that workflow into the /externals directory, which is obvioulsy not the same as the workflow that we've saved to our gallery.  An example:


I have two workflows in our gallery...one that generates a TDE and one that calls that one if certain file availability and time conditions are met.  The "master" version of each is in the gallery, which is what we want...


gallery 1.png


...but when I load or save the Sales Analytics workflow in Designer, I have to bundle the TDE workflow with the main workflow in order for it to run from Gallery.  But now I've created a disconnected version of the TDE workflow and if I forget to update it when I update the version in the Gallery, I'll be running the wrong version.  I know I could store these workflows in a network directory, but that seems to defeat the purpose of the Gallery.


If I'm not missing something insanely obvious, I think this would be a very important feature enhancement, namely the ability to pull in a Gallery workflow into another workflow.


gallery 2.png


So there are freemium apps in the gallery and

server customers have their own apps published in their private galleries...


What if one want's to sell apps like in iOS app store,

Provide insights from the app as a service either prepetually, annually or monthly so that the locked apps can be used

  • on a basis of pay per monthly subscription model or
  • pay per transaction model etc.

possibly payments being handled over Alteryx Public Gallery.

Does the Alteryx roadmap include such a business model in the future?



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