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Currently the default 'Rows Per Page' is set to 10 when within various pages on the Gallery. 


As we add more and more Apps to our Gallery it would help to be able to increase the default so it is higher than 10.


This will help ensure users do not forget about or miss tools that are available to them which are hidden on other pages. Additionally, they will not need to remember what page to jump to if the App does not pull through to the first 10 rows, or prevent the need for them having to increase the number of 'Rows Per Page' themselves.

Alteryx DCM has been an incredibly useful addition that supports key security concerns from companies. Currently, only three external key vaults are supported:


  • Hashicorp Vault (KV secrets engine) - supported for Designer 22.3 and later.

  • CyberArk Conjur - supported for Designer 22.3 and later.

  • AWS Secrets Manager 


I propose that we also include Delinea Secret Server.


Thank you and hopefully we can start to add more to make this feature widely useable and support security compliance.

Idea: Option to receive an email notification when a schedule gets disabled (could be added in the user settings, see attached picture)


Business Impact: The implementation of this idea would reduce delays that might even have a financial impact because

not receiving any notifications when a schedule was disabled could lead to

  • important processes not being executed and users realizing that only at a later point in time (>> potential financial impact and stress)
  • the user not being able deliver a report in time (>> potential financial impact)
  • huge effort to manually track the workflow results on the server (or email notifications after a successfull run) to avoid the above two bullet points (>> financial impact due to waste of time)


I would be glad if you could implement this idea because I think it would be useful for a lot of people!

Hi Alteryx support team,


We would like to use the search functionality available in the schedules tab of Alteryx gallery and when anyone searches the schedule by typing the name in search box on schedules tab, he/she should get list of the results along with the schedule information such as frequency of schedule, times run etc.


As of now, when one searches results are displayed as jobs and their run history.


Case reference -  Alteryx, Inc Case # 00606791




When I create a DCM Entry in Gallery, it would be great if the users I share it with would also be able to reference the credentials in their desktop designer when they sync their connections to the Gallery. 

Previously, Alteryx Gallery had a progress bar when the job is running. However, it has been removed in the newer version and the screen only appear blank when the job is running. This could lead to confusion in users as they might be wondering what is happening when the screen goes blank when it actually is running the job. Users might also attempt to click the run button repeatedly due to this.


Hence, I hope Alteryx could bring back the old UI that showed progress bar or anything similar when the job is running so users will aware of what is happening. 

Currently, we see the Districts and Collections now compressed into a list view. 


Previously, the Server had the widgets feature which really showcased the self-service nature of the Sever. Losing that just made decreased the emphasis on user experience. 


It would be great to allow Server Admins to decide whether they want lists or widgets to be available toggles as a design feature for both districts and collections will be of great help.


In addition, regardless of the option, the image size and wording size should be much larger - easier for people to see. Right now, we have to zoom to 150% to make it easier for ourselves to see. Having the ability to control font size, font control with bolds, italtics, etc. will be very helpful as well.

When scheduling an analytical app on Gallery, there is no UI for submitting app values. This significantly limits the value of scheduling workflows and using analytical apps. With this feature, it would allow our users to have more flexible scheduling while also simply maintaining one workflow. Because this feature doesn't exist, we have had to build workarounds by either creating multiple workflows or utilizing APIs. 


Since this feature is already available for manual runs and APIS (shown below), it shouldn't be a reach to also have this feature when scheduling a run.


Manual Method:



API Method: GET /workflows/{appId}/questions


Scheduling Method (no app questions): 



It would be great if you could overwrite an existing workflow when saving to the gallery from designer. It could be a simple popup with a yes/no option to overwrite/save a new copy. Currently, you would have to


1) Save your workflow to the Gallery.

2) Click on ok and be taken to that workflow.

3) Go back to your private studio.

4) Search for the app you want to replace.

5) Realize you have 7 copies of the same workflow with the same name and try to determine which one you want to replace. (this could just be a "me" problem)

6) Select that app

7) Click on replace workflow.

😎 type the name of the workflow in the box.

9) Look through your list of 7 workflows and choose the one that was just uploaded. Usually the first in the list I think.

10) Lament that it took way too many steps.


I recognize that you can open workflows from the gallery in designer which does allow overwriting, but I've run into issues with 1) external dependencies not working as expected (ie packaged assets don't quite work the way I want) and 2) about half the time it will simply give you root errors and then your only option is to save to a folder and then go through the process above.

Hi all,


In an enterprise environment - DB connections need to be set up from the server and pushed down to your users; and they need to be managed across the various servers in your software lifecycle.


In other words - you may have a sandpit / dev server env; a UAT env; a pre-prod; and a prod env - and each of these need to have the same DCM credential IDs so that users can access these.     

(before you say "you can do this from the desktop) - that is true, however that's not a workable solution in an enterprise env because that means that users can change the password from their desktop into a prod env which is a breach of IT General Controls)


The solution here is to break DCM out in to a separate service - where

- all your servers (dev; UAT; Pre-Prod; Prod) can all point to one instance of DCM

- users can maintain their own connections and credentials

        - Each needs to have up to 2 owners so that you can deal with people moving jobs / leaving the firm

- users can also entitle these connections and credentials to their team members so that when the team member logs in, it shows a popup saying "you've just been given access to new credentials / connections"

- A particular connection may have multiple different variants - depending on the environment.

        - HR Data may point to a UAT version of HR data if you're on the UAT server; and to Prod if you're on the Prod server

        - if a connection is environment specific - then it also needs to have segregated credentials (since the login to your UAT HR Data may not be the same as prod).


Thank you all



cc: @wesley-siu @_PavelP 



Given some jobs are scheduled / can take a while to run it would be useful if Server provided the option to notify the submitting user when it has been completed, which a link to the results.


If you look at post: Re: How do I extract Server Job Run ID at runtime - Alteryx Community amongs others you can see there have been various attempts to create workarounds for this using a combination of API's & Mongo DB calls to build up the information to provide a URL in an email at the end of the flow. However, it feels like this should be an out of the box notification that can be enabled/disabled at the flow level with Alteryx Server.

Hello all,

This may be a little controversial. As of today, when you buy an Alteryx Server, the basic package covers up to 4 cores :

I have always known that. But these last years, the technology, the world has evolved. Especially the number of cores in a server. As an example, AMD Epyc CPU for server begin at 8 cores :



So the idea is to update the number of cores in initial package for 8 or even 16 cores. It would :
-make Alteryx more competitive
-cost only very few money
-end some user frustration

Moreover, Alteryx Server Additional Capacity license should be 4 cores.

Best regards,


Improve Gallery scheduling to allow the end user to specify company denoted Holidays when scheduling a workflow. If the workflow is scheduled on a Holiday the schedule would not run. This should be configurable per workflow schedule. Example: A daily report Monday through Friday would be able to skip Holidays based off a Holiday exclusion list. 

Currently, failed job results stay in the Mongo DB forever.  Please either make it adhere to the same coding in the Server Settings for "Delete queue and results after (days)" setting, or make it a separate option for failed jobs. 

after run workflow in server, it has to download output files one by one. it very annoying when the number is huge.

please change like other platform like SharePoint etc. enable select all options and/or download all options.


Screenshot 2023-07-03 100120.png


I would like to be able to view all schedule results from all users in my Gallery.  Currently, I can see the "Workflow Results" for any schedules I create.  But I cannot see them for users unless they share them.  As admin, I want an option on the Gallery Admin screen just like there is on the Gallery user screen to see "Workflow Results" for every schedule that is in the Scheduler Database, regardless of who the user shared it with.


Currently, the only way to accomplish this is to go to Designer, View Schedules, connect to the Controller, and go to the Results tab.  This should be built into the Admin screen in the Gallery.

Most companies work on a period level basis and that is every 4 weeks.  There is no way in Alteryx currently to schedule workflows to run only every 4 weeks, the monthly options do not match this cadence.  If the option was added to select "every X week(s) on X day" this would also encompass biweekly scheduling as well.  Outlook currently has exactly what would be needed (screenshot attached.)

When adding jobs to the queue via API call, you currently cannot specify the name of the job.

Running the job directly from gallery allows this as in the picture below, but there is no setting to do so in the API.










When a workflow is used in many different situations, being able to specify a name for the individual run will make tracking and troubleshooting easier.


Hi all,


Having all the schedules/results centralized in the same place would be neat!


Option 1: Have all on the same page and have an additional column to describe the shared source.




Option 2: Have a separation between my own schedules and the ones shared with me.





Fernando Vizcaino

  • Enhancement

As the title says: please make the date modified data more granular e.g. yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS and not 6 months ago


The current behaviour is the same in designer & browser, but is more important in browser (first screenshot) as there isn't an indicator or method or sorting the order.









  • Enhancement
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