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Idea Submission Guidelines

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Thank you for checking out the Idea Boards for Designer, Server, and Connect! We appreciate your ideas on how we can best enhance each of our products. Before submitting an idea please be sure to review our submission guidelines.


Posting to the Ideas Boards

Which Board To Post In: We have three unique idea boards for our products. Due to this, posting to the correct board is key for making sure your idea gets the support needed from the Community. The Designer board is meant for our base product and can include enhancements to workflow behavior, tools and data connections. Please also post your ideas for Machine Learning, Intelligence Suite, Spatial, etc.

Server Ideas is built to provide a separate location for ideas pertaining to but not limited to Server and Gallery behavior.


The Connect board is for out enterprise product Alteryx Connect and is meant for ideas pertaining to their functionalities.

Posting Your Idea: Before submitting an idea you’ll be required to search your title against all the current posts, this is to make sure no duplicate ideas are posted. Duplicate ideas can split support for an idea, which can cause our Product Team to be unable to appropriately evaluate the interest in an idea or miss it entirely.

Should you find your idea has already been posted to the board be sure to like the idea and provide constructive commentary! This helps our Product Team gauge interest.

What to Include With Your Idea

Use Cases: Be sure to provide a use case, or rationale on why this idea would be helpful. The more we understand the context of the idea the more accurate and clear we will be able to be with technical capabilities, prioritizing and timelines.

Demos or Visuals: Where possible, demo'ing your idea in Alteryx or providing mock screenshots is greatly appreciated. This helps the idea gain more attention from the Community and helps our product team better understand your idea overall!


Engaging with the Ideas Boards

Explore Other Ideas: Once you’ve posted your idea be sure to check out other user’s ideas. If you find a idea you like be sure to "Like" and provide any constructive commentary you might have.

Likes Are Key: Be sure to like any ideas you would like to see implemented in the product. The more likes the quicker the idea will catch our attention, we also require at least 10 likes for the idea to be brought to our product teams.

Status Definitions and Process

Every idea has merit and we strive to implement as many as we can that would have the greatest customer value and viability while still fitting into the strategic mission for Alteryx. Ideas will move through a set life cycle that we’ve described below.

New Idea - All good ideas have to start somewhere! This is the default status for a new idea, these ideas likely are new or have not yet reached the necessary amount of likes and have not been reviewed by our product team.


Accepting Votes - We see your idea, we hear your idea but want to know who else might be interested in your idea being implemented. 

Comments Requested - We love your idea, and need a bit more information on what you exactly have in mind or if it would be beneficial in the opinion of the masses. Ideas left in this status for longer then a year will be marked as retired due to lack of Community interest or additional information.

Under Review - These ideas has gotten the necessary number of likes for it to be up for review by our product team. We'll get back to you once we have a response from the development team on if and when we could implement your idea.

Accepted - Congrats, your idea has been cleared and approved by the product team as something we can implement! Our product team is working away at getting your idea integrated and we will let you know when it's close to done.

Ongoing - Our development team loved this idea, but to properly implement it they are going to need a few releases. Ideas in this status mean we were able to implement part of the idea but not all of it is implemented just yet.

Coming Soon - Almost done! These ideas should be completely ready and implemented in a upcoming release.

Implemented - Nice work! These ideas are now fully deployed in the product. Let us know what you think in the product’s Discussion Board.

Not Planned - Unfortunately we can't implement every good idea that comes our way due to technical restrictions or the product moving in a different direction. We appreciate these users for submitting their ideas and contributing the the Community as a whole.

Revisit - We love this idea, but there is no time or room in the near future to implement it to the best of our ability. But our product team would like to keep it on the radar and will revisit it when they can better speak on the timeline for this idea!

Partner Dependent - We would love to implement these ideas but are currently stuck due to the idea depending on a third party partner. We'll keep going once the block is cleared with the partner!

Inactive - We appreciate all contributions to the idea boards. Unfortunately, some ideas do not get the support or clarification needed for our Product Team to effectively evaluated the idea. Ideas that are unable to get ten likes and have not had any activity on their post within a year, including likes and comments, will enter this status. However, ideas placed in this status can be returned to the New Idea status with enough renewed activity.


Disclaimer: All statements made by Alteryx employees on the Idea Boards are subject to change. While we do our best to be as accurate as possible, all forecasting done on the board can be subject to change or delay.
8 - Asteroid

Need a way of interfacing better with databases. For example I am working with Teradata and there are a few restrictions put in by the admins. The features that could make things great in Alteryx:


Optional return stream from Output Tool 

This would help if we are loading a table and want to continue to the next step. Currently I have to use Block Until Done Tool to achieve this. Additionally I do not know if the Output tool task completed with any warnings or errors other than success or failure.


Ability to specify commands/instructions in Output Tool for Bulk Loader/Driver

I am facing a problem where while using Teradata bulk loader, Alteryx defaults the first column as the Primary Key. My Teradata Admins are instructing me to specify NO PRIMARY KEY but there is no way to do that in Alteryx. Needless to say, I am forced to create the table before hand manually and do a DELETE AND APPEND instead. 


Ability to run a query 

Certain databases need query hints or are optimized based on the way a table or view will be used. In Teradata for example, we have views with years of data and they are optimized for data selection with specific filters. If you do a simple table pull with no criteria, you will get a spool space error or memory issues. It is just not meant to be used that way. If trying to use in-database joins, it does not help. Therefore, unfortunately, writing a query and wanting to pull that data out is the only way to go. Currently, there is no tool to do that except  Dynamic Input Tool where one has to modify the query. There is no way to just pass a query without having to modify it. 

Additional ability to run an UPDATE/INSERT/DELETE (DML Queries) is not directly possible. Only way to do it is through the Dynamic Input Tool.



12 - Quasar

@KylieF  -- Hi,


What does "Accepting votes" mean?  I see that is marked for a bunch of items (including one of mine... 😀 YAY!!!), but isnt defined above.



6 - Meteoroid
Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Hi @DanielG @jschueller !


Good question! Accepting Votes is a brand new status to help ensure user ideas don't end up sitting in the New Idea status without updates for long periods of time and assist our product team with idea visibility and tracking. It's being implemented in partnership with a new behind-the-scenes process for the idea boards so we can ensure longevity and ease of use for the idea boards. 


We'll be updating these guidelines soon once the new process is fully in place, in the meantime I'll work with our team to get the full status definition added!


Thank you both for reaching out and engaging with the idea boards!