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Today, when you share a workflow with someone else through the collection, you cannot see the manual run that the person will do, neither the person will see yours. 

This is really annoying as this is not helping collaboration between colleagues. 

Since we use an external scheduler and the server api, only the job owner will see the job execution results within the gallery.


Idea here would be to let the sharing of job execution result as an option in the collection.

Today, when you trigger a job using the Server API, it is considered as a manual run type. In fact there are only 2 type of jobs : "Scheduled" and "Alteryx_Run"

I think "Alteryx_Run" should be segregated into "API_Run" and "Manual_Run". This way in future version we could treat those type of job differently. 

We could also have more stats around the type of jobs.

When scheduling an analytical app on Gallery, there is no UI for submitting app values. This significantly limits the value of scheduling workflows and using analytical apps. With this feature, it would allow our users to have more flexible scheduling while also simply maintaining one workflow. Because this feature doesn't exist, we have had to build workarounds by either creating multiple workflows or utilizing APIs. 


Since this feature is already available for manual runs and APIS (shown below), it shouldn't be a reach to also have this feature when scheduling a run.


Manual Method:



API Method: GET /workflows/{appId}/questions


Scheduling Method (no app questions): 



I might be missing something here but as far as I know there is no feature (user or admin) providing a list of data connections being used by a specific workflow. And conversely, which workflows use a given data connection. This should work for both 'Standard' Data Connections as well as the DCM. 

Currently, DCM credentials appear to only be used in combination with a DCM Data Source.  


For ease of use for my end users (non-Designers), I would like my end users to be able to save a user ID and password as a standalone DCM credential.  Then, I want the user to have the option to select that credential for use in two places:

  1.  Run-As - when running a workflow on demand, the user should be able to choose their saved DCM credential.
  2. Credential injection into Input Data or other relevant tools in Analytic Apps - I want to use the DCM Connection tool to build Analytic Apps that prompt my users to select their DCM Credential (NOT a full DCM Connection with data source - I don't want my users to have to set that up.)  When the user selects their Credential, their user ID and password should be securely encrypted and inserted into the existing connection set up by the App designer.


Having this functionality would remove administrative burden from both our Designers and the end users they support.

Currently when we need to disable/enable schedule on API,we need to update all the schedule info,could you provide only one attribute to disable.


Can we just update on parameter


"enabled": true, --> "enabled": false


current update example,we need update all


"workflowId": "string",
"ownerId": "string",
"iteration": {
"iterationType": "Once",
"startTime": "2022-09-06T08:01:52.717Z",
"endTime": "2022-09-06T08:01:52.717Z",
"hourlyContract": {
"hours": 0,
"minutes": 0
"dailyContract": {
"runOnlyWorkWeek": true
"weeklyContract": {
"daysOfWeek": [
"monthlyContract": {
"simpleDayOfMonth": true,
"dayOfMonth": 0,
"occurrence": 0,
"dayOfWeek": "Sunday"
"customContract": {
"daysOfMonth": [
"months": [
"name": "string",
"comment": "string",
"priority": "Default",
"workerTag": "string",
"enabled": true,
"credentialId": "string"

We want to share direct links to analytics apps with our users.  However this does not work with our current SAML login.   This the use case.  

1. User clicks on direct link URL for the app  

2. User  is required to click log-in button

3. After login user is taking to the gallery home page not to the app


The end effect is that we cannot share links to apps with our casual users, instead we have to instruct them to go to the gallery log in and then search all public workflows for the specific app they are looking for.   Not a great user experience, especially because we did not have this issue before single sign on support. 


personally I think this is bug more than a feature request, but was asked to create it as a request by support 

Hello all,

As of today, if you want to give the Alteryx Gallery user an Excel with your data out of your worfklow, you MUST design an Excel Report with Report tools.

However :
1/ It's highly time consuming to design the report
2/ It leads to many errors, especially on column size : a quick research on Alteryx community gives you several hundred topics
3/ the excel output works really fine

This is frustrating as hell for users !




Best regards,


Hello Alteryx Server Admins,


It would be fantastic to manage users' permissions with user groups. This would help manage all users with permission to create collections and schedules from a centralized page.


Something like this:




Fernando Vizcaino


Hi Server users,


It is amazing to know the permissions we have when accessing our own profile, but sometimes that is not enough. Knowing your server role is needed to perform a few tasks and it would be fantastic to have something simple like the example below.






The workflow result window shows the Name/workflow, AMP, Priority, Assigned worker, Run as, Completed at, Runlenght, and Runtyp of the workflow. The following feature would also be useful on the page.

1. Showing the creation date of the workflow without taking queue time into consideration
2. The option to change the time zone would make it easier to analyze the logs
3. Detailed insight about the particular workflow results, such as average execution time, failure count, and success count with date filtering. 

User who share Apps/Workflows with other users in a collection are not able to see the results of the other users executions directly in the gallery.

Could you please add the possibility to share workflow results in the Alteryx Gallery?

I found a weird bug in my travels today.


The TL:DR is that when a date input tool within the interface tool is used within a collapsing radio button, it defaults to "dd/mm/yyyy", breaking any app when this is not filled out: 



Both values are default - i have not edited these values. The weirdest part is, this is Server/Private Gallery specific. When this workflow is downloaded and run within Designer:


And the workflow runs fine.


I have not tested this with any of the other interface tools, however I suspect this to not be the only tool this issue resides within.


I have attached the workflow I used (not that it would take long to recreate) for testing.





Currently, the API V3 endpoints does not have anything for Data Connection Manager (DCM). Create an endpoint to allow users to add/delete/update and list data sources, credentials, and users of DCM data sources. Also include an "admin" endpoint that can list all of the above for the entire server.


The admin screen of Alteryx gallery does not have an admin function for DCM sources, its users, and credentials. This can cause visibility issues during audits of the gallery. An API endpoint can alleviate this issue until it is added to the UI.

Hello Alteryx Developers,


It would be great if you develop a way to connect the Alteryx Designer to AWS Redshift by SSO. When i try to set this type of connection at the Simba ODBC Driver it opens the connection several times with AWS at the browser and that ruin the customer experience.


Best Regards


Danilo Benjamin

I'd like to request the ability for the Curators to change the priority on Apps in the Gallery.


Today we have a system where users are not allowed to set the priority on workflows. The Curators change the priority of scheduled workflows based on workflow runtime/ business need by going to Gallery Admin> Jobs> Scheduled Workflows, and then editing the schedule priority.


The problem that that we have a numbers of Gallery Members/ Viewers that run Apps through the day that are very fast to run, but depending on how big is the queue they can several minutes/ hour until a spot is free to run.


If would be very helpful to get a better UX if the curator can choose which apps should have a higher priority to run.




Mauricio Estevez

As the title says: please make the date modified data more granular e.g. yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS and not 6 months ago


The current behaviour is the same in designer & browser, but is more important in browser (first screenshot) as there isn't an indicator or method or sorting the order.









Greetings Server friends!


I was talking with @KevinP in the Solutions Center at Inspire and we talked a lot about how Server has been evolving over the last several versions. I'd like to request that end users be able to select workflows or applications shared with them as "Favorites." It would be great for ServerUI to offer a separate section for these selected "favorites" so that the end users can have a single go-to place to access their most frequently used apps.



As an admin - would like to have the following features on the Gallery


1. add summary cards to TOP of user page that show same summary as diagnostics page

2. "export to excel" icon 

3. ability to filter date

4. allow selection of ALL

5. allow me to default my settings choice so its always "all" - screen shot below

Alteryx Idea screen shot User mgmt ALL.JPG



On far too many occasions I have been working on a workflow in designer with either the outputs disabled via the configuration or using containers (preventing file creation/updating during testing) and I would save them back up to server without remembering to re-enable these outputs, which causes lots of issues down the line when users are trying to access these processes.


A simple warning on loading to the gallery that there are disabled tools and what tool id they are would mitigate this issue.

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