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I'm really loving the new data connections for 11.0. We have deployed them in a private gallery for our users and it's great. The only drawback is that the server itself cannot easily be configured to use these same credentials. I would like some way for the service account running our jobs on our server to use the data connections from the gallery. I can assign the credentials to that service account just fine, but it never picks them up since it never open up the Alteryx GUI when it's running jobs. This would allow us to have one spot with all of the credentials. Currently, we're going to have 2 locations with all of our credentials that we'll have to make sure stays in sync: 1 in the gallery for the users, and 1 on the sever box for the server.




How about adding a CAPTCHA option for Alteryx Server?

That will block bruteforce attacks, bruteforce to crack or bruteforce to lock...




In the View Schedules screen, currently one must select the Controller at the beginning of each session before being able to see any workflows, schedules, queue or results. This is especially annoying when a company only has one controller and yet must select it each time. However, I would guess that even when an organization has multiple Controllers, each individual user is likely to spend most of their time in one.


It would help both of these situations if the most recently used controller is automatically selected when launching Alteryx Designer.


When you want to re-run a chained app in Alteryx Server, give the option to run the first, second, etc app. Right now it only reruns the last app.


Please bring back the feature for showing the approximate file size for a workflow & dependencies when publishing/saving to the Gallery.  This "feature" was part of 9.5 (see lower left in the attached screenshot). This is a useful indicator and helps highlight when there is a large external dependency that will get replicated onto the server when publishing.  


An example of when this is useful:

When a publisher sees a large file size, they might change the dependency path from being a local path (that will result in a copy being published to the server) to a UNC path i.e. \\servername\path


It might also be useful to add the size information as a column in the "list view" in the Gallery.  




There is Alteryx Designer, Alteryx Server and now why not an "Alteryx Cluster"?


  • I've seen some vendors merging the self-service analytics tools with Hadoop
  • I presume they believe the business unit needs to create a data lake for a specific purpose for a specific time span (like a dedicated analytics project etc.), not so frequently but yes they do.
  • And these vendors too want this without a need for full stack IT developers or having to invest in huge bare metal databases...

Does it sound attractive to you to build a Alteryx Server+Hortonworks bundle or package that you may set it on 2 or more machines and your compute cluster is ready to go?!


As far as I know Alteryx Server has MongoDB installed on it

guess not to create a data lake but to store gallery macros and version history...




With Version 10 of Alteryx Server Gallery, if new user signup is disabled, people see the following when clicking the sign in button:




If someone tries to fill out the "Join Now" section they then get:

access denied.png



In Alteryx Server Version 9.5, when new user sign up was disabled, the join now section of the prompt was not present. This is our prefered behavior. Another option would be to change the "Access denied" message to something more descriptive such as "New user sign up disabled."





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