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Set Scheduler Priority When Scheduling via Designer UI and AlteryxService addtoqueue

It would be great if we can set the priority of a job when scheduling a workflow through either the Designer UI or through AlteryxService addtoqueue command

In my organization we primarily schedule jobs through these avenues and this would bring them up to par with the scheduling capabilities of Gallery


For example:

AlteryxService https://help.alteryx.com/current/server/alteryxservice-commands


^ add an optional parameter that takes enum value {Low, Medium, High, Critical}



Designer UI

Add a dropdown that takes an enum {Low, Medium, High, Critical}





Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

We appreciate your idea and feedback! We strive to improve our product and insure our users are being heard. Make sure to check out our Submission Guidelines and check out ideas submitted by other users and the other idea boards.

6 - Meteoroid

I like this idea as long as it can be controlled through the administration panel to allow or disallow it.  Further, even if disallowed the option for an administrator to toggle the priority any time would be very useful.