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Persist User Inputs of an app on the server



Looks like the user inputs (check boxes, free text fields, drop downs, file uploads etc., ) to the app are "temporarily" stored during the course of the app "Run" time. These - especially the "uploaded files" get deleted from  the temporary folder after the successful run of the workflow.


Ex: user uploads 2 files to the app as inputs. see attached interface.


It is important that the user selections are persisted on the alteryx server for debugging, investigation, audit trail purposes.

Of-course - there are workarounds by some extra code/logic within the app. But - in-order for the "server" tool to be considered as robust/industrialized - it is critical to "log" the user interactions on the server side.


Is it something already looked into?





5 - Atom



As it is a related subject, I will add to this request. Do you know if it would be possible, even without alteryx server, to set up a MongoDB to keep track of all the workflows executed, by whom & with which result at every step ?





17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hey @SandeepChayanam ,


I fully agree with the idea of being able to turn on detailed logging on the interface tools - that would be very useful.

Only area where I'd have some concern is continuing to store user-input files as this can create an issue of security on the server (in our environment - certain businesses need to be segregated from others, so if you're storing data & input files, this becomes a challenge).


To your point though - if this were a switch, that would be superb, and meet the needs of all groups.