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New Email Notification - Schedule has reached status "Complete"

I Would Like a new Email added under [ Admin -> Notifications -> Emails ] where it would send an Email when a Schedule reaches the status "Complete" 

This can serve a couple of use cases;

  1. You have many things going on and this email can let you know "This schedule has now been completed"  
    1. From my experience we usually schedule things indefinitely, however if an end was put in place this can be a reminder of whether or not to continue scheduling the workflow
  2. It can also notify when a schedule inadvertently reaches "Complete" status, in the backend this could be because it has status "Corrupt: AlteryxService_RetrieveSecureData Failed."
    1. This has caused issues multiple times of schedules that are supposed to be indefinite reach "Complete" Status without our knowing. With many workflows and schedules this is not something we can babysit.
    2. brief research suggests this error could be due to restarting the Alteryx Service during a schedule, which we do weekly for our backup. And trying to coordinate a time when no schedules are running is difficult when something runs every 10 minutes.
Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Thank you for your feedback!


It's an interesting idea to have the notification set up within Server, once that I'm sure our product team would be interested in hearing. However as a work around unique workflows can be set up with Events that can be used to notify a user or general email upon a workflow starting, ending or running into errors. Here's some help documentation on it. Does this cover your use case?

8 - Asteroid

I don't believe that features applies for what I meant to describe.



I was thinking an additional email notification in the Gallery Admin section below;


gallery notifications.png


Which would email when the "State" of a schedule set up in the Gallery reaches status "Complete"



Currently I believe the only workaround would be to grab the schedule data from the Mongo DBs and constantly look for the various states in the backend.