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allow save as to overwrite existing workflow with the same name

It would be great if you could overwrite an existing workflow when saving to the gallery from designer. It could be a simple popup with a yes/no option to overwrite/save a new copy. Currently, you would have to


1) Save your workflow to the Gallery.

2) Click on ok and be taken to that workflow.

3) Go back to your private studio.

4) Search for the app you want to replace.

5) Realize you have 7 copies of the same workflow with the same name and try to determine which one you want to replace. (this could just be a "me" problem)

6) Select that app

7) Click on replace workflow.

😎 type the name of the workflow in the box.

9) Look through your list of 7 workflows and choose the one that was just uploaded. Usually the first in the list I think.

10) Lament that it took way too many steps.


I recognize that you can open workflows from the gallery in designer which does allow overwriting, but I've run into issues with 1) external dependencies not working as expected (ie packaged assets don't quite work the way I want) and 2) about half the time it will simply give you root errors and then your only option is to save to a folder and then go through the process above.

9 - Comet

We often find duplicate workflows in Gallery.  We're not sure how this happens, we certainly don't intend for this to happen.  Implement some kind of rule names validation to ensure users cannot publish duplicate workflows to Gallery.

14 - Magnetar

I can't speak to the latest version of Alteryx, but as of version 10.5 if you used the Save as-> Gallery option, Alteryx would assume it was a new workflow by default and create a new copy, instead of updating the existing one.

I starred your post - i think improvements to this saving methodology are overdue and would be a huge asset.

9 - Comet

Thanks for the reply.  This feels like a bug to me!  At the very least, it is inconsistent with the way everything else works.  Imagine clicking save as in Excel and automatically creating a duplicate file without any prompts!


That's the general Save As result.  Save has always been overwrite, and Save As creates a new copy.  This is consistent throughout software.


That being said, it is often confusing to new users how to access a workflow to make adjustments without creating a copy.  Most will download the workflow from the Gallery rather than opening it from the Gallery (two different paths to the workflow with very different results that aren't readily apparent).

14 - Magnetar

However, when using the Save As functionality (in anything, not just alteryx) - if you try to save to the same place with the same name, you get a handy prompt asking if it is okay to overwrite the file.

There would be value to enhancing the Gallery save process to include this functionality as it causes a number of complexities with regard to saving new versions of Gallery workflows, especially if you were doing local testing before trying to save up your new version.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Under Review

Hi everyone - thank you for posting all of your feedback here.  It definitely seems like this behavior can be improved so I'm marking this post as under review and encourage anyone with interest to continue voting it up with starts and to add any other thoughts via comments.  Thanks again!

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Under Review

Updating this idea's status back to Under Review, to be in line with past product updates.

11 - Bolide

This would be a huge help.  All I know is that when I want to republish a workbook to Tableau Server, it warns me that there is already something out there with that name, and would I love to overwrite the file?  Bam!  Shots fired!  

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

This is a constant challenge for any group that uses server - you end up with an explosion of different versions of the same canvas, with the same name and same author - it's a real ache to try to clean this up periodically.


Fully agree @patrick_digan 

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

100% with you @patrick_digan on this one!!!  Huge pain point.