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Idea: Option to receive an email notification when a schedule gets disabled (could be added in the user settings, see attached picture)


Business Impact: The implementation of this idea would reduce delays that might even have a financial impact because

not receiving any notifications when a schedule was disabled could lead to

  • important processes not being executed and users realizing that only at a later point in time (>> potential financial impact and stress)
  • the user not being able deliver a report in time (>> potential financial impact)
  • huge effort to manually track the workflow results on the server (or email notifications after a successfull run) to avoid the above two bullet points (>> financial impact due to waste of time)


I would be glad if you could implement this idea because I think it would be useful for a lot of people!

API that allows to specify the workflow version to download.

An example would be where a user has a scheduled workflow that runs at regular intervals and they might want to look at the logs from the results from a specific date. Having the ability to filter the date column would help with this, as the only other alternative at the moment is manually working through the pages.

Today, when you share a workflow with someone else through the collection, you cannot see the manual run that the person will do, neither the person will see yours. 

This is really annoying as this is not helping collaboration between colleagues. 

Since we use an external scheduler and the server api, only the job owner will see the job execution results within the gallery.


Idea here would be to let the sharing of job execution result as an option in the collection.

When scheduling an analytical app on Gallery, there is no UI for submitting app values. This significantly limits the value of scheduling workflows and using analytical apps. With this feature, it would allow our users to have more flexible scheduling while also simply maintaining one workflow. Because this feature doesn't exist, we have had to build workarounds by either creating multiple workflows or utilizing APIs. 


Since this feature is already available for manual runs and APIS (shown below), it shouldn't be a reach to also have this feature when scheduling a run.


Manual Method:



API Method: GET /workflows/{appId}/questions


Scheduling Method (no app questions): 



Upon utilizing the Alteryx gallery to create and test an automation app in cooperation with other business areas, we found that the list of "recent modified files" that appears when selecting a file browse query has several issues, or areas in desperate need of improvement:


Not only does this list append new files to the bottom, resulting in a less than desirable experience when selecting files from this list across multiple occasions when testing, but the list eventually reaches a capacity where no new files can be shown. Furthermore, for processes that involve small modifications being made to a file or group of files that is fairly consistent in naming, a list of ambiguously named files will quickly cause confusion. If this type of small improvement is possible, please reach out to me about any avenues towards achieving it, or if there is a person or department to appropriately contact.




Today, when you trigger a job using the Server API, it is considered as a manual run type. In fact there are only 2 type of jobs : "Scheduled" and "Alteryx_Run"

I think "Alteryx_Run" should be segregated into "API_Run" and "Manual_Run". This way in future version we could treat those type of job differently. 

We could also have more stats around the type of jobs.

A maintenance mode would not be luxury, so that the worker does not take any more new job and finishes those which it has in progress. to be able to stop this one more easily.

I might be missing something here but as far as I know there is no feature (user or admin) providing a list of data connections being used by a specific workflow. And conversely, which workflows use a given data connection. This should work for both 'Standard' Data Connections as well as the DCM. 

We want to share direct links to analytics apps with our users.  However this does not work with our current SAML login.   This the use case.  

1. User clicks on direct link URL for the app  

2. User  is required to click log-in button

3. After login user is taking to the gallery home page not to the app


The end effect is that we cannot share links to apps with our casual users, instead we have to instruct them to go to the gallery log in and then search all public workflows for the specific app they are looking for.   Not a great user experience, especially because we did not have this issue before single sign on support. 


personally I think this is bug more than a feature request, but was asked to create it as a request by support 


There are some tools that helps to monitor what happens on a website. Some are even open source (like matomo and open web analytics). Why not including one of those tools on Alteryx Server ?

There are of course a lot of feature but I like this one, an heatmap to show where a user click



Best regards,


Hello all,

Nowadays, chatting, commenting, having a discussion on assets that are published on a server is a very common feature, and a useful one !

Here an example on Tableau :


Collaboration is not a luxury item !

Best regards,


User who share Apps/Workflows with other users in a collection are not able to see the results of the other users executions directly in the gallery.

Could you please add the possibility to share workflow results in the Alteryx Gallery?

Hello Alteryx Server Admins,


It would be fantastic to manage users' permissions with user groups. This would help manage all users with permission to create collections and schedules from a centralized page.


Something like this:




Fernando Vizcaino


I am noticing what I think it's a big gap in terms of turnover and job changes.  Even though you can add workflows to a Collection for development and update purposes. Only the original owner/publisher can see the version history for a workflow. At least that appears to be the case in 2020.1


Is there any discussion for the road map to include a way to transfer the ownership of a workflow from one user to another? this would alleviate the need to publish a brand new version and then reset all the scheduling. 


We would like to have the option to configure the timeout of the manual running jobs, as already exists for the schedule jobs.



It would be great if you could overwrite an existing workflow when saving to the gallery from designer. It could be a simple popup with a yes/no option to overwrite/save a new copy. Currently, you would have to


1) Save your workflow to the Gallery.

2) Click on ok and be taken to that workflow.

3) Go back to your private studio.

4) Search for the app you want to replace.

5) Realize you have 7 copies of the same workflow with the same name and try to determine which one you want to replace. (this could just be a "me" problem)

6) Select that app

7) Click on replace workflow.

😎 type the name of the workflow in the box.

9) Look through your list of 7 workflows and choose the one that was just uploaded. Usually the first in the list I think.

10) Lament that it took way too many steps.


I recognize that you can open workflows from the gallery in designer which does allow overwriting, but I've run into issues with 1) external dependencies not working as expected (ie packaged assets don't quite work the way I want) and 2) about half the time it will simply give you root errors and then your only option is to save to a folder and then go through the process above.

Hi Server users,


It is amazing to know the permissions we have when accessing our own profile, but sometimes that is not enough. Knowing your server role is needed to perform a few tasks and it would be fantastic to have something simple like the example below.






I have a lot of workflows that depend on each other. Currently there's LOTS of hassle to effectively schedule a set of workflows to run subsequent.


Typically we run workflows (eg. product hierarchies) that would need to be completed before the next workflow should start (eg. sales data). We currently have some wonky workarounds that are high maintenance, but I would love to see this as a feature in the Gallery.

We have groups asking within our organization for ways to check the status of a running workflow in Gallery. They are wanting to understand which step in the process the workflow has completed for longer-running workflows.


They are looking for an experience similar to when running in Designer where they can see which tools have been completed. At the very least, they would like the log to be reported live and not shown at the end of the run.


Currently, the run feels like a black box where they do not know how close it is to completion or which steps it has made it through.


We have tried to build workarounds like the Email tool, but have been unsuccessful. For example, the Email tool does not send an Email until the workflow completes which defeats the purpose. The closest workaround is writing our own log along the way that can be reported on which is not a clean solution. 

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