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Seeing manual job execution results from someone else when sharing in collection

Today, when you share a workflow with someone else through the collection, you cannot see the manual run that the person will do, neither the person will see yours. 

This is really annoying as this is not helping collaboration between colleagues. 

Since we use an external scheduler and the server api, only the job owner will see the job execution results within the gallery.


Idea here would be to let the sharing of job execution result as an option in the collection.

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17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hey @NicolasSz ,


This would be fantastic! 😁


I suggest being an additional option on the workflow settings page on the workflow level for the owner to decide if he wants to share or not.


In addition, an admin configuration to enable or disable this option on the server, for security and compliance purposes. Some companies don't want users sharing data from data connections or credential-protected shared folders for instance.



Best regards,

Fernando Vizcaino