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Collection Sort Order

Can we add an ability to manually adjust the order of workflows in a collection? I don't think we should have to go and click the column to sort each time if we want them in alphabetical order. It looks better for the end user to have everything nice an arranged when you have multiple processes in each collection.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Thank you for your idea! I've moved this idea to the Server idea board so the correct product team has visibility into this idea as well as updated the labels associated with the idea. If you haven't yet, please be sure to check out our Submission Guidelines which go over the idea boards in a bit greater detail.

5 - Atom

I would love the ability to select a box which would sort by name all workflows contained within a Collection in our Gallery.  I agree with icoleman; it is a pain to have to sort by name every time you access a collection. 


We currently have 10 workflows which need to be run in order and have them named accordingly; however, when we access that collection the workflows are not in name order and therefore are not presented in the order they need to be run.  Our user must click name every time to place them in the correct order. 


I see where this idea was moved to the Server Idea Board and would love to get a status update and if this is now possible.  Thanks!