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Enhancement to Alteryx Gallery - Organize Workflow Using A Folder Hierarchy

As we continue to build Alteryx Workflows for the business, there is a continued need for an organizational structure for saving and storing Alteryx Workflows within the Alteryx Gallery. Organizing the workflow repository through a "folder hierarchy" will allow users to quickly navigate and find the appropriate workflow. Currently, the workflows are listed in alphabetical order and requires the user to remember the Alteryx Workflow name and click to the proper page. 


Any enhancements to the Alteryx Gallery organization structure would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you, 




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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Accepted

Hi @kkayahara,


A folder/file system type hierarchy is a feature that will address a few of our most commonly reported challenges with Server. I'm happy to share that we will be moving to this structure for our Server product. If you have an interested in our Beta releases to see what is coming, you can submit a request to join at .