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Add "Help" Button in Alteryx Gallery for Apps

If you run an Alteryx app on your desktop or hard drive, a help button will appear in the bottom right. This button defaults to sending you to, but you can adjust it to send you to any location by adjusting the app in the interface designer. This means that you could use the help button to send users to a location detailing how to actually use the app built. The issue comes that when you upload an Alteryx app to the Alteryx Gallery, the "help" button disappears. I propose that the help button be made available in the Alteryx gallery for apps so that designers can use it to direct users to locations detailing how to use the apps.


This would really help us make better user-interfaces that are self-sufficient. Great idea!


You can potentially accomplish something similar to this with the "URL" option in Meta Info - it will create a link for users clicking on the app where you can easily include a reference to documentation.

I'm not sure if this solves the same issue/challenge?