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Central setup of SMTP settings (server-side)

Currently the e-mail settings for the server are set up using a wizard and are not available within the admin UI.


Please could you add an explicit section to the Admin UI to allow the admin team to set up approved SMTP settings, allowing this all to be managed in one admin console.


Further: Can you allow the admins to push these settings down to the desktop users.   This would allow the admin team to control the SMTP usage and prevent data leakage.   It would also reduce complexity for the user since the SMTP settings are all pre-set making eMail tools; and Events easier to set up.



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Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for your idea!


The Server product team is looking into the technical aspects of this request, including how and if we'd be able to complete this. While we look into this, I'm updating this idea to Under Review. Once we've completed this research we'll be sure to update the status of this idea.