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Control the workload in Alteryx Server

*This is an idea from @cneivam  from the Portuguese Community*


  • Being able to control the workload in Alteryx Server (for example, making sure that a workflow can run only when another set of workflows finish running)
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One method of using Alteryx Server´s workflows in sequency is creating an script in Powershell.


But, the idea is that Alteryx can create one solutions like Apache Airflow, for example.


I´m attaching one image example, imagine that each step has dependecies between they.






@cneivam , this is a cool idea and something we want to support with better API support in a future release. What would you need to make this work?

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Hello @JohnPelletier , 


First of all, thanks for your attention in this case. For our resolution, we´ve been using both AlteryxEngineCmd.exe and AlteryxService.exe to run workflows on Alteryx Server.


An API dedicated to this workload I believe that already meets a great need, without needing much script programming (for example: powershell, python). Especially because this is not the objective of the Alteryx solution.


If there is more integration, in the future, with the main workload tools on the market, like: Cawa, Control-m, IBM TWS, Rundeck, Airflow, etc., it would be excellent.


This is because I understand that productive environments with a high data load must use some market workload, as there is a need for monitoring, alerts and constant attention to the environment. Any error in the execution of the flows, must be informed and profesionals can search for the cause and solution of the problem.


Thank you very much again for your attention.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Accepted

Thank you for your feedback! This idea has been reviewed by our Server team and we've decided this is something we'd like to include on the road map for the product. While we cannot provide an ETA at this time on when this feature will be released we'll do our best to update this idea once information is available.  

Community Manager
Community Manager

@cneivam 🙌

Thanks for the update, @CristonS

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Very nice to hear from you this idea is moving on!


Thanks so much @CristonS for your feeback.