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Using Microsoft Flow to trigger workflows

A nice to have is a connector for Microsoft Flow to trigger workflows.  With Microsoft Flow, users can automate processes, or set conditions that can trigger services across many different providers.  


Having the ability to use a Microsoft Flow can enable alteryx users to run workflows and feed in data that could be used by Microsoft Flow to feed into other processes. 


This would be a game changer for many users.



Status changed to: Not Planned

Thanks for posting to the Alteryx Community. Your idea is very interesting, but we have determined that at this time the idea is not something we are planning to do; while we are looking to enable users to run workflows in sequence and set logic based on events, we are not considering Microsoft Flow integration to accomplish this functionality. If at some point we feel that this idea is something we are interested in creating we will change the status “Under Review”.


Thanks again!


This would unlock huge potential for any business running office 365 - we are heavy alteryx users across multiple departments and have recently started looking at Flow to automate admin tasks. Allowing anyone in the company to connect up a flow to an alteryx process would enable business users to setup some really powerful data driven process automations using Alteryx as the engine