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Alteryx User Group Meeting Round Up (2016-2020)

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Missed a meeting? Looking for the materials? Curious to see what happens at Alteryx User Group meetings? We got you covered! We have compiled a list that showcases what happens at our meetings.

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UPDATED: 8/31/2020


Date of Meeting User Group Content Agenda Presenters
8/13/2020 New Zealand Recording & Deck - Welcome & Purpose
- What is APA?
- Community Updates
- What's New?
- Alteryx Beta and Public Preview Program
- Closing
- Lauren Uyeno, Alteryx
- Vaishali Vijay, Alteryx
- Blake Bennett, Alteryx
7/23/2020 Atlanta, GA Recording & Deck - Welcome
- Q&A
- Mark Frisch, MarqueeCrew
6/23/2020 French Speaking Regional Recording & Resources - Community News
- Getting Core Certified
- Arthur Ladwein, Alteryx ACE and Data Consultant at The Information Lab
- Mélanie Blot, Business Developer at The Information Lab
- Jean-Baptiste Pinet, Junior Data Consultant at The Information Lab
5/8/2020 NA Central Region Recording, Resources, & Deck

- Welcome & Intros

- Reporting Tools Overview

- Alteryx Community

- APIs and Alteryx

- Q&A

- Aaron Harter, AB Data Consulting

- Chris Lewis, Whole Foods Market

- Deanna Sanchez, Dallas User Group

- Alejandra Lyon, Denver User Group

- Chris Sanders, Austin User Group

4/29/2020 New Jersey Recording & Resources - Alteryx Standards Document with Hayes Williams
- Rapidly responding to Unforseen Disruption in Heal...
- Hayes Williams, Data Governance Head for R&D at Daiichi-Sankyo
- Andy De, Senior Director for Healthcare Solutions Strategy and Marketing at Alteryx
4/23/2020 Leeds Recording & Resources - Platform Demo using the HMRC Corona Virus Job Retention Scheme
- Alteryx News!
- HSBC, Modernise MI ...

- Rich Birch, BI/Data Analyst at Asda
- Sandeep Kang, Sales Engineer at Alteryx
- Tony Preece, Business Analyst at HSBC
- Heather Harris, Alteryx ACE and Practice Director at PK
- Rafal Olbert, Alteryx ACE and Data Scientist at Asda
4/23/2020 ANZ Region Recording & Resources - Welcome & Introductions
- Intro to Alteryx Community
- Inspire Experience Panel
- Use Case Presentation
- Alteryx For Good
- Q&A
- Alex Bibin
- Jon McMillin
- Mathew Budden, Super Retail Group
- Sambit Das, Salvation Army Australia
- Ganesh Ravishankar, Salvation Army Australia
-Nezrin Noushad, Sydney User Group Leader
- Ramesh Neelamana, Sydney User Group Leader
- Kenneth Lekashman, Sydney User Group Leader
4/16/2020 Public Sector Recording & Resources - Catalyst Commercial
- Q&A
- Alteryx Updates
- Deanna Sanchez, Alteryx ACE
- Colleen Hayes
- Jason Claunch, Catalyst Commercial
3/25/2020 London Recording, Recap, Deck & Materials - Introductions & Welcome
- Alteryx 2019.4, 2020.1 & Beyond
- 5 Minute Tool Mastery feature Spatial To...
- Lilian Hoang, Slalom
- Paul Houghton, The Information Lab
- Niklas Ek
- Hannah Roland
3/22/2020 Bengaluru Recap & Deck - Introduction to the leadership team
- My Journey with Alteryx: How an Accountant Got Addicted to An...
- Jerrin Thomas, Nu-Pie
- Tarun Chhabra
2/25/2020 Twin Cities, MN Recap, Pictures, Deck and Data set

-AFG Activity: Best Friends Animal Society , Analyzing Data for Optimizing Location of Vaccination C...

Twin Cities User Group Leaders

2/21/2020 Sydney Recap and Pictures

- Happy Hour Networking Event @ a Pub!


2/19/2020  Austin, TX Recap, Pictures and Deck

-Sign In/Welcome
-Apps Presentation - Chris Lewis
-Networking Session
-Weekly Challenge - Team Challeng...

Chris Lewis, Whole Foods Market

Austin Us

2/18/2020 Jacksonville, FL Recap and Deck

-Welcome and Introductory Remarks
-A New Year! 2020 Goals & Updates
-Talk: A look into Alteryx Server,...

Jacksonville User Group Leaders

2/18/2020 Cleveland-Akron, OH Recap, Deck, and Pictures

-Check-In, Networking
-Intro, Recognition of Achievements, Announcements
-Building Best-In-Class Repor...

Brian Smith, Signet Jewelers

Gary Gruccio, Signet Jewelers

2/11/2020 St. Louis, MO Recap and Deck

-Weekly Challenge
Key Concepts of Alteryx Core Exam
-Implementations of Alteryx Certification Across M...

David Velleca, Mastercard

Treyson Marks, Prokarma

Andrew Debrak, Mastercard

2/4/2020 Richmond Recap, Pictures and Survey

- Justin Coleman, Southern State Cooperative - Alteryx Server
- Alteryx updates & announcements
- Mee...

Justin Coleman, Southern State Cooperative

1/30/2020 Leeds Recap, Pictures and Deck

- Open & Welcome
- Tracking Customer base movements
- My Alteryx Journey and Q&A
- Networking

Andy Bryan

Mark Frisch, Marquee Crew

12/17/2019 Twin Cities, MN Recap, Deck, Materials, Pictures

- Great discussion and fun quizzes with prizes from Alteryx
- Recapping all the great stuff that happ...

Twin Cities Alteryx User Group Leaders

12/11/2019 Boston, MA Recap, Deck, Materials

- Alteryx Updates
- Leveraging Alteryx to clean & augment U.S. brewery data
- Community Post
- Iterativ...

Brian Moore, Bentley University

Joshua Marsh, BCG

William Cogswell, Staples Inc.

12/6/2019 Tokyo Recap, Pictures, Deck

- 開場・受付
- オープニング
- 新バージョン 2019.4 の最新情報紹介
- 「データ前処理のお作法(ワークフローの高速化編)」 株式会社マクロミル 盛 様
- 「Marketing + Data +...


12/4/2019 Stockholm Recap

- Welcome
- Recap of 2019
- Alteryx Quiz
- Discussions

Leif Engdell

12/3/2019 Prague Recap, Deck, Pictures

- Welcome & Intro
- Inspire Europe 2019 Recap
- Developing Business Intelligence Solutions
- Alteryx 20...

Jan Stor, Merck
Jitka Donátová, Asahi Europe
Denis Zelenin, Exxon Mobil
Cara Immel, Alteryx
Boris Perušič, Alteryx

12/3/2019 London Recap, Deck, Materials, Pictures

-Community News
-London Alteryx User Group 2020 Weekly Challenge Leaderboard
-Alteryx of Code

Paul Houghton

Niklas Ek

Hannah Roland

Lilian Hoang

Gilian Rodger

Joe Lipski

11/7/2019 Austin, TX Recap & Deck


-Tips and Tricks Session

-Networking Session

-Alteryx Trivia

-Closing Remarks

Austin User Group Leaders:

Chris Lewis

Brantley Davis

John Green

MJ Yensen

Blake Hutchinson 

11/4/2019 Singapore Materials & Photos - Reception & Networking
- Opening
- Product Roadmap 
- Update from Inspire EMEA
- Hands-on challenge se...

Ashley Kramer, Alteryx

Jo Goh, Alteryx

Dawn Duong

Avinash Sunchu

10/30/2019 Hong Kong Recap & Deck - Opening
- Versatility of Alteryx
- Nomura AEJ Operations Alteryx Journey
- Updates from Inspire EMEA
Bow Techataveekijkul, Alteryx
JJ Soh, Telstra
James Mullen, Nomura
Jo Goh, Alteryx
10/29/2019 Orange County - Long Beach, CA Recap & Deck

-Alteryx HQ Tour

-Managing Transfer Pricing Compliance

-Spatial App Presentation: Where Should We Eat Tonight?

-Alteryx For Marketing Campaign Data Management

John Garcia, Arbonne International

Brandon Bak, Alteryx

Neal Thomas, Anthem

10/15/2019 Phoenix, AZ Recap & Deck


-Community Updates

-Presentation/Alteryx Demo

-Weekly Challenge #78: Find the Best Housing Markets

Phoenix User Group Leaders
9/27/2019 Coventry-Northampton Recap, Pictures, Materials - Introduction to Webscrapping, what tools and concepts you will need to know
- Introduction to APIs
- Sam Hughes, ACE, Sainbury's
- Joe Serpis, Keyrus
- Chris Love, ACE, The Information Lab
9/18/2019 Denver, CO Recap & Pictures

-Alteryx For Good: For Students and Nonprofits

-Alteryx Trivia

-ACE Panel Discussion

Lori Misenhimer, Alteryx

Heather Harris, ProKarma

Jesse Clark, Fallon Health

9/17/2019 Singapore Recap, Deck & Pictures - Welcome & Networking
- Sharing from Alan Jacobson
- Alteryx 2019.3 Update from Timothy Lam
- Q&A
- Alan Jacobson, CDAO, Alteryx
- Timothy Lam, SE, Alteryx
9/13/2019 Stockholm Recap & Deck - Announcements
- Tableau API
- Johan Fran, Advectas
9/12/2019 San Diego, CA Recap & Deck -Alteryx Core Certification Evening San Diego User Group Leaders
9/12/2019 Leeds Recap, Deck, & Pictures - Using Alteryx Connect to Pull Contract Details from SFDC API
- Connecting Alteryx to an events webs...
- Remo Biagioni, TransUnion
- David Thorpe, Alteryx
- Jordan Barker, Alteryx
9/11/2019 Marketing Recap, Recording, PowerPoint & Deck

- Scalable Reporting for Digital Clients
- Alteryx Community Updates
- Subscription Revenue: Revernue ...

Jarrod Thuener, Krystalytics
Tessa Hauck, Garmin International

9/10/2019 Cleveland-Akron, OH Recap & Deck


-Intro, Recognition of Achievements, Inspire Recap, Announcements

-The Data Behind the Savings: How Alteryx Is Used In the Marketing Substantiation Process At Progres...

-Are You Down With OPD (Other Peoples Data)?

David Bielek, Progressive

Sue Franke, Progressive

Mariann Fariman, Progressive

9/10/2019 Indianapolis, IN Recap, Deck, Pictures -Networking and Registration
- Inspire Recap
-Rapid Fire Tips & Tricks
- ACEs Got Talent
-Community Upd...
Patrick Digan, MedPro
9/3/2019 London Recap, Deck, Pictures, & Materials - Welcome & News
- Gross Margin Analytics Platform: Alteryx in the Finance Function
-FP&A Model for th...

- Javier Cuadriello-Rodriguez, EDF Energy
- Richard Birtwistle, Concentra
- Alexey Nikityuk, Revolut
- Lilian Hoang, Slalom
8/28/2019 Public Sector Recap, Recording, PowerPoint, & Deck - Welcome & Introductions
- Winning Hearts and Minds
- Tip and Tricks
- Inspire Nashville Recap by L...
Tom Burkate of Northstrat
Margarita Wilshire of Alteryx
8/19/2019 Twin Cities, MN Recap & Pictures - How UNFI's Audit Team is using Alteryx
- Spatial Capabilities in Alteryx to Optimize Site Locations...
- Nageen Moghaddam, UNFI
- Greg Barnard, UNFI
- Matt Siesennop, UNFI


North Jersey, NJ Recording, Recap, Deck, Materials, & Pictures

- Annoucements
- Inspire 2019 Recap
- Analytics Maturity with Citizen Data Scientist Framework
- 2019.2...
Release Overview

- Richard Balter, Express Scripts/Cigna
- Scott Greenfield, Mondelez International
- Jim Schattin, Alteryx


Twin Cities, MN Recap, Deck, Materials & Pictures

- Geospatial prospecting: Hunting for Blue-Chip Neighbors
- Alteryx Inspire 2019: New Releases, Alter...

Luke Komiskey, DataDrive

Aidan Bramel, Tessellation


Jacksonville Recap, Deck

-Welcome and Intro Remarks

-Analytics Development Process

-Inspire 2019 Recap

-Closing Remarks 

Francisco Aristiguieta

Joshua Burkhow, ProKarama


London Recap, Deck, Pictures, Materials

- Community Updates
- Predict the Future: Using Weather Data to Predict Retail Sales
- Networking Chal...

Gillian Roger, Kurt Geiger
James Smith, Vantage Data
Paul Houghton, The Information Lab


Portland, ME Recap, Deck, Pictures

- Alteryx Swag Trivia
- Analytic Apps and Chained Apps
- Parsing and Reporting Using Scripts from the ...

Matt Curtis, Covetrus


Denver Decks


-Intro & Resources for Users

-How to Hijack an Existing Tool & Make It Your Own

-Inspire 2019 Recap and New Features

Alejandra Lyon, DCP Midstream

Chad Martin, DataPrepU

Will Horton, Slalom


Orange County Deck, Recap


-Kahoot App: Alteryx Trivia

-Use Case Presentations: Ryan Peeler, Voxx Analytics

-2019. 2 New Features Updates

Ryan Peeler, Voxx Analytics

Brandon Bak, Alteryx



Leeds Recap, Deck, Pictures

- How TransUnion have implemented Alteryx & benefits this has delivered to their business
- How Alter...

Remo Biagioni, TransUnion
Rafal Olbert, Asda
Sam Carey, Hermes


Kansas City, MO Recap

-Weekly Challenge #102

-Inspire - Know Before You Go

-Web Quota Form Data with Backed Agent Entered Data 

Michael Pennington, Ivy Vestments

Samantha Petrovic, DEG

Paul Scheetz. DEG


Stockholm Recap, Deck

- Föregående möte
- Alteryx och GCP
- Google search, några roliga sökningar
- Tips från deltagare
- Avru...

- Leif Engdell, SVT


Channel Islands Recap, Materials, Deck

- Web Scraping Demo
- Server Demo and Favourite Macros

Ben Banim, Continuum


Twin Cities, MN Recap, Materials, Deck, Pictures 

- Alteryx Certification: In Pursuit of the Gauntlet
- Python Tool

Jim Van Sistine, Daugherty
Em Roach, Alteryx


Houston, TX Recap, Pictures, Deck

-Tool of the Day: Generate Rows
-RPA & Alteryx
-Auto Omni Input: Control System Integration with Alter...

Felix Gonzalez, Shell Oil Company
Hayden Messamore, Capitalize Analytics
Quang Nguyen, DCP Midstream


Coventry-Northampton Recap, Materials, Pictures

- Macro Overview
- Strat
ified Sampler Macro
- Workflow MOB Challenge

Chris Love, The Information Lab
Samantha Hughes, Sainsbury's


Montreal, QC Recap, Pictures, Deck

- Macros Theory

Mehdi Mahdaoui, Keyrus


Cleveland - Akron, OH Deck, Pictures, Recap

-"ACE Guide to Enterprising Your Workflows"

-Community Platform Roadmap

-Band of Solvers

-Mark Frisch, Marquee Crew

-Sean Adams, VP

-Patrick McAuliffe, Meijer

-Alex Koszycki, Alteryx


London Deck, Pictures

-Customer to Engineer

-Matching Ships and Plans: Using Alteryx Spatial to Match Geo-Location Data

-Server Usage Reports: Using Phone Home to Understand User Usage and Training Needs

-Q&A with Libby Duane Adams

Rafal Olbert, ASDA

Savio Henriques, Inmarsat

Chris Goodman, Data Accountant 

Libby Duane Adams, Alteryx


Germany Recording

-Digital Technology GMBH Service Governance & Reporting

-Tips and Tricks

Ulrich Schumann, eon

Oliver Wahner, Alteryx


San Diego, CA Recap, Deck, Recording

-Using Alteryx as a Data Integrator
-Replacing the SFDC Connector
-Transaction Processing Automation w/ Alteryx

Whitney Fee, Pluralsight
Bobby Marks, Pluralsight
Zazil Albaro, Pluralsight


Finance Recap, Recording, Deck

- Creating Alteryx Macros to Streamline the Data Compression Process and Document
- Alteryx Journey: COEs Driving Adoption and Learning Opportunities

Mauricio Pommier, EY

Pankaj Kotak, TD Bank 


Twin Cities, MN Recap, Pictures

-Alteryx Analytics Day 

Ashley Kramer, Alteryx


Transportation Recording, Deck, Recap

- Predicting the Next Fare: Using Predictive Analytics and Linear Regression
- Big Wins for Big Lot's! Supply Chain and E-Commerce Shipping

Tara Charter, Formerly of Lyft
Mingda Xu & Sonte Burk, Big Lot's!


London Recap, Deck, Pictures

Academy Core Certification Day

Joe Lipski, Javelin Group


Marketing Recording, Deck, Recap

- Using a Combination of Directory Files to Mapping Layers, Batch Macros and Calgary Tools.
- How Digitas Effectively Deploys Alteryx

Jarrod Thuener, Kristalytics
Bryan Bumgardner, Digitas


Copenhagen Recap, Deck, Workflows, Pictures

- Purpose of the User Group
- Changes and additions to most recent Alteryx versions
- Certifications - Get Ready to be Certified
- Weekly Challenges
- Feedback and Suggestions for the User Group

Daniel Brun, Inviso

Thomas Nielsen, Itelligence


Leeds Pictures

- AB Testing - What, Why & How
- Parcel Shop & Courier Performance Use Cases
- Product Demo

Liam Spencer, Asda

Sam Carey & Si Marks, Hermes

David Thorpe & Jordan Barker, Alteryx


North Jersey Recording, Recap, Deck

- Alteryx Announcements
- Alteryx For Good
- Release of AutoDocumentor to GA
- 2019.1 Release
- Tips, Tricks, Traps

Richard Balter, Express Scripts/Cigna
Brian Rasa, Alteryx
Wayne Woolridge, Alteryx


Channel Islands Recap, Pictures

- Alteryx For Good (Macmillan Cancer Support)
- 2019.1 Release

Shaan Mistry, Alteryx


Indianapolis Pictures, Recap, Workflows

-API Presentation
-Weekly Challenge #122
-Tools In Depth - Preparation

Jarrod Theuner, Kristalytics

Patrick Digan, MedPro

Kenda Barnes, MedPro

Dulton Moore, MedPro


Healthcare Recap, Recording

- Multi-Row Formula tools to automate and speed up the organization’s HCAHPS ranking reports
- Analyzed demographic segments and catchment areas using spatial matching and distance tools to opt...

- Renato Baruti, BayCare Health System

- Deanna Sanchez, Teknion Data Solutions


Long Beach Pictures, Recap, Deck

-Alteryx Pub Quiz
-Baby Got Mac! Rocking Your Workflows with Macros

Cathy Bridges, SCAN Health

Maureen Wolfson, Dynamo Analytics


Twin Cities Recap, Pictures, Deck

- Using and making the most out of the Alteryx Designer & Gallery at work. Empower everyone to make ...
- Alteryx Connect: Giving knowledge workers the power to discover and understand relevant data asset...

- Ben Balling, TransPerfect
- Eleanna Goudey, Slalom Consulting


Cleveland-Akron Recap, Deck

-Predictive Modeling in Alteryx
-Signet Showcase
-Group Community Activity

Gary Gruccio, Signet Jewelers

Ian Reed, Signet Jewelers

Jesse Albert


Coventry-Northampton  Recap, Pictures, Deck

- 2019.1 Release Update
- MongoDB & server
- Life After Sainsbury's with Joe Serpis
- Mob Challenge Activity

- Samantha Hughes, Sainsbury's
- Shaan Mistry, Alteryx
- Joe Serpis, Keyrus


Dublin Recap, Materials

- Tips & Tricks (Documenting and sharing macros and workflows)
- Mob Programming Activity (Weekly Cha...

Ian Baldwin, The Information Lab


London Recap, Pictures, Materials 

- How to get an Alteryx Server Proof of Concept Started & Running AWS
- 2018 Advent of Code challenges
- Discussion on the Download Tool

- Michal Sicak, Slalom
- James Dunkerly, Scott Logic
- Chris Goodman, KPMG
- Niklas Ek, LEK


Vancouver Deck

-2018.4 What's New
-Tips & Tricks
-Weekly Challenge #80

Derek Belyea, Analytix Studio Inc.


San Diego Recap, Pictures, Deck

-Tool of the Day: Download Tool, Scraping Data for Basketball Player Stats -Predictive Tools: What P...

Greg Murray, Sharp Healthcare
Hector Amaya, Sharp Healthcare
Whitney Fee, PluralSight


Montreal, QC Recap, Deck, Pictures

- Starting with Alteryx and Tableau Together
- Tips & Tricks

Jorge Supelano, Vision Group Canada
William Chan, Air Canada
Mehdi Mahdaoui, Keyrus


Bangalore Pictures, Recap

-Inspire Europe Recap
-Game of Antakshari
-Nu-pie Services & Capgemini
-AFG: Sai Krushna Trust

Bangalore User Group Leaders
Jerrin Thomas, Nu-pie
Aashish Kaushik, Capgemini


Dallas-Ft. Worth Recap, Picture

-Alteryx Inspired Networking Bingo

Saxony Partners; Dallas Alteryx User Group Leaders


Wichita  Deck, Recap, Pictures

-Use Case #1: How to Geocode Addresses with Alteryx and Google API

-Use Case #2: Creating an In-Database Connection

-Blob Tool and Utilizing Alteryx's API 

-Workflow Groups and Workflow Cache

-Alteryx Doctor Sessions


Nate Spriggs, Koch

Adam Dooley, Cargill

Nolan Kempke, Koch

Dalton Clouse, Koch


Long Beach Recap

-One-on-One Tutorial on Spatial Tools and Multi-Field Formula Tool

Cathy Bridges, SCAN Health

Neal Thomas, Anthem


Transportation Recap, Recording, Deck

-Use Case: Maximizing Airline Revenue Through Targeted Overbookings

-Alteryx Updates

-Use Case: Part Failure using Market Basket Analysis

-Looking to 2019

Sergiu Ispas, Alaska Airlines

Nick Smith, Alteryx


Twin Cities Deck, Pic, Recap

-- 2018 Content Recap: the good, the bad, & the awesome
- Looking to 2019
- Trivia
-Social & Doctor's ho...

Twin Cities Alteryx User Group


London Deck, Recap, Pic

- Alteryx For Good Discussion 
- Alteryx Community Updates
- Christmas Quiz

London User Group Leaders


Houston  Deck, Picture, Recap

-Tool of the Day: TS Model Factory and TS Forecast Factory

-Use Case: Gathering API Results through the Use of An Iterative Marco

-2018.4: What's New Demo

Anthony Wright, Quanex

Mauricio Pommier, EY

Conner Kelleher, Alteryx


Germany Recording

-Use Case: Raw Material Cost Development

-Tips & Tricks Session

Markus Orth, BASF SE


Indianapolis Recap, Deck

-Alteryx Jeopardy

-Tools in Depth: In/Out Tool Category

-Use Case: How CNO is Leveraging Alteryx

Kenda Barnes, MedPro

Brad Brechbuhl, CNO

Patrick Digan, MedPro

Jarrod Thuener, krisalytics

Dulton Moore, MedPro


Cleveland-Akron Recap, Pictures, Deck

-Spatial Applications

Use Case #1: Google Maps API

-Use Case #2: Applied Geography

-Group Community Activity

 Ken Albert, University Hospitals

Gary Gruccio, Sterling Jewelers Inc



Finance Deck, Recording, Recap

-Introductions & Welcomes to Inaugural Meeting

-Flashback to Inspire Europe

-Use Case #1: Sales Tax Reconciliation 

-Show Case #2: Enabling Analytics at UBS 

Rohit Somani, EY

Anando Sarkar, UBS

Andrew Bell, Clearsulting

Nicholas Bignell, UBS


 Twin Cities  Recap, Pictures  - Finding the Lat/Lon from only a full or partial address 
- Haversine Formula in Alteryx

 Todd Godes, JLL

Tessa Ennds, Cargill

Mark Frisch, Marquee Crew


 Orlando  Deck

-2018.3/4 Demo

-Use Case: Saving Hours with Alteryx (Calculating Daylight Savings Benefits)

 Andrew Kim, Data Meaning

Yamil Medina, Universal Orlando


Tampa Deck, Recap

-2018.3 Demo

-Tips & Tricks: Building an Intuitive Workflow

-Workflow Workshop

Ethan Ekkens, Alteryx

Carolyn Westlake & Michael Ranon, Seer Analytics


Jacksonville Deck, Recap, Pictures - Tips & Tricks
- Alteryx Best Practice: Workspace Organized
- Resolutions to Solutions: Bring your Al...


Joshua Burkhow, Prokarma


Orange County Deck, Recap

-Annoucements & Updates

-Retail Site Selection w/ Containters

-Alteryx Automation Capabilties

-Forecasting Use Case

David Savlowitz, Competitive Analytics

Hasan Hboubati, Alteryx

Andre Tokman, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems

Michael Ponton, Competitive Analytics


Kansas City Recap - 2018.3 Demo
- Best Practices Use Case
Michael Pennington, Ivy Investments
10/17/2018 Grand Rapids Recap, Pictures  - Spatial Use Case
- Predictive Use Case
- Community Updates
- Alteryx For Good
Reggie Wilerson, State Department Credit Union
Stephanie and India, Consumers Credit Union
Mark Frish, MarqueeCrew
9/27/2018 Transportation Recap, Recording - Diving into IoT data
- Using Spatial Tools to Estimate Freight Costs
Isaac Otto, Daimler Trucks
John Thompson, Cargill
9/21/2018 Amsterdam Recap - Adidas Journey
- Alteryx Academy
- Alteryx 2018.3
Irina Mihai, Adidas
9/20/2018 Long Beach Recap, Pictures - Tips & Tricks (Using Containers) Joe Mako, Rosenblatt Securities
9/12/2018 Montreal Deck, Recap, Pictures - Automating Dashboards with Alteryx Automation Add-On
- Simplifying Your Data Procedures: Alteryx Be...
William Chan, Air Canada
Scott Carr, KPMG
9/12/2018 Cleveland-Akron Deck, Recap, Pictures  - Inspire 2018
- Documentation Within Workflows
- Acxion Data Connector
- Alteryx to Tableau
Gary Gruccio, Signet
Mark Frisch, Marquee Crew
Hudson Ozello and Sean Mancini, Clearsulting
9/10/2018 St. Louis Deck, Recap, Workflow - Zip Code Spatial Map Andrew Derbak, Schnucks
9/1/2018 Bangalore Recap, Pictures  - What a day that was! Bangalore Alteryx User Group Meet Q3 2018 Bangalore Alteryx User Group
8/29/2018 London Recap, Pictures, Materials - Alteryx Escape Room
- Time Series Factory
Ben Moss, The Information Lab
Peter Gamble-Beresford, The Information Lab
Phillip Mannering, The Information Lab
Paul Houghton, The Information Lab
8/17/2018 Indianapolis Recap, Recording, Materials -30 Tips in 30 Minutes Patrick Digan, MedPro
8/16/2018 Twin Cities Deck, Recap, Pictures, Materials - CRew Macros
- Spatial Tools
- Tips & Tricks
- Macros
John Thompson, Cargill
Jenny Schoohs, Cargill
Tessa Enns, Cargill
8/15/2018 Chicago Deck, Recap, Pictures, Materials - Follet Use Case
- Alteryx For Good: Thrive Chicago
- New Macro Apps
Todd Martin, Rise Interactive
Megan McGowan, Rise Interactive
Mackenzie Magnus, Thrive Chicago
Mark Frisch, MarqueeCrew
8/15/2018 Channel Islands Pictures, Materials -Alteryx For Good Update- Robotic Process Automation and Alteryx- 18.2 Product Roadmap Jordan Barker, Alteryx
8/8/2018 Denver Deck, Recap Scientific Method Part 2 of 2 Alexandra Mannerings, Colorado Hospital Association
8/7/2018 Tampa Deck, Recap, Materials - Extracting and Parsing Data Dan Price, Twenty Twenty Analytics
8/7/2018 Grand Rapids Recap, Pictures - Crew Macros
- Alteryx Server
Mark Frisch, MarqueeCrew
7/24/2018 Twin Cities Recap, Materials Decision Tree Presentation Justin Richie, Go Data Drive
7/17/2018 San Diego Deck, Recap, Materials - Advanced Geospatial
- Build a Connector
Terry Alexander, Pfizer
7/10/2018 Jacksonville Deck, Recap - Crew Macros 101 Joshua Burkhow, Prokarma
6/28/2018 Pittsburgh Deck, Recap, Materials - MedExpress & Alteryx
- Using R
with Alteryx
- Web Scraping with the Download Tool

MedExpress Team
Michael Fruhwald, BNY
Steve Demarco, Mylan
6/28/2018 Long Beach Deck, Recap Techniques For Handling Data From Excel And Other Messy Unpredictables Files Joe Mako, Rosenblatt Securities
6/28/2018 Boston Deck, Recap - Making the Grade: Using Alteryx to Measure Student Progress
- Data Driven Alerts: Using Alteryx to Identify Underpricing Activity

Jessie Weissman, Harvard Business

Joshua Marsh, Staples

6/28/2018 Transportation Industry Recap, Recording Webinar Recap: Inaugural Transportation Industry User Group Meeting

William Chan, Air Canada

Heather Harris, Alaska Airlines

6/21/2018 Portland, ME Deck, Recap, Materials - How to use the Transpose Tool
- Defensive Configuration
John Deterling, Arkatechture
Matt Curtis, Vets First Choice
6/20/2018 Houston Deck, Recap Q2 Meeting Recap Felix Gonzalez, Shell
6/20/2018 North Jersey Recording Alteryx & Tableau Perfect Together Raz Nistor, Keyrus
6/19/2018 Singapore Deck, Recap, Materials Alteryx Designer Tips, Tricks and Best Practices Vincent Toh, Alteryx
6/8/2018 The Netherlands Materials

-Crew Macros (Workflows)

-AWS Cli (Workflows)

Evgenia Domnenkova, Shell
5/27/2018 Bangalore Recap - For Alteryx Beginners - Excelling with Alteryx
- Alteryx For Good
Subrat Das, USEReady
5/18/2018 Seattle-Eastside Deck, Recap, Pictures - Costco + Alteryx
- Alteryx + Tableau Demo
Ed Hagstrom, Costco
Steven Westburg, Costco
Jacob Olsufka, Decisive Data
5/17/2018 Healthcare Recap, Recording - Forecasting insurance payments and organizational cash flow
- Using Alteryx Gallery to publish apps...
Patrick McAuliffe and Charity Wilson
5/15/2018 Tampa Deck, Recap Automation (For Non-Gallery Designers) Forrest Harper, Healthplan Services
5/8/2018 New York City Decks, Materials Macros 101: What is a Batch Macro? Seth Moskowitz, Interpublic
5/3/2018 Channel Islands Recap, Pictures - Alteryx For Good Update
- Tips & Tricks: Community Resources
- Server & Connect Demo
Shaan Mistry, Alteryx
4/19/2018 Orlando Deck, Pictures DynamoDB-Lambda-Mongo-custom Dashboards to Snowflake John Adams, Bringhub
4/12/2018 Detroit Recap Community, Inspire Anaheim, CREW Macros Mark Frisch, MarqueeCrew
3/29/2018 Atlanta
Deck, Recap Macro Training Joshua Burkhow, ProKarma
3/28/2018 Orlando Deck, Recording - Tips & Tricks
- Sports with Alteryx
- Fix your FLow
Andrew Kim, Advent Health
3/8/2018 Healthcare Industry Deck, Recording - Opioid Panel
- Using Network Analysis to Detect Prescription, Fraud, Waste, and Abuse
Lynsie Daley, Intermountain Health
Alexandra Mannerings, Colorado Hospital Association
Katherine Yue, SCAN Health Plan
Cassandra Olsen, SCAN Health Plan
3/2/2018 Indianapolis Deck, Recap API: Excel to Alteryx Dulton Moore, MedPro
2/28/2018 Orlando Deck, Recording Salesforce with Alteryx Kala Weinacker, Homeward Bound
2/27/2018 Cleveland-Akron Deck, Recap Querying Thousands of Similar Excel Files for Useful Data Ken Albert, University Hospitals
2/20/2018 Tampa Deck, Recap, Materials Alteryx Tips & Tricks Forrest Harper, Healthplan Services
2/16/2018 The Netherlands Deck, Recap - Hints & Tips
- Workflows to Shell Presentation
Roel Esselink, Shell
2/15/2018 Jacksonville Deck, Recap - How to Build Macros with HTML5, Javascript, & Python
- A few things 6+ years of using Alteryx has t...
Joshua Burkhow, ProKarma
2/8/2018 Dublin Deck, Recap, Materials - Alteryx Apps Use Cases: Self-Services Apps and Tableau Audit App
- Parsing PDFs using Alteryx: Extr...
Euripedes de Campos Junior, AON
Ollie Power, AON
Shane Harding, AON
2/6/2018 Pittsburgh Recap Recap of the Second Pittsburgh Alteryx User Group Tyler May, Mylan
1/25/2018 Orlando Deck, Recap, Pictures Big Data, R, and Alteryx Data Meaning
12/14/2017 Orlando Deck, Recording Orlando Alteryx User Group Recording Andrew Kim, Adventist
12/14/2017 Detroit Recap Q4 Recap Mark Frisch, MarqueeCrew
12/13/2017 Twin Cities Recap, Pictures Thank you for attending the Holiday Mixer! Pedro Medina, Haystack Data
12/6/2017 Cleveland-Akron Recap In Case You Missed it: Q4 Cleveland-Akron User Group Meeting Recap Gary Gruccio, Signet Jewelers
12/6/2017 North Jersey Recording, Recap Q4 2017 Wrap Up Michael Wallendjack
11/21/2017 Bangalore Recap, Pictures AUG - Q3 Meet Abhisheck Bharadwaj, Team Computers
11/16/2017 Healthcare Recording - Parallel Processing
- How we are using Alteryx to combat the opioid epidemic
Forrest Harper, Healthplan Services
Alexandra Mannerings, Colorado Hospital Asociation
Lynsie Daley, Intermountain Healthcare
11/10/2017 Indianapolis Deck, Recap 2017 Q4 Meeting Recap Dulton Moore, MedPro
11/7/2017 Tampa Deck, Recap Dynamic Input with SQL Queries Nick White, Healthplan Services
10/26/2017 Dublin Deck, Recap, Materials - Email Network Analysis
- Parsing HTML - An Analysis of Running Data
Tesfaye Onsho, AON
Ollie Power, AON
10/24/2017 Chicago Deck, Recap Alteryx Academy and Education Resources Joe Nelson, Alteryx
10/20/2017 Belgium Recap, Pictures, Links You Were Great, and Ready For Phase 2 Patrick Vandeputte, BNP
10/17/2017 Phoenix Deck, Materials APIs | OOOOOH, Scary Michael Perillo
9/28/2017 Boston Materials Macros & Applications Jesse Clark, Fallon Health
9/28/2017 Twin Cities Recap Thank you for making last night's User Group event! Pedro Medina, Haystack Data
9/28/2017 St. Louis Deck, Recap - CARTO Overview
- Spatial Presentations
Andy Derbak, Schnucks
9/27/2017 North Jersey Recording, Recap Sept 27th User Group Meeting - Hyperlink Attached Michael Wallendjack
9/21/2017 Jacksonville Deck, Recap Jacksonville Alteryx User Group Q3 2017 Meeting Presentation Joshua Burkhow, ProKarma
9/19/2017 Pittsburgh Recap Pittsburgh Alteryx User Group (PAUG) Recap and Information Tyler May, Mylan
9/12/2017 Cleveland-Akron Recap SAP Connector Demo Rahul, Grazitti
8/2/2017 Healthcare Industry Recording - Acquiring Nursing Home Compare Data from
- Intermountain Healthcare Executive Dashboard: H...
Nathan Taylor, Symphoney Post Acute Network
Eduardo Segovia, Symphony Post Acute Network
Devyn Woodfield, Intermountain Healthcare
Alexandra Mannerings, Colorado Hospital Association
7/25/2017 Tampa Materials Q3 2017 Meeting Review Renato Baruti, Baycare Health
7/14/2017 Indianapolis Deck Alteryx File Types & Q3 Tips Patrick Digan, MedPro
6/29/2017 Vancouver Deck, Recap Keeping Your Workspace Organized Michael Dyatchenko, Analytix Studio
6/28/2017 Dublin Recap, Materials 3rd Meeting Follow Up Carlos Amaral, AON
6/16/2017 Bangalore Pictures Awesome!! Alteryx User Group meet @ Bangalore Stay tuned for next AUG meet details! Abhisheck Bharadwaj, Team Computers
6/15/2017 Stockholm Deck, Recap Notes from Meeting Leif Engdell, SVT
6/14/2017 North Jersey Recap 2nd Meeting Wrap Up Review Michael Wallendjack
5/23/2017 Cleveland-Akron Recap Creating Efficiencies in Generating E-mail Alerts & Time Savings in Processing Data Sandeepa Kolli, Brandmuscle
Brendan Hearn, Brandmuscle
4/25/2017 Tampa Recap, Materials Q2 2017 Meeting Review Renato Baruti, Baycare Health
3/30/2017 Portland, ME Materials Fit Bark Connector - Macro Kevin Anderson, Arkatechture
3/29/2017 London Recap, Pictures, Materials #10 London Alteryx User Group Summary Joe Lipski, Javelin Group
3/22/2017 Cincinnati Deck, Materials Cluster Analysis with the goal to build a Decision Tree Model Joseph Rubleske, Ph.D, Northern Kentucky University
3/16/2017 Detroit Recap, Links Q1 Recap Mark Frisch, MarqueeCrew
2/28/2017 Cleveland-Akron Recap In Case You Missed It: Q1 2017 Cleveland-Akron Alteryx User Group Recap Mark Aretha, Data Robot
Yong Kim, Data Robot
Ian Reed
2/8/2017 New York City Recap NYC Alteryx User Group Meeting Review (2/8/17) Dennis Peters, ADP
2/7/2017 Tampa Deck, Recap Q1 2017 Meeting Review Renato Baruti, Baycare Health
2/3/2017 Seattle-Eastside Recap Q1 AUG Meetup Recap Nicole Johnson, T-Mobile
1/11/2017 Indianapolis Deck, Recap, Materials - Fuzzy Matching
- Tableau Use Case Presentation
Dulton Moore, MedPro
Andy Carlson, Roche
Brian Wolfe, Roche
1/11/2017 Bangalore Recap, Pictures Our First AUG Meet @ Bangalore Abhisheck Bharadwaj, Team Computers
12/13/2016 Cleveland-Akron Recap, Materials In Case You Missed It: Meeting 1 Recap Jon Albertini, Alteryx
12/8/2016 Grand Rapids Recap Q4 Meeting Recap & Thanks! Mark Frisch, MarqueeCrew
12/8/2016 Copenhagen Deck, Recap, Materials Santalytics Activity Daniel Brun, Inviso
11/15/2016 Tampa Deck, Recap Parallel Processing, Scheduling, Enhancement Ideas & Tips Forrest Harper, Healthplan Services
10/5/2016 Indianapolis Recap, Pictures Q4 Meeting Recap Patrick Digan, MedPro
9/29/2016 Philadelphia Recap Philadelphia User Group Meeting Recap Michael Wallendjack
9/28/2016 New York City Recap NYC Alteryx User Group Meeting Review (9/28) Dennis Peters, ADP
9/13/2016 Phoenix Deck - Alteryx Dynamic Input/Macros
- Alteryx & Tableau Publishing
Treyson Marks, Knight Transportation
Michael Perillo, Charles Schwab
9/9/2016 Ft. Lauderdale Recap, Pictures Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach User Group On Fire! Todd Remmel, Office Depot
9/7/2016 Portland, ME Recap, Materials Meeting 2 in the books! Kevin Anderson, Arkatechture
8/9/2016 Tampa Recap, Links Second Meeting Review Renato Baruti, Baycare Health
6/30/2016 Washington, DC Recap, Links 30 June 2016 Meeting Recap Katherine Matthews, Entomological Society of America
6/23/2016 New York City Recap NYC Alteryx User Group Meeting Review (6/23) Dennis Peters, ADP
6/14/2016 Philadelphia Recap Philadelphia User Group 2nd Meeting Recap Michael Wallendjack
5/25/2016 Portland, ME Deck, Recap, Pictures Getting Data from API's Arkatechture
5/17/2016 Tampa Deck, Recap, Materials Creating R Macros Rod Light, Alteryx
5/12/2016 The Midlands Recap, Materials First Midlands Alteryx User Group Mike Moss, REVOO
5/5/2016 Dallas Recap Guide to Alteryx for Excel Users Bob Laurent, Alteryx


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