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Welcome to the Prague Alteryx User Group!

This group open to anyone based in the Czech Republic who use Alteryx or want to explore the capabilities of Alteryx Advanced Analytics Platform. Use this page to ask questions, share ideas and hear about all upcoming User Group meetings. Most meetings will be held in or near Prague.

Goal of the Prague User Group: connecting users together, introducing new users to Alteryx and its power, introducing non-users to Alteryx and its power, general networking, and knowledge and experience sharing.

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Prague Alteryx User Group becoming official

7 - Meteor



Almost 30 people registered for the Prague Alteryx Group session by December 3rd and more than 30 actually came on Tuesday December 3rd to the Alteryx office and enjoyed the presentations from Jitka Donátová, Jan Stor, Denis Zelenin, Cara Immel and Boris Perušič. Most people stayed in friendly discussions after the presentations ended and the last few people closed the office around nine.


Thanks everyone for coming. Thanks to Alteryx for letting us use their neat and cosy office. And thanks to Štěpánka for organizing a lovely catering.


The second session of the AUG Prague means that we are officially recognized by Alteryx as an active group.


Please feel free to upload your presentations here and share them with others.


The next session is planned for March 3rd and we will continue discovering the situation around Connectors sketched out by Boris. Also, it will be the right time for someone to review the version 2019.4 just like Cara did with the version 3.


Full agenda for the next session has yet to be defined and your opinion is a valued input into the discussion.


Congratulations Prague!!


I am looking forward to working with you this year and seeing this group grow!


Very best,



User Group Lead - Industry, EMEA & NA East

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Chris Shernaman
Community Manager