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What is an Internal Alteryx User Group? An opportunity for Alteryx users to meet internally within their company to share use cases, workflows, tips & tricks and best practices. An internal Alteryx User Group enables users to connect with peers in other teams, departments and offices in their organization to gain insights on how to leverage Alteryx.   How often do users meet and what are topics of discussion? Internal Alteryx User Groups get together monthly for one hour in-person and/or via WebEx. Meeting frequency does vary so it’s recommended to survey the user base. See attached sample Alteryx Internal User Group Survey Questions which will help tailor your meeting content to your company’s users’ needs. Below are some sample agendas.   Sample Agenda #1 2:00pm - 2:10pm: Welcome & Introductions 2:10pm - 2:25pm: Review of Survey Results – How can the User Group best serve you? Meeting Frequency, User Department & Level, Desired Meeting Topics, etc. 2:25pm - 2:45pm: What is happening currently at Company with Alteryx Evaluation of Alteryx Server Performance Review of Server Version 11 to Be Scheduled 2:45pm - 3:00pm: Next Steps, Action Items, Q&A   Sample Agenda #2 11:00am - 11:10am: User Group Announcements 11:10am - 11:30am: User Story: Preparing, Analyzing, and Visualizing Spatial Data using Alteryx 11:30am -11:50am: User Story: Forecasting utilizing the “Time Series” Alteryx tools 11:50am - 12:00pm: Q&A and Closing Remarks   Sample Agenda #3 8:00am - 8:05am: Welcome: Recap of Past Meeting and Introductions 8:05am - 8:25am: User Presentation: Building Macros 8:25am - 8:45am: Panel Discussion How do you currently utilize Alteryx? How has Alteryx changed the way you work? What do you plan to do next with Alteryx? What are your favorite tools and why? 8:45am - 9:00am: Q&A and Call for Use Case Presenters   Let’s Get Started! Here are the steps to launch your internal User Group: Build a User Group Leadership Committee: Get a group of Alteryx enthusiasts to collaborate and lead, think about having User Group leaders representing different departments Connect Alteryx users internally: Create an internal intranet community or internal listserv so users can collaborate before and after meetings Survey Alteryx users: Determine desired topics, current benefits, challenges and meeting frequency. See attached sample survey. Plan Meetings: Create agenda content from users’ needs discovered in survey results Share Results: Record meetings, share presentations and provide recaps
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Now’s the time when you meet with the other Alteryx enthusiasts who have signed up. Relax, introduce yourselves, and get to know each other. Find out what people want from an Alteryx User Group in your area. The goal of this meeting is simple: meet other Alteryx enthusiasts in your area, and decide when and where to hold your User Group meeting.   Day & Time We normally see User Group Meetings held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays in the afternoon or evening. Pick a day and time that works best with your User Group Members. Most User Group meetings run for about 2 hours and host quarterly meetings throughout the year.   Help us, help you: At the beginning of the year, please contact the Customer Experience Team on selecting meeting dates for the year.   Use the Alteryx User Group Leaders Meeting Request Form to easily schedule your meeting!    Format How would you like your meeting structured? Formal or informal? It’s up to you! Our current User Group Leaders specifically tailor to what their members enjoy the most. An easy way to gage this is through surveys sent out after meetings. See section on Feedback Surveys.   Some of the most common meeting formats feature a panel discussion, one long in-depth talk or a couple of shorter talks, then an open-mic “quick-fire” talk.   User Group Example:  Some User Groups are currently exploring a “two-track” plan. There will be a beginner track and an intermediate/advanced track with appropriate discussions for each. Another great way to have a very engaging meeting is by having no set topics! Open the floor up to discussion with your members. It is certainly a very laid back and easy approach to get great conversation flowing.   When using Speakers/Presenters for your User Group meeting remember: To think of someone from the group who would be the best choice for your meeting, there might be a member knowledgeable on a User Group topic of interest. Alteryx Product Management and Solutions Engineers are available to discuss capabilities and overview of the product roadmap. Carefully evaluate presentations ahead of time Talk to your presenters ahead of time and ask them what they will be talking about Tip: Most presenters go for about 40-50 minutes Collect presentation decks ahead of time Arrive early to check A/V equipment Always have a ready-to-go presentation or back up plan in case life gets the better of you! Location Location can be key to get members to your meetings. Make sure the venue is central and convenient to your User Group Members. We commonly see most User Group meetings held at a bar, restaurant, or company.   Tip: Hosting a User Group meeting at an office will benefit a business – it helps create exposure to new parties and visibility in the community. It also is extremely helpful to have parking and directions listed on your event invite. Parking is often a piece of information that gets missed out on in the planning phase. Attached to this article you will find signage to use at your next meeting.   It also is extremely helpful to have parking and directions listed on your event invite. Parking is often a piece of information that gets missed out on in the planning phase.    Meeting Logistics   Name Tags Have name tags at your meeting for networking purposes. On EventBrite you can easily create name tags. Also try to include colored dots to represent how long the individual has used Alteryx. Blue New to Alteryx or just interested Green 1 – 2 years Yellow 2 – 5 years Red 5 years or more   Check-In Station Make sure to pull the RSVP list from EventBrite or MeetUp for tracking purposes. Who can be a cellphone contact if attendees can’t find their way into the venue? Make sure to put their number on signs outside if building security is not available after 5pm.   Logistics Check List A simple check list can help you make sure that you have all the necessary items to run your meeting smoothly. Click here to see the logistics check list. Action Plan:    Get together and organize! Have fun! Meet new people!   Decide on a day and location to host your formal User Group meeting.   Figure out logistical details for your User Group meeting. Format of the agenda, speakers/presenters, venue details, and points of contact.    
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