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San Diego, CA

Welcome to the Alteryx San Diego User Group! Please join us in sharing experiences and knowledge.

San Diego User Group Leaders:

Zazil Albaro, PluralsightWhitney Fee, Pluralsight

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Q2 2019 SDAUG Meeting Recap and Recording


Hi everyone!


In case you missed it, or just need a refresh, here is the recap of our Q2 2019 meeting.  Pluralsight represented and showed the power of Alteryx and some awesome ways it can be used - from using it for data integration, process automation and even how it can be customized to enhance built-in functions to suit our needs.

Here is the summary of what was covered:

  • Whitney Fee (Pluralsight):
    Using Alteryx as a data integrator: This presentation will cover a project taking data from Salesforce, building a file by condensing with Alteryx tools, loading into Anaplan (via API/Download tool) and alerting via Slack of success/failures when job runs.
  • Bobby Marks (Pluralsight):
    Replacing the standard Salesforce Connector so that it used the Salesforce REST API instead of the BULK API, which has strict limits compared to the REST API.
  • Zazil Albaro (Pluralsight):
    Transaction Processing Automation with Alteryx: Overview of a series of workflows that run in sequence to query and insert data from/to Cloudera/Hadoop, insert, update and query the Salesforce REST API, update the Zuora API using a macro with the download tool, and alerting via Slack of successes and failures throughout the process.

Aaaand here is the recording...  Side note: I realize now that the whole room could not be heard.  We will make sure to repeat questions into the mic next time!

Thanks and see you at the next one!
- Zazil and Whitney



@edunn Sorry for the delay - some technical difficulties had to be overcome!  Here you go!


@zazil No worries!! Thank you so much! I know my team would greatly appreciate it! 🙂 

Enjoy your maternity leave and congrats!