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Announcement | Looking to expand your Alteryx skillset?! Check out the latest set of interactive lessons in Alteryx Academy: Creating Analytic Apps
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So you want to create your own EventBrite... how exciting! Creating an EventBrite is best way to get a snapshot of who has registered for your User Group meeting, and how many attendees you can expect.   Not sure how to get started? You've come to the right place. Here, you'll find a guide for how to create and publish an event for your next meeting.       Let's get started on creating a new event from scratch:    Request access to the Alteryx EventBrite account by reaching out to @TuvyL, @LaurenU, or @MaddieJ EventBrite will send you an email with instructions for getting set up “Create Event” Fill out Event Details Add an Event Image Best Practice: Use Canva to make a fancy picture! There are tons of templates, fancy fonts, clip art, etc! We use the LinkedIn Post Header size. AUG Template.           5. Event Description Add your agenda, important reminders, security and parking information Standard messaging to get you started: Alteryx User Groups enable peers to connect, share best practices, and improve skill sets that help maximize their potential with Alteryx.   Agenda 5:00-5:10: Welcome & Introductions 5:10-5:40: Use Case Presentation 5:40-6:10: Alteryx Connect Demonstration 6:10-6:40: Alteryx Certification Program 6:40-7:00: Q&A and Networking   Tip: Use the “Add FAQs” feature to see a template of FAQs.   6. Select your User Group in “Organizer Name"       7. Create Tickets > Free Ticket > Fill out Ticket Name as “RSVP" 8. Fill in Quantity available Set quantity based on space available at your location 9. Select “Actions” > Ticket Settings       10. Specify dates of when “Ticket Sales Start” and “Ticket Sales End”     Tip: Set your date end based on if you need to submit a roster to the front desk/security. CA Team usually closes dates 1-2 days before a meeting . 11. Additional Settings: Set up your Event Type and Event Topic   Pro-Tip: Use “remaining tickets” if you have limited seating   12. Make your event live!     Managing EventBrite Read on for more tips and tricks for working with EventBrite to get the most out of managing your event:   Event Dashboard   Order Options Edit and customize RSVP information, manage your waitlist, change the event language, etc.   Order Form Set the collection type on “Each Attendee” to allow customization of information based on ticket type Select “Create Question” > Add your custom question Select the following: First Name Last Name Email Address Company/Organization Work Address Phone Deselect Home phone Save! Tip: Custom add your own questions! Survey members before your meeting.           Waitlist Waitlist Settings > Enable Waitlist > Update “Maximum Waitlist Size”, “Attendee Information to Collect”, “Time to Repond”, “Auto-Response Message”, and “Waitlist Ticket Release Message”   Invite & Promote:  Email invitations   Analyze Event Reports > Attendee Summary > Export   Manage Attendees Add Attendees Add on last minute parties manually. Select quantity > continue > fill out information on registration page Attendee List Print Name Badges Check attendees into your meeting   You can even download the EventBrite App on your phone! (iPhone or Android)   If you have any questions, please reach out to @MaddieJ, @LaurenU, or @TuvyL. Now go forth and learn local!
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Great job, you just completed your meeting! But we aren’t finished! A successful user group takes time and dedication.   We encourage that you periodically update your User Group page with discussions, upload meeting minutes, and answer any questions to help keep your members engaged between User Group Meetings.   Connect with other Alteryx User Group Leaders like you! Contribute to our User Group Leader Forum. Contact if you need to get access to the forum. Don’t forget that Alteryx can help you promote your event. Alteryx will contact users in the area of your User Group Meetings to Events @ Alteryx.   Feedback Surveys Feedback Surveys are a great way to check in with your User Group members. Surveys are usually sent out at least once a year, but if you would like, there is nothing wrong with sending one out after every meeting!   Draft up questions you would like to ask your members and set up a SurveyMonkey. Once that is completed, Alteryx will promote it on your behalf. Please share your results with the Customer Experience Team once the results have been completed! We would like to see how you are doing!   Expectations A successful User Group takes some time and dedication to keep members old and new, engaged throughout the year. Below are expectations that are helpful in order to maintain a successful User Group.   Role of the Customer Experience Team: Serves are a resource to the success of your User Group. Provides resources and aid in the organizing of your meetings.   Remember your strengths! You do not have the run this User Group alone or be the expert.  You are here to help facilitate discussion and sharing. Don’t forget to have fun! Make connections with like-minded individuals to come together, network, learn, and solve challenges that are faced in the workplace!   Divide and Conquer! You’re on a User Group Leadership Committee, divide the load and it will be easier! Let’s work as a team to support your growing community.   Tasks to be completed as a part of the User Group Leadership Committee: Marketing of Events: Please submit event details 3 weeks in advance to the Customer Experience Team. Keeping track of attendance at meetings Show up early at meeting site Coordinating and organizing presenters’ slides Meeting Photos Feedback Surveys Recognition of User Group Members Coordinate a succession plan (Attached Doc)
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Good luck, and let us know how it goes! Be sure to discuss the cadence you want for your User Group and set a date for the next User Group meeting at the end of your meeting.   Follow up! Rewind and Repeat! Follow the steps above for planning meetings two and beyond!   Tips: Don’t forget to thank everyone for attending the meeting! Post shout-outs on social media. A little recognition goes a loooong way! Check the Alteryx User Group Leaders Community for more tips and interaction with other leaders around the world!   Make sure to share minutes and take pictures to post on your User Group Page.   Running a User Group sometimes takes a few trial runs to see what fits the group the best. Don’t be afraid to play around with the formatting of the meeting to suit your members’ needs.
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Welcome to the Alteryx User Group Community! Thank you for your interest and dedication to lead members of your community closer to analytic freedom. Here are some quick tips and best practices to help support your new group.
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Want to get to know other Users in your area?   The User Groups on Community are intended to drive conversation before, after, and between meetings. Below are some fun suggestions to help get things started. Happy posting!   Why you love Alteryx Share favorite tip using Alteryx Post a picture of you at Inspire Share your favorite tool and post a picture of it How you came to use Alteryx Today I learned? Something you are looking forward to at Inspire/new release Compliment a fellow user group member Post your favorite Alteryx youtube video Favorite movie at the moment? Post a picture of your dream vacation What is something cool you have learned using Alteryx What made your day today? We want to hear from you, if you have a fun topic in mind, reply to this posting!
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