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PRODUCT: Alteryx Connect   VERSION: v1.0   LAST UPDATE: 08/09/2017   ATTACHMENT: PDF Run Alteryx Connect with IIS reverse proxy In this documentation we will cover installation of Alteryx connect on windows server, Connect will be accessible over secured https protocol. Web server will hold SSL certificate.   Please see the attached step-by-step manual.
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 Welcome to Alteryx Connect a state-of-the-art Data Catalog with a social twist.  Alteryx Connect is a part of Alteryx self-service data analytics platform. It allows analysts to discover, access and share their company`s information assets like never before. In other words, Alteryx connect will make any of your corporate data just few clicks away from anyone, it will connect people around data and it will be the place to capture your corporate data knowledge. So how to start using it.   Get ready and load it Alteryx Connect is an enterprise data catalog that harvests, stores and indexes information about your data sources. It loads and copies the metadata into its repository. When you install the Alteryx Connect 1st thing you need to do is to populate it with relevant content and build initial catalog. This can be easily done by using Alteryx workflows delivered with your Connect, that will allow you to connect to a number of data sources to extract the metadata.       You can also create or load your business glossary by importing from Microsoft excel. You can add additional source or import metadata anytime in the future. Remember that the more data sources are loaded the better the catalog will be.   Tip: Alteryx workflows can be easily scheduled so you keep your catalog always up-to-date. Once Alteryx Connect is loaded everyone can start using it! Following simple steps will help you to leverage your Connect and make the Data Analyst`s day easier. #1 Search and Discover information assets using search feature available on every page. Use our powerful search to find the asset you need and by clicking on the information asset. Just type in the keyword to the search box and see what happens. The search will present result sorted by relevance as you type.     Tip: If you can`t  find, what you are looking for, click "Enter" while in the search box and you will get advanced search page where you can filter by entry type or location of an asset. # 2 Explore the details about the information asset By clicking on information asset you`ll get most important details stored in the Connect. You`ll see information such as description of an asset, people connected to the asset, whether the asset is marked as certified or recent activities related to this asset and many more.   You can also explore relevant connections to this asset by using nexus tool.       #3 Get Access to the information asset Getting access is another challenge prior you can use the data source. Alteryx Connect lets you simply ask for access. This will trigger notification to the responsible person make things happen.   Tip:   For some assets like reports you can directly go to the asset and use it by clicking on OPEN button #4 Share and Collaborate to dump your knowledge and connect to others And finally if you feel there is anything missing or valuable to add please help others and do it. Annotate it   comment it or share it.   Tip: Use "thumb up" to indicate that this asset is valuable to you.  That`s it. Did you get it? So if you believe in the power of sharing and collaboration in the data analytics community. Just start using your Alteryx Connect and become the champion of the new generation of data analyst citizens. Discover, explore access, annotate and share your data and get connected with others.  Additional resources: How to certify assets in Alteryx Connect:
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