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User Group Resources

Welcome & Guidelines

Find tips to make the most of your User Group experience.

  UPDATED: 7/3/19 Welcome to your User Group Playbook! Please review the following resources, as we will update these quarterly, to help you and your leadership stay organized. The Alteryx user group team wants to set you up for success and make it as easy as possible to plan your next meeting.   MEETING DECK:   This PowerPoint deck is designed to steer the flow of your meeting. Each slide is outlined for you and your presenters to fill in all the content that is needed for your presentations. Before the meeting make sure to add the presenters slides.   Please review slides (translate if necessary) and talking points that are located in the notes section of each slide.   PRESENTER DECK:   When you have chosen your presenters for your meeting, email them the Presenter Deck so they can fill in the content that each slide asks for.   USER GROUP METRICS EMAIL: Utilize this email template to provide your user groups meeting metrics for the quarter. Email your User Group Coordinator at    Internal User Group Survey Template: Please use this template each quarter to help gauge your members interest in topics to discuss at your next meeting.   MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT TEMPLATE:   When you are ready to post a meeting announcement on the user group page please refer to this Word Document. For more examples of meeting announcements check out: Long Beach, CA Healthcare   RECAP TEMPLATE:   Once your meeting has concluded, please have one of your leaders write the meeting recap and post on the user group page so the user group team can add this to The Meeting Round-Up. For more examples of how to write up a recap, check out: Wichita, KS Transportation   PS - If you are looking to start a new Internal User Group, please review Starting an Internal Alteryx User Group article in User Group resources! All the best, User Group Team
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UPDATED: 1/15/19   What is an Internal Alteryx User Group? An opportunity for Alteryx users to meet internally within their company to share use cases, workflows, tips & tricks and best practices. An internal Alteryx User Group enables users to connect with peers in other teams, departments and offices in their organization to gain insights on how to leverage Alteryx.   How often do users meet and what are topics of discussion? Internal Alteryx User Groups get together monthly for one hour in-person and/or via WebEx, Skype or ON24. Meeting frequency does vary so it’s recommended to survey the user base. See attached sample Alteryx Internal User Group Survey Questions which will help tailor your meeting content to your company’s users’ needs.      Let’s Get Started! Here are the steps to launch your Internal User Group: Build a User Group Leadership Committee: Get a group of Alteryx enthusiasts to collaborate and lead, think about having User Group leaders representing different departments Download Internal Playbook: Quarterly updated  resources designed to help you and your leadership stay organized: Meeting Deck, Speaker Deck, Meeting Announcement Template and Meeting Recap Template Connect Alteryx users internally: Create an internal community (Slack, Private LinkedIn Group, or Internal Intranet) so users can collaborate before and after meetings and to stay up to date on past and future meetings. Survey Alteryx users: Determine desired topics, current benefits, challenges and meeting frequency.  Plan Meetings: Follow the Internal Playbook - Meeting Deck Share Results: Share presentations and provide recaps. Send meeting data (attendee count and meeting highlights) quarterly to   All the best, User Group Team
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