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Cleveland-Akron, OH

Welcome to the Cleveland-Akron, OH Alteryx User Group! Please join us in sharing experiences, best practices, and knowledge.

Gary Gruccio, Signet Jewelers

Ken Albert, University Hospitals
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In Case You Missed It: Q1 2017 Cleveland-Akron Alteryx User Group Recap


Great turnout for our Q1 2017 Cleveland-Akron Alteryx User Group meeting!  We had 14 people representing three Northeast Ohio companies.


In case you missed it:


Mark Aretha and Yong Kim from DataRobot gave a presentation/demonstration of their cutting edge automated modeling tool and how it interfaces with Alteryx. If you are interested, please reach out to Mark at or visit the website at


Ian Reed presented a Use Case - How to Use Alteryx to Create Automated Control Reporting - in which he demonstrated how to use Alteryx to find holes in a dataset and email responsible parties.  It is a classic example of the kind of user-generated sharing/training that we want to foster at these events.


We selected a local non-profit, UDS - United Disability Services - to participate in the Alteryx for Good Program.  Alteryx will donate a software license to the team at UDS, and we as the User Group membership will be able to volunteer our time to help them build workflows to better understand their data.  If you are interested in donating your time to a local good cause, please contact me at


We discussed putting together a team to compete in the Alteryx Grand Prix leading up to the Alteryx Inspire Conference.  The team will consist of three members - each with a specialty (favorites, spatial, and predictive tools).  If you are interested in competing and will be attending Inspire, please email me at


We will be planning our next meeting in the May-June timeframe.  We are looking for locations, potentially more toward Cleveland the next time around.  If you know of potential host sites, don't hesitate to reach out!


Thank you to Jeff Hooker from Alteryx for sponsoring a get-together after our meeting!  Many thanks to Tatiana Servin and Håkan Söderbom at Alteryx, and Jeff Stacey at DataRobot, for all that you did to help organize this meeting!


Stay tuned for more information about Alteryx for Good, the Grand Prix Team, and our upcoming meetings.



Hi @ggruccio! The Cleveland Alteryx User Group is off to an amazing, amazing start. It is a lot of fun getting to be a part of your group. Looking forward to hearing about your upcoming Alteryx for Good efforts. Congratulations on finding your match and helping a local NPO obtain a free Alteryx Designer license. Cheering the potential Alteryx User Group Grand Prix team on from Irvine Headquarters. Here's to your Q2 meeting!


Tatiana Servin
Content Marketing