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The Expert Exam is now live online! Read about the specifics and what it took to bring it to life in the blog by our very own Elizabeth Bonnell!
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Meeting 2 in the books!

Alteryx Certified Partner

Thank you for coming to our second usergroup meeting. As promised I have attached the slack round 2 workflow. I'll post instructions on how to set this up on the Alteryx blog later this week. If you want it earlier, I believe the instructions will be posted to the Arkatechture blog later today.


I hope you enjoyed the content. I will be posting a link to a feedback survey later this week. 


Once again, thank you for coming!



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Very cool Kevin. Would love to see more.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Thank you Seann, I may share this one on the public discussion forum as well. People seem to like the use case this workflow supports. The Slack room this workflow uses was created for demonstration purposes only if you need access.


There are also detailed instructions on how to set it up on my companies blog. 

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

This is really cool Kevin! 🙂


Great Job!