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The Midlands, UK

Welcome to the Alteryx Midlands User Group! Please join us in sharing ideas, experiences and best practices.

Midlands User Group Leaders:

Chris Love, The Information Lab

Welcome & Guidelines

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First Midlands Alteryx User Group - Tuesday 24th of May


Hi everyone, welcome to the Midlands user group, we're having our first meetup at The Exchange in Leicester, the details are on Eventbrite if you want to sign up.


As it's the first meeting we'll be doing mostly introductions and meet & greet, I'm hoping to find out what sort of things you'd like to get out of having a meetup every 3-4 months or so, and we might have a little fun with Alteryx, so bring your laptops if you can.


The Exchange is less than a 10 minute walk to Leicester train station, and if you're driving there's an NCP car park next door, and if you don't mind the walk there's a retail car park about 10 minutes away where you can park for free (the NCP one is about £9 for 3 hours). All the details are on the Evenbrite page.


Looking forward to seeing you for beers, pizza and data fun!




Hi everyone, just as a quick heads up, we're going to be having some fun with data tomorrow - you'll have to work together to solve the clues to find out:


Who Killed Chris Love? A Murder Mystery


This is why you'll need laptops and your best detective brains!


Looking forward to seeing you all,




Here's the files for today ;)

Alteryx Partner

Here is the Regex cheat sheet mentioned


Thanks for that @joe_strellis!


If anyone wants a way to learn/practice regex with some examples, the website I mentioned is here:


They've  got a series of 10-15 minute tutorials where you actually do a bit of code in the browser to solve problems. It's all free, no sign up involved either.