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Cincinnati, OH

Part networking, part tutorial, part experimentation. Our goal is to bring users together in a collaborative way to push ourselves and the software to our highest potential. We believe this is best achieved through camaraderie, and precise strategic planning.

Cincinnati User Group Leaders:

Ryan Beeler, University of CincinnatiTamara Gross, University of Cincinnati
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2017 Q1 User Group Notes and Resources


Questions or notes for the 2017 Q1 meeting!? Post them here. Check back for a resource kit posting in the next few days!


If you you'd like please fill out this brief survey in anticipation of the meeting or even shortly afterwards. At least once a year we'd like to survey the responses for folks for how we can best serve the user group!


Alteryx Quarter 1 Brief Survey




A Grand Prix exercise on Spatial Analysis and working with territories or coverage areas


As discussions had come up concerning some resources in predictions and methods I've found these texts to be pretty helpful:


"Introduction to Data Data Mining"

by Pang-ning Tan, Michael Steinbach, and Vipin Kumar

-I found this one to not be great on its own, but does an excellent job of summarizing and explain what methods do and how you might use them in a very colloquial fashion


"Data Mining Techniques"

by Gordon S Linoff and Michael J.A. Berry

-This one gets into significantly more math and technical detail. But generally identifies when numbers are significant... and importantly when they likely aren't.


I found that the two books together complimented each other greatly, one in describing methods in an easy to understand method, and the second one for getting into more mathematical detail when you actually start running the models.


Presentation Material from Professor Joe Rubleske

In the attached zip you will find the presentation,  the workflows for the clustering and decision tree, data sets and the pruning template.