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I found a weird bug in my travels today.


The TL:DR is that when a date input tool within the interface tool is used within a collapsing radio button, it defaults to "dd/mm/yyyy", breaking any app when this is not filled out: 



Both values are default - i have not edited these values. The weirdest part is, this is Server/Private Gallery specific. When this workflow is downloaded and run within Designer:


And the workflow runs fine.


I have not tested this with any of the other interface tools, however I suspect this to not be the only tool this issue resides within.


I have attached the workflow I used (not that it would take long to recreate) for testing.





Hello Alteryx Developers,


It would be great if you develop a way to connect the Alteryx Designer to AWS Redshift by SSO. When i try to set this type of connection at the Simba ODBC Driver it opens the connection several times with AWS at the browser and that ruin the customer experience.


Best Regards


Danilo Benjamin


Hi folks


There are quite a few very useful Alteryx items I have been using recently that I have found on the help pages / public gallery. However, when I searched for them, I didn't quite use the correct search terms so this took longer than I had hoped and I was on a tight deadline. An example is the "Server Pre-Upgrade Checks" workflow used during Server upgrades.


My idea is to put these utilities in the Download portal in the same way that the Server Usage Report is. 


Of course, there should be a limit as to what goes in there but, like the Server Usage Report  can be done on a case-by-case basis. 


Cheer, jonna



Today the v3 api requires curator access.  V3 has Getters that should work for users with API permission.  The Getter should return the objects that user has access to.   Example:   GetCredentials for a normal user with API access should return credentials that the user has access to.  Today they get a 401 auth error.


We don't want to make these users curators just to let them access the V3 api.


Hello Community!


I really enjoy the concept of the Data Connection Manager, but we have controls in place that don't allow our users to share database connections with each other - the official data source owner needs to approve. We have been able to do this with the typical Data Connections through Active Directory groups that we load into Gallery custom groups. 


It would be nice to be able to allow users to create their own data connections to be shared but we would like to add a couple of governance features:

  • When an Artisan wants to publish a data connection to Gallery, they publish it to a shared space (could be within collections). For example, they could share to the HR Data Connection space. 
  • That shared space is governed by custom groups in Gallery, similar to assets in a collection for workflows (who can access, who can add, who can modify, who can remove, who is the owner)
  • Ideally, we would also like to have more of a submission process - someone can submit a data connection, and then a data owner can "accept" the data connection. The data owner would then check to see if they are connecting properly before it is added to the shared space. 

User setting possible for:

1. Sorting of content to be saved: Cohoseing wether to sort by name, date, type or all

2. number of entries displayed to be saved, 10 is not a good default

3. 1.+2. should be valid for all content like: Workspace, Collection overview, Collection content etc.



Perhaps a change in Designer too, but I want the output on the server and for workflows stored on the server.


There is an existing "tool" Auto Documentation to load a locally stored Alteryx flow and to provide a pdf file with an overview of the workflow, the used tools and their configuration.  Example: input file is sales.xlsx, filter on month: January, sum of sales amount.


I would love a functionality that would output this together with the other output on the server for the flow that ran.  This can then be used as a sort of proof in case of an audit on how we got to the numbers of the output.



We are getting an error saving flow to our private gallery with US Geocoder tool.



The error speak to "public" and not "private" gallery and we get the reasoning except that we should be able to save to our private gallery and deploys solutions internally that we built using these tools and data.


We are on 2020.4.6 on both the gallery and laptop.


Laptop is in Business Insights trial.

Servers all have Insights add-on


I found in the community a post where you can manually update the flow run settings but the user mistook that the flow did save even with error.



This allows the job to work but it is annoying that

  • Each flow they build they would have to accept that it is ok on saving with error
  • I am concerned they may miss a real error buried in the messaging
    • Please change the font color and message to a “Warning” in gold font like the “Results View” vs an “Error” in red font because it is not really an error and any real errors would then stand out
  • Then they have to take extra step in the Gallery to enable the flow to work…


I recommend modifying the User “Actions” options to include an “Allow Insights” option.

This can then be used in

  1. determining if to even generate messaging on these jobs at save time.
    1. user has authorization and this is to private gallery and not public gallery
  2. avoids having to make someone made a curator when they SHOULD NOT have curator/server wide powers.
  3. Preset the workflow setting based on the saving developers user setting thus eliminating the extra step of setting the workflow setting in the Gallery post save.


Doing this simplifies and automates the process and significantly improves user experience when developing insights flows for use in the gallery.








in the current alteryx gallery if we need to disable of enable the schedules workflows we need to manually enable or disable them.

example if we have 100 scheduled workflow. and we want to disable all of them and then enable them later. currently we spend hours to manually disable and enable each of them.

By adding a feature to select the workflows in scheduled to enable of disable the selected one at one which will save hours of time.

I would like to see some functionality in the Alteryx Gallery in which you can select multiple schedule workflows to disable/enable. Currently as an admin if I have many schedules I need to enable/disable I need to go into each schedule manually to disable or enable. This is okay for one or two, but I have about 20-30, it is very time consuming. I would like to see maybe some checkbox functionality next to the workflow to select and then an option to either disable all selected or enable all selected.

Hi Server users,


It is amazing to know the permissions we have when accessing our own profile, but sometimes that is not enough. Knowing your server role is needed to perform a few tasks and it would be fantastic to have something simple like the example below.






Hello Alteryx Server Admins,


It would be fantastic to manage users' permissions with user groups. This would help manage all users with permission to create collections and schedules from a centralized page.


Something like this:




Fernando Vizcaino



A user/curator/artisan can schedule a workflow to run even if they do NOT have access to 1 of the database connections within the workflow.  The Alteryx Gallery still allows the user to schedule it to run.However, the workflow will never run because the user does not have access to 1 of the database connections within the workflow. Ideally, the scheduler should validate that the user has access to all 

needed connections within the scheduled workflow.


On Server Version 2019.4 I was able to use a SQL query as an external data source for my analytic app options for a drop down menu, tree, list, etc. When we upgraded to 2022.4, this capability was lost and according to the article below a chain analytic app is the best, but unnecessarily complex work around.

Tool Mastery | Drop Down Tool - Alteryx Community liste déroulante dropdown


sometime the schedule workflow is too heavy and take few hours.

it impact the normal workflow run. as it take all workflow slot.


so my idea is to limit the schedule workflow and always leave space for manual workflow. 

to avoid delay of both work.


I have inherited admin duties, and have been running to many problems. Some of which will escalate when the subscriptions go away. 

The pages desperately need to be updated for a more streamlined admin experience.

Couple examples I came up with below. 


Naming Convention

  • Allow workflow renaming without the replace function.
  • Force a unique plan name across all private studios. instead of being unique on just ID.

API Access

  • Allow any user who can access the module from Collections to be able to trigger it from the API using their own API key.
  • Store results of "API" triggered workflows on the page.
  • Groups:
  • Identify Users without a group
  • Identify users in more than one group
  • Add multiple users at one time (Muticheck box) with filters.

User Page

  • Add/remove Users to Groups
  • View, add, and remove Collections from Their User Page

Collection Page

  • Add Collection from the Admin collection Page

Designer "save" window.

  • Give the ability on Save As & Save for the user to automatically share the plan with their collection(s).
  • Default all "Workflow" assets to be unchecked by default, rather than relying on users to click "workflow options"," manage workflow assets", and then uncheck everything.

Workflow Page

  • Change Owner (Can be limited to admin only)
  • Add directly to collection from this page.
  • Do not reset the "private data exemption" to default every time an updated version is updated.
  • Allow admin users to see logs of all users who run the plan (Also add this to the admin page while you are at it)


Hi everyone,


Since the Home page has been replaced by the My Workspace page as the main page on the Gallery, end-users are getting confused or at least uncomfortable with this transition.


It would be amazing to change the default main page to the Public tab or even remove/deactivate the My Files tab for these users. 


Removing /deactivating the My Files tab will also correct an issue generated when an Artisan is downgraded to an end-user. Currently, these users can see their workflows in the My Files tab but can't access them.




Idea based on @phottovy 's question:


User who share Apps/Workflows with other users in a collection are not able to see the results of the other users executions directly in the gallery.

Could you please add the possibility to share workflow results in the Alteryx Gallery?

We want to share direct links to analytics apps with our users.  However this does not work with our current SAML login.   This the use case.  

1. User clicks on direct link URL for the app  

2. User  is required to click log-in button

3. After login user is taking to the gallery home page not to the app


The end effect is that we cannot share links to apps with our casual users, instead we have to instruct them to go to the gallery log in and then search all public workflows for the specific app they are looking for.   Not a great user experience, especially because we did not have this issue before single sign on support. 


personally I think this is bug more than a feature request, but was asked to create it as a request by support 


While in a workspace or collection, it would be great to be able to select multiple workflows and perform a bulk action on them (e.g. delete). This would help cleaning up unused workflows quicker.

Thank you