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Enable the Browse tool to generate its output in Server Apps

I have Designer Apps that work really well using the Browse tool to provide the outputs to display and download in the Apps.

This does not work when I push the Apps to Server.

I find this very restricting and would like to suggest that the Browse Tool be enable to generate its outputs in Server Apps.

I would like the Browser outputs to be enabled for download into Excel, PDF, etc as well so the Server Apps behave in a similar way to the same Apps in Designer.



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
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@wwatson Just to clarify, when you say that you want the download options from a Browse tool, are you referencing the export options available from the results viewer?


12 - Quasar

That's not quite it Tanya.


If I build an analytic App in Designer I can use a Browse tool as the output of the App and it generates a view in the App of the data, table, layout, map etc that the Browse tool shows in the workflow.

There are many Designer App challenges that use this mechanism to expose the results of the App to the users.


The only way I can see to get that sort of view for an App output in Server is to use a Render tool to generate a pcxml file.


It would be really nice if the Browse tool could be made to show it's results in the Server the way it does in Designer.

Perhaps in Server it could generate a pcxml file by default?


Example of Designer App using a Browse tool as the output:


12 - Quasar

Also there is a save button in the Designer App window that allows the displayed results to be downloaded. That would be required as well in some form.

8 - Asteroid

I have raised this with our account rep as well. In our case, users want to view and interact with the data in the Gallery Apps that is published, like you would do in the browse tool (sort and filter on any available data column).


This will open up a lot more use cases for us to use Alteryx for creating data portals needed by business users and truly help achieve self service on a larger scale.


Currently we have to either create excel downloads or pcxml files which allows to only view. For basic investigation they need to download file and manually open in excel taking them away from Alteryx Gallery. And if the dataset is large then files doesn’t work. In certain cases we also ended up building a custom C# application portal and host it just to call the Gallery API and display results in an interactive grid allowing business to work with the data further.


Providing the Browse Tool within Gallery Apps would be a huge benefit and would help us push Alteryx in many teams just by adding this feature.

14 - Magnetar

This came up in discussion at Aimpoint today - I would love to see this feature added. IMO the process to get a simple table to display on screen for Gallery users using the Render tool and PCXML files is more complicated than it should be.

5 - Atom

Agree - Server functionality for temporary and permanent outputs should mirror that of Designer, and currently Server can only perform a tiny subset of the functions doable with Designer.

5 - Atom

Hi all, has the feature for the Browse tool in Apps to produce output introduced?